OF COURSE The Media “Parrots” Obama With The Loudoun Anal Rape. They’re As Anti Christ As Obama Is:

OF COURSE The Media “Parrots” Obama With The Loudoun Anal Rape. They’re As Anti Christ As Obama Is:

Obama is the son of satan. Of course he would say something so vile about a young girl being anally raped. People just dont get Obama because they really do NOT read their bible. The ‘fruit’ (or lack of fruit) in Obama’s rotten life has been: Antagonistic, provocative, offensive, liar, traitor, coward, dictator and more. A thoroughly disgusting human who is part beast.

NOVEMBER 5, 2008 – The day after Obama, the pathetic Luciferian hijacked the election and hypnotized a LOT of Americans, this came up in Chicago:

Filthy pig.

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers. Daniel 11: 37

8 thoughts on “OF COURSE The Media “Parrots” Obama With The Loudoun Anal Rape. They’re As Anti Christ As Obama Is:

  1. Never believed illegal obama won election or re election. It was close but he never won. They put in romney to rob huckabee votes to get nomination to run against obama and huckabee would have beat obama. By deceit of romney got mccain in to run. If one examines n.h & iowa by phone polls for republicans, the least liked republucan gets the nomination. It worked on dem side too as camel harris was least liked and is now v.p. though like obama, harris is illegal as both harris parents not citizens thus harris cant be a potus even if she native born. Its all a big lie like executive orders. Whole purpose of american system is executive branch can make no law. So as the people are so blind, majority deserve obama.

  2. Been thinking about “do not bear false witness ” and how EVERYBODY’S doing it, doing it, doing it . . . . .so yes saintsnotsaints is correct. The left chased God and Godliness out of the culture with ridicule and the right chased Him out for profits and both sides profited mightily. . . . . so we have received – are receiving – our just measure.

  3. Nobody can delete this article, but our comments can be deleted though.
    So hurry and be saved or else the Bible says you’ll each burn eternally in the deepest furnace of hell.
    To be saved there’s no other way than to say these words: “Obama is THE Antichrist” ….as is shown in the video above.

    Pauli and I are the only Chosen Ones on this blog, because we not only say those very words… but Pauli makes articles to drive that point home and puts the videos that prove the point too.

  4. You’re given the chance to be saved.
    So jump on it.
    Say the words “Obama’s THE Antichrist”.
    4….3….2….1:Say it: “Obama is THE Antichrist” so as to be saved: it’s the only way out of this hell-on-earth here that’s owned by the Devil/Satan Obama, Beelzebub.

  5. We’re the slaves of the Devil Obama’s dark web of lies.
    We’re entrapped by his operatives and spies.
    Everywhere we turn he’s there, leering down at us like Alice in Wonderland’s evil Cheshire Cat.
    Wake up and take hold of yourself and say this: “Obama’s the Antichrist”: then he’ll fade away like a vampire at daybreak.

  6. Yes the Antichrist Obama’s power is taken, and the Obama bots cringe in fear at that. They fear that others hear us say it on the blog. The Antichrist is such a scary thing. People go mad when they hear it.

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