My Late 1920’s, Art Deco Boudoir

My Late 1920’s, Art Deco Boudoir

Luscious loves: Art Deco illustration

Here are some of the photos. I’m caught between the Art Deco era and the Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau era. I really love both.

I’m almost done finishing my room again.. I recently bought an Art Deco brush set, which is bakelite (a type of plastic from the turn of the 20th century). I’m getting rid of my nonsense collectibles that someone gave me. I wanted a “Great Depression” looking room to mimic the times we’re in. Yeah…Goofy, huh? I like living in reality, though. It’s where I see we are headed.. I used to LOVE hearing my Grandmother’s stories about the Great Depression. They lived on a farm, so they didn’t starve. The people in the nearby city – many were very hungry. My Great Grandmother fed many poor in her garage and they slept there at times.

My Bakelite set, above and below. The perfume bottles, I got here: LitttleBits.

The purse in the back of that little doll is a late 40’s evening bag – celluloid (I think), all encapsulated with bronze beads. You can’t really see the purse on top of it but it is a 30’s Whiting and Davis bag. The little white trinket round box is from the 80’s actually. It is Hedy Lamarr.

I made these photos dark on purposeto give it that ‘boudoir’ look..

Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure:

I could just weep over what the Communist radicals have done to this nation

21 thoughts on “My Late 1920’s, Art Deco Boudoir

  1. Wow I love it. SO Authentic! Id be so proud! And I am proud of you cuz I understand your feeling. What they are doing to this country! It pisses me OFF!

  2. TY 🙂
    Im stuck in the early 20th century.
    Even when I was really young, I loved that late 20’s boudoir look.

  3. Impressive. There was real value. My moms grandparents had a farm during great depression in yonkers with dairy etc. I dont know if a farm in yonkers exists any more? That time is all gone. Sad.

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  5. Nice! I don’t like dusting. And I have a problem that when I follow the cleaning destructions things get ruined. Then my husband has a hyper little dog who thinks that “love ” means balls so my husband loves him alot – with balls off the walls, he killed my 200 gallon fish tank bouncing balls off it! So, no nice stuff for me!

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  7. Isn’t the new COVIDIST world soooo nice…
    (As a reminder: + 299% suicides and attempts among under 15s in France since November 2020)
    Let’s find common sense and humanity, quickly!

  8. TMJ, it looks like Trump doesn’t want to bust Biden outright.
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  9. He’s stuck in 1905, the Russian Revolution hahaha!
    He thinks Jesus isn’t Coming: it’s Muhammad. hahaha!
    Leftists have had a good time. Now it’s time for them to start having a bad time for once.
    Not always be the same ones getting all the crap slung at them all the time. hehehe!

  10. שלום!
    Fascinating and cool decor – fun to look at and I’m sure fun putting it together.
    Your Great Grandmother clearly a menschette. 🙂
    You and your husband are in my prayers.
    I have much hope in my soul for the future. HaShem was with our ancestors and He is with us now.
    Chaya חיה 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱

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