Satan’s Rotten Son, Obama’s New Book W/ “The Boss” Called “Renegades” (How Clever For The Devil)

Satan’s Rotten Son, Obama’s New Book W/ “The Boss” Called “Renegades” (How Clever For The Devil)

I keep telling ya’all that Obama is the Anti Christ and so does Geir Smith. Isn’t it ‘in ya face’ to call himself “Renegade?” GOD MAKES satan tell the truth.

You really think this bottom feeding pond scum names his book “Renegade” just because? I certainly do not.

Renegade: traitorous. an apostate from a religious faith.

Go find his satanic book about race hustling yourself. Im NOT promoting the Anti Christ.

You can click here to listen to satan cry and whine about not being born white: BOO HOO

38 thoughts on “Satan’s Rotten Son, Obama’s New Book W/ “The Boss” Called “Renegades” (How Clever For The Devil)

  1. Am now reviving an old russian term used to resist the soviet regime. I am a REFUSENICK. i dont comply and resist snakes like obama.

  2. That POS cant or shouldnt even be writing books! I wonder who is writing and crediting him with it! AND nobody should buy them!

  3. Arizona Republic used to feature “refuseniks” for sponsorship. They weren’t like real refuseniks. Noooooo, they were gorgeous sexy young women who had just graduated university and didn’t want to honor their commitment to pay for their education with some work for the government. Perhaps there is something that I am missing but I thought paying for your education with a few years work was fair and might make you more valuable when you did emigrate. These were on the editorial page, before the ads for South African Krugerrands.

  4. Pauli and I are the only ones on this board with the guts to put our money where our mouth is.
    Obama’s the Antichrist.
    Good job, Pauli, you set out a trap to catch your own posters with their pants on fire.
    They can’t write the words that “Obama’s the Antichrist”.

  5. There are 7 billion people on earth.
    But on this blog there are only 2 who stand up like the Bible says.
    We stand up and we two are Pauli and me.
    We say “Obama’s the Antichrist.”: we’re the Chosen Ones of the Bible.

  6. GEIR! Your NOT the only 2! Do you KNOW what the BIBLE SAYS? Remember the story of Elijah and when he ran after the big display on the mountain with baal worshippers? HE ran and hid in a cave. he prayed. He said he was the ONLY ONE standing up for GOD… And feared his life. Got spoke to him in wind, fire, etc… God said you are NOT alone! ……Many I have that have not bowed their knees to BAAL! YOUR NOT ONE OF 2! YES Obumma IS antichrist! SO IS BIDEN and most of the demopcrats in DC including many republicans! So geir you say your one of the chosen ones?One of 2?? The BIBLE says there will be 144,000 OBUMMA Alone as an antichrist cannot do anything without SATAN himself working through him! The BIBLE says that the THE antichrist will walk around on earth proclaiming HIMSELF to be CHRIST! He will do many signs and wonders to decieve PPL, Even calling fire down from heaven! Time will tell if OBUMMA will walk around and call himself the messiah , OR have ability to do miracles and even bring fire from heaven! One look at obumma and people will KNOW he is a fraud! CUZ WE KNOW him and what he looks like! But I agree he IS Anti Christ! He hates JESUS! WE can have a bible discussion here or anywhere if itll help! Share scriptures and thoughts. And help each other . we need to have common ground and understanding of what the bible says. And not rely on our own ..AND WE MUST PRAY for guidance and understanding!

  7. I’m not a parrot. Why should I duplicate here what is already here? Who is setting a trap? I did not disagree with the premise. I never have. It’s a given. I think that geirsmith1 is trying to separate TMJ from loyal fans which is a path to destruction of this blog. Not the first time either.

  8. Yes, this blog will be destroyed.
    Everything will be destroyed says the Bible.
    Many will be called but few will be CHOSEN except for the two (Pauli Dee and Geir Smith – me) on this blog that speak out clearly with the (“read my lips” – in your face) words Obama’s the Antichrist (not “Antichrist” or “AN antichrist” but THE God-dammed Antichrist).
    Live with it, kid.

  9. Pauli and I are the only Chosen Ones on this blog.
    Why wouldn’t we be Chosen?
    There’s no proof of evidence that others would be “of the number” of the Chosen. Stand up to be counted among the number.
    Those others refuse to just say the simple worlds “Obama’s the Antichrist”.
    They’re like vampires that refuse to kiss the cross. They can’t see their own image in the mirror (because the mirror sends back an empty image.) They can’t stand the smell of garlic because they’re heathen vampires. They run to sleep in their crypt/tombs when the sun rises. When the sun rises, they start smoking.
    The words that are required are Obama is the Antichrist, not “Obumma” or “Antichrist” or “*An* Antichrist” It’s the exact words OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST. You can’t do better than those words: they’re perfect. Beautiful words than open your way to Paradise. Those who can’t say those words are paid Obama operatives embedded at TMJ to spread disinformation and psyops and further the Devil, Satan, Obama, Beezlebub, Antichrist’s agenda. They serve their God and Savior God Obama, the incarnation of Evil-On-Earth.
    Spread the word like wildfire everywhere that the’re a blog in Arizona called The Mad Jewess. “2 bloggers there call Obama the Antichrist.They’re Pauli Dee and Geir Smith.” They alone tower above everybody in the world, like giants. They are the “larger than life”, “in your faces” heroes of our times. They’re the only true Americans in America, (“the Home of the Brave”) because they’re “The Brave of America”. Join those two, fast and be saved for endless Eternity (for “those that follow Satan will perish for all Eternity and roast in endless hellfire for ever” says the Bible.): so “Stand up!” (is what the Bible says)…join the Chosen Ones and say the same as them, that Obama’s the Antichrist. Never weaken and stand tall, like the giant you’ll become when you’re saved. Become a Mensch. Keep your head straight and held up high, keep your chin up like the warrior you will then become, and not the sorry weakling loser you now are. Be happy and don’t ever get tired of winning. Hit the ground running, weaklings. Join me and Pauli, the only two Chosen Ones on this bloog.

  10. Barack Obama’s the Abomination i.e. homosexual.

    Tucker: Barack Obama is a ‘heartless monster’
    1,512,168 views Oct 27, 2021

    Fox News host is ‘glad that’s clear to everyone right now’ amid comments Obama made after a biological male was found guilty of sexually assaulting a girl in a bathroom

    Listen at 1:45. Tucker: “Obama’s a heartless monster. I’m glad that clear to everyone now!”

  11. There’s also a good video about Obama’s words at 5:05 (good part is 6:05): “Obama mocked parents outrage that their daughter was raped by a boy dressed as a girl in girls’ bathroom.”

    ‘Startling’ to see Obama out of touch: Hurt

  12. They’re jealous. I don’t get what they should be jealous of with me or you, Pauli. I just say one simple thing which is Obama is the Antichrist. It’s not rocket science. It’s soooo easy to say => *Obama’s the Antichrist*! <=

  13. They want to create dissension and trouble at TMJ. Why? It’s so easy to say Obama’s the Antichrist. Is it worth going out of their way, because they’re just jealous that they don’t have the balls/gut to say Obama’s the God-dammed Antichrist?
    Obama’s the Antichrist
    Obama’s the Antichrist
    Obama’s the Antichrist
    Obama’s the Antichrist

  14. He writes a book about being a RENEGADE. A LAWLESS person. People dont WANT to see it!!


    Fulfilling: Daniel 7 – 42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.
    43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.


    OBAMA changed LAWS.
    * Homosexual marriage
    *Made citizens of America PAY for abortions – WORLDWIDE.
    Fulfilling – Daniel 7:25 intending to change the appointed times and laws

    OBAMA oppressed the saints in:
    Egypt, Syria, Libya and Ukraine to fulfill:
    Fulfilling: Daniel 7: 25 and the saints will be given into his hand for a time, and times, and half a time.

    Obama will be allowed to CONTINUE for 42 months, which is what he is doing right now under BIDEN:
    Fulfilling: Revelation 13:5 and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

    Obama Admits Biden ‘Presidency’ “Finishing The Job” He Started,
    [published Tuesday, Barack Obama described the Biden administration as an extension of his presidency.]

    Psaki Confirms Again That Obama Is Running The Show:

    Obama Wouldn’t Mind Feeding Lines to a ‘Stand-in’ President Through an Earpiece:

  15. A LOT of people do not have a REVELATION of it, Geir.
    Nobody is starting dissention, they just dont have a revelation.
    We do.

  16. This is the PPSimmons video of the 666 lottery and Obama, dear TMJ.
    Obama The Lottery and 666 You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES Is he the Antichrist

    When the video first came out it was under his PPSimmons name but now it’s under this account called 21 grams but it’s the old (and great) PPSimmons video.
    This may be the reason he changed the name of the account and is no longer spreading the video under his PPSimmons name:
    PPSimmons (Pastor Carl Gallups) had to go “low profile” when Trump got elected because Gallups had acted as Joe Arpaio’s semi-official mouthpiece, relating to the birth certificate and Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse. So Gallups juggled between his ministry and broadcasting of the PPSimmons radio show and fell back on the radio show instead of the You Tube videos. So that’s probably when he decided to change the name on his video’s account.
    He had to stop calling Obama the Antichrist or get flak for it. (Probably Trump and Arpaio couldn’t deal with the flak they’d be getting from the Obama bots, if he kept calling Obama the Antichrist). But Gallups is definitely the main propagator of the news about Obama and the lottery 666. (Of course, I’m the main person now who is pushing his video… seeing everybody’s gone dead now. Pauli, we’re pulling out of the Tribulations and the Valley of Tears. What crap we’ve been through these last 13 years…it’s numbing – incredible!)

  17. Yeah, it wasnt JUST ‘666’. It was ALSO ‘777’ and 9.

    It went right over peoples heads.
    BUT, there were some of us, Geir….who were paying attn…

  18. Geir its one thing to say it, its quite another to know what your talking about! Words really mean nothing. Its like telling someone you love them when you really dont but you know they wanna hear the words! SO you say them. It means nothing

  19. I cant stand OBUMMA! Or many other DEMS! But politics aside, Bible truths and prophecy . The Bible wasnt written for the USA! Its for mankind in every country on the globe! And out of ALL the countries on earth, Obumma is the one? OK Please provide evidence . 666 isnt evidence. Many things can = 666. Anyway, i hope you enjoy your self praise Im done here. time will tell who the antichrist is. Gd night

  20. I can say OBUMMA is the antichrist or obamma is antichrist. but i could be wrong!YOU may be!

  21. Based on what facts? Satan isnt that stupid to let anyone guess who it is. He could be but i dont see the whole world bowing to obumma! I dont see anything that makes him great in the eyes of the world. to rule the world, well I dont see the taliban or china or russia acknowledging his supremacy. Im saying he could be but keep an open mind! Just in case

  22. I gave you all of the fulfillment of scripture.
    Satan has been fooling US believers since 2007 with Obama.
    Biden (Obama) made a pact with the taliban and put them back in power in August.

  23. Another thing: YES, the world, (secular, evil ppl) most certainly DID worship Obama and still do.

  24. Explain HOW that lottery came up IN Chicago (where BO was from)
    It came up:
    777 and 9

    THAT is NO accident.

  25. How is it a ‘deception?’
    People IGNORED it.

    They ignored his secret service code name he chose: the renegade (lawless one).
    They ignored the name of his presidential car, he named ‘the beast’.
    They ignored the flies landing on him time after time.
    They ignored the rat at one of his speeches.
    They ignored the presidential seal falling as he spoke.
    They ignored him covering all of the crosses an Georgetown Univ and Notre Dame.
    They ignored the fact that he subdued three kings, (prophecy fulfilled)
    They ignored that he destroyed Damascus, (also a fulfilled prophecy)
    They IGNORE the fact that OBAMA is the one steering this American titanic right now.

    I don’t ignore it. God SHOWED me several times that Obama is the evil one.

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