Did Ya Know That Obama’s 60’th Birthday Had Donation Cards: “Donate $6, $60, Or $600?” More In Ya Face Anti Christ Connections:

Did Ya Know That Obama’s 60’th Birthday Had Donation Cards: “Donate $6, $60, Or $600?” More In Ya Face Anti-Christ Connections:

Satanic, demonic, anti-Christ filth, Barack Hussein Obama puts it ‘out there’ for all to see but it went over everyone’s head and I mean everyone….EXCEPT this dude: CLICK “Live Action Eating”

With the supernatural realm, satan MUST ‘tell the truth’. The issue is: WHO will hear it?

I did a video on Hussein being the “Gog”, “Anti christ”

I did this video the other day explaining how Jared Kushner is not the anti-christ:

21 thoughts on “Did Ya Know That Obama’s 60’th Birthday Had Donation Cards: “Donate $6, $60, Or $600?” More In Ya Face Anti Christ Connections:

  1. Vry interesting. The bible refers to the bride of Christ more than once! His bride is the church! PURE, Undefiled! What church was the early church? Did ya know the vatican sits on 7 hills? And in 1948 became a nation. Study of scripture is great. AND History! I love reading and listening to all your blogs TMJ! God Bless

  2. USA is Babylon.
    The whore who sits on many waters.
    Statue of Liberty sits on 13 total bodies of water.
    Statue of Liberty was a sign to the 20th century that the end was and is here.

    The 7 hills are also 7 kings.
    Those Kings are the Presidents of USA.
    The 8th king is the anti christ. Who is Obama. Obama is using Biden as his Puppet.

  3. And not new but barry soetoro, soetoro in hebrew is 666. And soetoro in hebrew is even as samech (60), tav resh (600), vov (6). Even written as six hundred three score and six. No one else does the value and increments both. And my problem was the jews of israel would never accept obama but thats now possible as all jabbed will love anyone the ai tells them to love when the jabbed become mindless biological robots when space force flips on the cloud or satellite 5-7g network. Because im a stubborn mule, i cant swear obongo is the a/c but he is front runner followed by maga (magician) trump who said a horrible horrible monster cast a spell upon the earth and you shouldnt have taken the snake in. The snake could be the jab.

  4. Yep. And america has 7 mountain chains. 2 are in alaska thus alaska had to be added to america for 7. D.C. was built on maryland town called new rome just east of town of georgetown all as one now. It was square until civil war. Persephone the queen of hell or isis, she stands upon the capitol. America is the first beast of antichrist. The false prophet or second beast is religion. Its not only vatican but her daughters the protestants and adopted daughters of judaism, islam etc. Its the pastors, priests, rabbis, mullahs all pushing the jab.

  5. Pauli, we have to go to the Chicago people who want to build the Obama Library and go to forums to tell them that Obama’s marked by 666 in the lottery.
    I don’t see anyone at TMJ speaking up to say Obama’s the Antichrist and he’s marked by 666.
    It’s strange the eerie silence around 666 and nobody saying he’s the Antichrist: why is that?

    There are Obama bots everywhere spying and here at TMJ too… so be very careful what we say and what we think because they’re inside our heads now: the Bible told us the only way for us to get to Nirvana/Heaven is to stand up and reveal the truth 666 about the Antichrist Obama and the Messiah’s Second Coming.

  6. The thing is Geir…there are many studies and results on the subjects and each claims to be right! Best is, Pray, Have a relationship with Christ, Faith, Trust, and I believe the one accurate explaination or guess will be revealed! And coming of the messiah soon! Our GOVT is full of antichrists! OBUMMA is top I think! Time will tell. ALL will be revealed

  7. Howdy Koo… ♥
    Obama is the evil behind it ALL. I believe this with every fiber of my being

  8. Ken, Obama’s “a piece of work”.
    He’s got no ID.
    He’s as homosexual as the Bible predicts will be the Abominable Antichrist.
    He tripled the debt.

  9. I heard another version today. And ill never dispute that the BEAST is Satan! Himself! But Satan cannot appear in the flesh. He is in another dimension! We cant see him in the physical! He needs an advocate! Since he cant appear in flesh himself! In Revelation 13 the bible talks about the beast! And its the IMAGE of the beast that the beast gave power to! The beast himself cant! And its the image of the beast that is required worship cuz that is like worshipping the beast himself! The beast, the dragon….IS SATAN! Decieving mankind via the image of him. His likeness! And the bible says in the last days KNOWLEDGE will be increased……. BEAST MANIFESTO!

  10. Obumma is a small man! And advocate of the beast yes. but the image is much bigger than obumma! Obumma cant affect every country in the world! But theres one thing that can!

  11. ken, we’re a forum that says Obama’s the Antichrist.
    There are a few like saints and kook that can’t see it.
    They need some *mind-training* to see the truth.
    If they can’t see the light, we’ll force them! hahahaha!

  12. He fulfills every scripture.
    He is IN the White House.
    HE is the one destroying the world, NOT Biden.

    Ive put up the scriptures that confirm this.
    Most ppl just cant see it.

  13. I can’t “see” it Pauli.
    The Antichrist is too cunning for me.
    Obama’s passed off as the Messiah.
    BUT I TRUST HEAVEN AND IT CURSED HIM WITH 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Practically blindly. I couldn’t do what I do here at TMJ, unless I had put my self blindly in heaven’s hands. Heaven’s in the driving seat. Not me. I’m just a passenger sitting in here.

  14. Yes, I discovered Obama’s faults later. But you knew the Bible from before.
    Now I’m going through the scriptures of Buddhism too.
    We also have Satan and warn against him too in our scriptures.

  15. You see the signs of Obama in the Bible.
    But the lotto is not a small sign because the Bible says that 666 will be the tell-all, revealing sign for both the Antichrist and the Apocalypse.
    But the sign that Obama’s bots are surrounding us at the blog and are watching us (like cats watching mice play) is that no one is even talking about the phony birth certificate.
    Why is that?
    Everybody has to admit that when the birth certificate states the “father’s race” as “African” that’s as phony as a $3 bill.
    Obama’s the Antichrist all right because he’s the “Man from Nowhere”.

    He’s not really Him self.

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