The #NFL GESTAPO Wants Their No Vax Players Wearing Colored Wristbands: NAZI Tactics! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FASCIST, PRO VAXX PIGS


The #NFL GESTAPO Wants Their No Vax Players Wearing Colored Wristbands: NAZI Tactics! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FASCIST, PRO VAXX PIGS

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‘NFL Players Association Objects To Using Colored Wristbands To Signify Vaccination Status’

Ive always said that the Leftists are Communist, NAZI, totalitarian, fascist scum and the NFL is NO different. Labeling people with garbage like this. SHAME on them!

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  1. Obama’s murky web.
    His cousin Capers C Funnye is a phony Jewish Black Hebrew Israelite, who are racists.
    Bob Marley was a Rastafari that claim Jewish heritage.

    Desmond Dekker & The Aces – “Israelites” (Official Audio)
    But there are old Jewish communities in Africa that go back to before European Jews. But it must also be said that they’re very rare and often not connected to Judaism in general. Judaism is only a vague memory for them it seems.
    But the Obama-style black so-called Jews (Black Hebrew Israelites) are just outrageous racist hate-mongering fools.

  2. Barack “Pants-on-Fire” Obama, Liar-in-Chief. Homosexual double-talker. Betrayer-in-Chief. Obama’s *got our backs* and it’s been too long now. We don’t want him to have our backs. Don’t need nobody snooping on us like Obama. Get a life Barry. Live without leeching on us Barry, and stealing our money. Time for him to backtrack to JAIL much, maybe?

  3. Gavin Newsom Had Major Adverse Reaction to Moderna Booster Shot: Sources

    This weekend, I received information from a source with knowledge of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s health condition. He reportedly developed symptoms of Bell’s Palsy immediately after getting injected with the Moderna Covid-19 booster shot and has had trouble speaking coherently. We have sought another source to corroborate before reporting but were unable to get that confirmation until two more reports surfaced today.

    The first source is inexplicably “down” as of the writing of this article. Children’s Health Defense, which has been a reliable source for Covid-related news, started experiencing problems with their website shortly after publishing the article below. The other source is Steve Kirsch’s Substack, also published below, which may be receiving his information from the same source that reached out to me as the information is quite similar.

    Meanwhile, the Governor’s staff is playing it all close to the vest, claiming that he has “family obligations” that apparently popped up immediately after his injection on October 27. Within two days, he canceled his trip to COP26. As an extremely vocal climate change activist, one would think rubbing elbows with other activists worldwide would make it a “must go” for him regardless of the “family obligations.”

    Whether it’s Bell’s Palsy or something else, it seems to be tied to the booster shot. All of his plans changed immediately after getting injected and he hasn’t been seen in public ever since. Both his wife and his staff are screaming about conspiracy theories and acting like it’s perfectly natural for a narcissist like Newsom to be out of the public eye for two weeks.

    We hope this story stays up. Whatever took down the Children’s Health Defense website will likely target us after this story is published. Please be sure to share widely to get the word out before the powers-that-be pull the plug on it. Here are the articles by CHD and Kirsch…

  4. Pauli, I’ve got pressure on from my family to be who I have to be. Do you have family siblings TMJ? I’m the only son of the oldest branch (but of girls.) Grandma was the oldest child and so was my mom. You know what “big sis’s” are like: bossy and “know-alls”… So, I’m the only boy of that branch.? So of course they expect me to shoulder the burden of the family pride. They expect me to make the family proud. We have to be the perfect ancestors of our time. My second cousin Pontine Paus is in a relationship with Lord Dalmeny (Rothschild) but she’s still just one of the minor branches of the family. She’s just a youngie at a mere 48 years old.
    They want me to shoulder the burden. That means to be the best at my game. So dear Pauli…,being the “best at my game” means what in the life I’ve chosen for myself? They put this pressure on me, which is basically that they say: “Don’t show up unless you’ve shown and achieved success.”
    You know what family reunions are like Pauli. Everybody boasts about what they’ve achieved. In my case, they look at me and say: “You haven’t even tried doing anything.”
    For me to be “best at my game”, you know what that means right? That means carrying out the Bible’s mission which is to reveal the Antichrist/Satan. That’s something for a big aristocratic family like our’s to be proud of. We had two Papal Chamberlains: Baron Wilhelm Wedel-Jarlsberg and Christopher Count of Paus. But I’ll beat them out of the ballpark if I’m the one who brings back the revelation and Apocalypse to our family. They’ll say: “Amen, you did it man.”
    Bringing back the Revelation of the Antichrist and of the Buddha, Jesus, Machhiach.

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