@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

Before I rant about this whiner.. My sister’s rent got raised $200-, the black people down the hall got their rent raised $200- There is no such thing as ‘white privilege’.

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I read this post by Temper-Tantrum Toure: He is crying about Condoleeza Rice and how she doesn’t whine and weep like he does over not being born white.

….Because that’s the REAL issue here, people. Most Left-wing blacks HATE that they are black. ( Latin-‘X’ & Leftist Jews, also.. Sorry, it’s true) This isn’t about ‘racism’. Its just an issue with allowing covetousness to rule your mind for these Leftist groups. A burning envy. A lust for something that they can’t acquire and never will.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, boo hooooooooooo, I’m a victim because I’m not beautiful”

When we see people like Hershel Walker and his successes, he just didn’t allow his skin to take precedence over his life. He sees himself as a human. Not just a black-skinned person. As does Mark Robinson, LT GOV of N.C. ( & one of the most patriotic people in America, in my opinion.) Allen West does not rant and rave about white skin because he was an outstanding military official. He has many successes. As do many patriotic American blacks. Millions of them. They made something of themselves…So, just what do they have to be jealous of? Nothing. They might be jealous but they just marched on and did what they desired and made successes of themselves.

Toure, on the other hand would never have amounted to much if he didn’t write books about race and inflaming Americans that are not black. His books came out at the right place at the right time and it’s the LEFTIST whites (who buy this crap) that made him semi-famous as a race-hustler. He knows this. That’s why he hates them also.

Face it, Toure cant make money without white people. That must infuriate this race-hustling hater.

Poor Toure makes money being jealous of white success and achievements and first and foremost: not being born white. He believes whites are ‘privileged’. Well, they are. As an ethnic, Sephardic Jew, I see their ‘privilege’ myself. I see white art, white music, white musicals, white Broadway, white Opera, white ballet, white inventions, white architecture, etcetera!!

All Toure sees is: Whites are mean to blacks and should feel guilty for all whites through history. That’s how he makes money. That’s ALL he sees because that justifies his seething jealousy and envy.

I’ve been jealous of the beautiful whitey-white blondes…. Of course. Almost every Latin/ethnic gal I’ve known is and was jealous of gorgeous, Marilyn Monroe-looking white girls and their gifts. Jealous that they are the cheerleaders, models, etc… Of course, we laugh at our jealousy because we’re not crying Leftists like Toure.

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Here is a great song for Toure.

THIS is what jealousy looks like & confirms I am right:

7 thoughts on “@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

  1. The hate has been so prevalent for so long that many know with absolute certainty what the color of the Congolese rape victim is as well as the color of those filming. In reality we most likely will never know but our life experiences inform us.

  2. No one seems to care about brown people. Whites and blacks get all the attention. Poor left out browns. Obongo was indeed first brawn president but saying he was black is an insult to david keyes a black patriot. Or herbert cain who was black not brown.. old film called finnians rainbow was about racist white senator turned brown and when time to become white again he was sad as he felt alive in brown or black culture, but thats when their culture was Christian and wholesome before govt & hollywood created made up decadent culture. Jesus is no respecter of persons. Only matter whats on inside.

  3. I get really livid with spoiled brats who cry racism but sell books about ‘evil’ whitey and make millions of dollars in USA, the country they’ve always hated

  4. “Black Like Me ” is a true story about a white guy who turned himself black and traveled the south. There were others but this probably the most famous. First published in 1961 (as I recall. ) Good read. But it is now 60 years later and the truth has changed. I am just disgusted with anyone who pulls the “looks like me ” crap. That’s ALL you can see? Your level of perception ends THERE? How PATHETIC of you and SHAME on those who give a platform to that level of functionality. It drags everyone down and stifles thought and expression of nuance worthy of consideration. A “thought stopping cliche?” Samuel L Jackson played that during his promotion of Obama and I have NEVER forgiven him for it. SHAME on Samuel L Jackson for giving an entire nation permission to vote for someone based on something as trivial as the color of their skin – as if that were the only consideration necessary to vote, thereby lowering the discourse of an entire nation as well as perpetuating the myth of the “magic negro.” Just as offensive as McSally’s women trying to get out the vote by being sexual with my husband who really really really needed to get to a bathroom in that moment.

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