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  1. Pauli, you’re not recognized for your value. Women are looked down upon as artistes and as truth-bearers. My mother was a sculptor in Paris and was not respected as that by the patriarcal Norwegian high (Lutheran-Catholic) society. So the artists often as not, pass off as crazies and become the bohemian fringe of society. But what I’m driving at is you have a mission from God to carry out. Just like Mel Brooks passed on important Jewish political and cultural messages about society in his hilarious and crazy films, so does Woody Allen and hosts and hosts of Jewish luminaries of the arts industry. But you’re one notch above them all, Pauli: you’re a Chosen One and taking us to heaven, right? That’s the deal isn’t it? We’re all in on this at the same page, right. Last stop on this subway is heaven, right? We’re talking about the same thing, right. We’re on target, right…going for bust now. Pulling out the last few stops folks.

  2. Rand Paul says to Fauci at 4:50: “you changed your website’s definition of Gain of Function to try to cover your ass”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah Pauli, you know, and it’s time we get down and dirty here. I’ve never talked about the following.
    But people have to get serious with us and tell us: how can they explain that the Illinois lottery drew 666 the same day as Obama’s Chicago acceptance speech?
    Think about the math of that just for a second: 666 is drawn in the Illinois Lottery three times a year and it occurs when the world’s most powerful man is elected in Chicago.

    That’s ***incredible***! People don’t ever talk about it.

    Why are they scared of heaven-sent miracles, Pauli?

    They’re scared of the force of heaven.

    People talk about the famous miracles, seen throughout history dealing in faith-related matters. So why the silence now that we’ve got a miracle in the Bible’s Revelation that’s happened right in front of our eyes.

    Shutting up about it, would be a crime on our part; right? Our duty is to BEAR WITNESS. We must say: “Our eyes have seen and they CANNOT NOW UNSEE.”

  4. I also lined up everything that DEVIL has done —- BHO fulfills the scriptures.
    Yesterday on YT someone told me I was going to hell for saying OBamas the antichrist

  5. Ken try this: it’s at 4:48.

    Pauli, you said: “Yesterday on YT someone told me I was going to hell for saying OBamas the antichrist”. Well, that’s because they see Obama tumbling on the Bible prophecies of the Antichrist. Their world is crumbling in on them.

  6. Hey GEIR I listened to the whole video! But facebook, OR youtube, whichever is responsible, will not let me post it to my FB PAGE! Thats what I was trying to say! I dont need to see the video again and again! I wanted to share it for others on FB! And it wont POST!

  7. Ken, and FB are bozos because the second video’s a different one. So they must put a filter that bans anything about Fauci. Maybe they ban anything combining both Rand Paul and Fauci. They are liars.

  8. OK GEIR! I started the second video out at 4:48 and it sounded same as first video! I dont need to listen to same video twice! so FUCK OFF! Call me a BOZO again! YOU are a self righteous pile of SHIT! Piss me off! You are NOT more HOLY than anyone else! I realize you hold yourself in pretty high regard! I say let GOD judge us both! Dont make me lower than you because of OBUMMA! Im going to cancell this BS. YOUR THE BOZO GEAR! yea i spelled it wrong on purpose! I never said anything against you! But you CONSTANTLY make yourself sound BETTER than anyone else. Im quitting this blog

  9. You’re quitting ME because of Geir?
    I hope not.
    A couple of people are angry with Geir.
    Of course he is not holier than everyone else.

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