The AntiChrist Joe-Bama Admin Wants To Divide #Jerusalem (Which Will Eventually fulfill Zechariah 14 1 & 2)

The AntiChrist Joe-Bama Admin Wants To Divide #Jerusalem (Which Will Eventually fulfill Zechariah 14 1 & 2) SHAME ON YOU EVIL, AntiChrist JOE-BAMA!!

  • Our government should stay out of ALL countries and their business. But, they just can’t because they are serious, demonic maniacs. We should be helping our own people here ONLY…… but noooo, this admin is firing its people and starving them to death.

We do not respect Leftist Jews here. We do not respect war mongers, either. We believe that God will cover his remnant and the 144K in Israel. BUT, he will allow the Leftist, reprobate JINO’s (Jews in name only) to be attacked and KIA.

Zechariah 14, 1 & 2:

14 A day of the Lord is coming, Jerusalem, when your possessions will be plundered and divided up within your very walls.

I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it; the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped. Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be taken from the city. Then the Lord will go out and fight against those nations, as he fights on a day of battle. 

  • Natan, the young, Israeli Jewish prophetic young man confirms this will happen:
Start this video at 30.00 minutes.

This is coming to Israel very soon. Prepare ALL fellow Israelis that love the Lord.

11 thoughts on “The AntiChrist Joe-Bama Admin Wants To Divide #Jerusalem (Which Will Eventually fulfill Zechariah 14 1 & 2)

  1. Godspeed to you TMJ. I hope you get to Heaven FAST! I hope your strategy of taking your blog with you works. Indeed, you’re doing this for your followers.

  2. Yezzz.there are 2 levels of hate, anti semite or nazi. Anti semites can be ill informed stupid but good people that can yet open their eyes. Natzees are way out there under hell itself. Its not antisemetic to condemn israeli leaders or shakers and makers in israel if balanced on all nations. The natzee is an antisemite that wants jews killed and their land taken away. A natzee says judea dont belong to jews. Sadly many many sites of good info are antisemite to outright natzee. Rick wiles and chuck baldwin crossed the line to being natzees yet ignorant people follow them as they also have other truths used to deceive.
    Onr can easily tell a natzee as they attack the zionists but never attack the vatican. Thats a dead givewaway.
    America has some evil people at the helm but that dont make all americans evil nor in israel either
    Israelis like americans are just sheep the evil leaders want to devour.
    For the antisemites, know you will spend eternity in hell with your evil jewish friends you talk about.
    God will punish all evil world wide. Thats why 2/3 of israel IN THE LAND perish for their wickedness. But 1/3 is Gods flock for Christ he will preserve and return to.
    To go against israel and its land makes one a murderer by Christs own words. Murderers go to eternal saunas.
    I know many evangelical ministries are on way off doctrines and even promoting jabs. They use love of israel to raise funds but they will turn anti israel the more they jab.
    Living in israel i see wicked leaders political & religious but i know God will deal with them in his time. But i also see good ones trying to do good and poor misled sheep being awakened up.
    Satan loves antisemites as they prevent unity of the masses to resist evil.
    Does anyone realize the thousands of jews in Christ or not yet in Christ fighting evil in all lands?
    Take dr. Zelenko, an orthodox God fearing jew dying of terminal cancer trying to save lives anywhere from illness shed to them from the jabbed. All he does is Christ like yet he dont know Christ. Pray fervently this man know Christ as he already follows with out yet believing in who he follows.he needs like us all a blood sin cleansing. Hes probally repented from sins of life already but needs to ask for that washing.
    The whole premise of attacking Gods reconstituted jewish nation is war against God. You dont attack the package and God himself will judge each content in the package but God wants the package defended.
    Isaiah says israel is Gods battle axe to destroy the nations, the parallel verse to those that come against jerusalem. So its God and not some rotschilds doing it all.
    Rotschilds didnt ev

  3. Rotschilds didnt even exist 400 years ago. They may be wicked but are not the synogogue of satan that began while john was still alive. We know who they are as it says so in Johns vision of the 7 churches. They are gentiles who came to jewish messiah and proclaimed they were now jews and israel. No. They thru Christ became part of spiritual israel that physical israel must also do to be saved. Salvation is in spiritual israel for both jew and gentile. But physival israel still is center of end time prophesy. Those that claim thru Christ they have replaced physical jews and physical israel, they, replacement theology, black or white is the real synogogue of satan. Gods justice is amazing as most israel and jew haters are themselves the synogogue of satan. My words are strong but not as strong as Jesus spewing them out of his mouth. As i said at the start, pray for antisemites that they wake up but the natzees rebuke them.

  4. Yep!!
    GOD is the ONE that is bringing all of these nations TO the battle in Israel. He will destroy every last Jew hater there. They dont even know that they are in HIS plan!

  5. Pauli, I think that you’re followers make a mistake in thinking they know-it-all.
    You know the Bible saying to watch out for those that say “they are the truth and they are the way.” because they’re false christs.
    You’re saying you’re a a “Mad Jewess” and people take advantage of you because they think you’re really that and want to tell you to shut and that you’re not CHOSEN- but we know it’s the opposite and you’re the sane one in the room.
    But what gets them upset is that you’re not only not mad, but you’re the Chosen One on the blog because you’re alone saying Obama’s the Antichrist (and NO ONE ELSE IS SAYING IT – except me).

  6. Lol.

    Since evil has become good and good evil…. Love would be hate and glad would be ‘mad’…

  7. What the fool calls true, that the sage calls false.
    Being Jewish and playing the fool, is a game.
    Pauli you’re playing the Jewish “shtick” giving us a Mel Brooks version of Jewish humor which is really talking about the deeper problems of life.
    Those who object to you say Obama’s the Antichrist have a field day with you. lol! …but the joke’s on them because you’re on your way to the Heaven of The Chosen Ones, that are Anointed and shining the path for others so as to know the way.

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