My Prom Pic, 1983 😺

Here is The Mad Jewess, as mad as can be in 1983, getting ready to take off to go to the prom. I was angry because the hairdresser cut my hair way too short. My steady boyfriend was the Captain of the football team in the central coast of Monterey, Ca, #66 (linebacker). He was also the Captain of the wrestling team. Me? A class speaker!


27 thoughts on “My Prom Pic, 1983 😺

  1. Incredible that a looker like you is also such a truth-bearer as you are (AND that’s VERY RARE.).
    The catwalk models and Hollywood libs.
    Do they stand up and declare who the Antichrist is, like you do? Here on the blog too, you and I are the only ones qualified to be Chosen Ones.
    They mostly are in bed with the Devil all those SOCAL liberals crapolas: So yes, kudos to you Pauli you chose your side because you’ve got good karma to be both *quality* and *content*. Btw it’s copyrighted by the Bible!

  2. I’m a lifelong Southern California Orange County resident. At least you had Governor Deukmejian to set the course for education to get back to some sense of normality at the time. Moonbeam was a whackjob in the 70s to ’81 when I was in high school and did plenty of damage in the 70s when Prop 13 passed.

  3. Davis is Moonbeam’s butt boy. He was part of Moonbeam’s first administration from 1975-83. Gaffing Nuisance is Moonbeam’s second butt probe. And yes, I know it sounds vulgar, but sadly it’s the truth. He’s his pet monkey whom he spanked for his political orgasm during his reign of terror from 2011-2019.

  4. My family is here, and someone needs to fight back. You can’t ever let Satan inflict pain and win. I am fighting back with a number of others. Orange County turned from red to purple, yet it’s much nicer than Los Angeles County which is a dump run down by libturds. A few cities in Los Angeles County near the Orange County border are still decent because OC residents have relatives in those cities, keeping some residents from becoming far left wing libturds, unlike the far left dingleberries in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and the ghetto dumps like Compton, Inglewood, Commerce, Lynwood and the East LA/Boyle Heights dumps.

  5. By the way, in Orange County, the liberal County seat Santa Ana has a KooKoo train project they started in cahoots with Los Angeles County’s KooKoo Train Metro Link. There is an old abandoned right of way to Southern Pacific railroad that was taken out in 1977, linking Santa Ana to Los Angeles County. Metro Link is digging up some of the streets, putting rail lines in the middle of residential streets to lead back to parts of the right of way that were not sold to business developers in the late 70s to the present day. The KooKoo train libturds on Metrolink’s board are phasing in a route that will eventually go through my neighborhood in Northwest Orange County through a right of way that was taken out in 2000. Today, I had business to take care of in Santa Ana, and while driving through the border of Garden Grove and Santa Ana on my way home, I saw a new railway bridge going over an old Southern Pacific right of way that wasn’t there last year. It was on the border of Garden Grove California where the SP railroad has been gone since 1977. The diagonal railway tracks ended in the city of Stanton when they removed the southeast bound railroad tracks headed towards Santa Ana at an east/west SP tracks that ran into central Anaheim by Interstate 5. The kooks running Metro Link think they can inflict putting Orange County residents in danger of having trains speeding through the middle of the residential streets. Santa Ana is a bastion for libturds carpetbagging their way from liberal Los Angeles County ghettos in hopes of turning OC into a Los Angeles carbon copy dump. God gave me a dream back around 2012 about the plans to put railroad tracks in the middle of a number of OC residential streets for Metro Link to use as routes to Los Angeles. It’s going to be a very ugly battle in several Northwest OC cities bordering LA County. The libturds are vile and stupid, especially in Los Angeles.

  6. Some of us are called to stay, while others are called to serve in other areas and pray for the ones staying behind. You are one of the reserve supporters who are part of the prayer warrior team. You’ve been given other duties to fight back for the nation. Hang on for a wild ride!

  7. I’ve been on WordPress since about the same time. I opened up my account to join the blog site Cleveland Foxers started by a member of the MyFox blog sites. Most of the team members were from the MyFoxCleveland site. I was a member of MyFoxLA which was the Southern California division of Fox TV’s blog sites. My personal blogs on WordPress got attacked by a Tennessee libturd named Dervish Sanders. He runs several hate blogs on Google. He attacked my WordPress blogs, and got my blogs deleted when one of his allies attacked my sites, harvested data when Google and Yahoo got hacked and compromised, and hacked into his accounts using my Automatic account to hack his account. I’m not allowed to create any new blogs due to the attack violating their TOS. I have him blocked at Cleveland Foxers, directing his vile retorts into the spam folder. Every so often, I will take screen shots of his stupid retorts and expose him publicly to make an example out of him. I exposed his racist anti Asian retort he directed at me, which he vehemently denies. I tossed his retorts into the comment trash after taking screen shots and deleted his vile retorts. I don’t allow vulgar retorts to stay around in the comments including spam comments. When a vulgar comment such as someone trying to link pornography to my posts comes up, I toss them quickly, lest they might have a virus attached and hidden from sight.

  8. Trust in the numbers sent by heaven to curse Obama. Obama’s the Antichrist.
    Nobody on this blog can say it.
    They’re scared but I’m not scared and I’m a Chosen One like you.

  9. Yes, Dervish Sanders is a demon possessed vile troll who claims to be Christian. I have several Google Blogger sites; one of them is Mystere’s Moonbat Slayer Club. He attacked several blogs I write on, accusing me and others of harassment and hate speech. We appealed to Google of the charges and some of them got restored. I and the others restarted new sites using the titles of the old sites that Google refused to restore. Sanders got help from another one of my blog enemies who attacks a radio colleague of mine at a sister radio station in Michigan to a California station I worked for. This troll is a guy whose father and grandfather ran medical clinics in Michigan that got sued multiple times for malpractice. This liberal moron is named after his dad and grandfather (Sr, Jr, 3rd). He was a med school flunky who became a head Security Guard at one of Detroit’s car factories. One day at a California car show, I reported his internet trolling done on company time to a company executive at the show. His demeanor against me on the web suddenly changed after they went back to Detroit the following week. He also has a creepy dummy brother in New Jersey who kept an albino cobra and nearly died of a snake bite over 10+ years ago. I downloaded the picture of the actual snake taken for the news article. I nicknamed it Whitey The Cobra, partially to mock the troll’s libturd brother and to mock America’s Most Wanted thug Whitey Bolger. The libturd troll goes by the alias Irl Hudnutt and several other aliases on his hate site. I caught him when a liberal site Michigan Liberal did a story on him with a different alias he used on his site. Michigan Liberal told their readers his real name and where he worked as the head of security. From there, I found out about his quack doctor dad’s medical practices that he took over from his dad (Senior). The Junior quack doctor’s malpractice suits were hidden on the web, but I found them while searching his name. Michigan Liberal was the site that helped me find dirt on my blog enemy. And the dumb brother who got bitten by the pet cobra was a creep working at a veterinary clinic as a flunky veterinarian wannabe. Irl Hudnutt has become one of Dervish’s hate blog contacts, doing the dirty work of photoshopping and stealing photos from people’s social media sites, using his dirty hacking tricks.

  10. Leftists make me wanna puke. THEY are the haters. THEY are the issue. THEY are the evil.
    Theyre totally blind to how EVIL they are

  11. I think they are not blind to how evil they are. I think they gloat with glee over being vile and wicked, especially that troll I mentioned.

  12. This blog has a particularity.
    It says Obama’s the Antichrist.
    I and TJM say so.
    Period: those that say so like us, they will go to paradise.
    Nobody else will go to paradise says the Bible.
    Sorry losers.

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