52 YR OLD Canadian Cardiologist Tells Non-Vaxxed: “I Won’t Cry At Your Funeral,” Is Dead 2 Wks After 3rd (booster) mRNA Injection

52 YR OLD Canadian Cardiologist Tells Non-Vaxxed “I Won’t Cry At Your Funeral,” Is Dead 2 Wks After 3rd (booster) mRNA Injection

The Covid Blog posted on the death of Sohrab Lutchmedial yesterday. The blogger recieved an email in an hour (after posting) from a deranged Communist saying basically that the Covid blog has an ‘agenda’.

WHAT AGENDA, stupid Leftist? YOU COMMUNISTS HAVE THE AGENDA of injecting people with a DEATH serum and then having the damned audacity to claim bloggers have an ‘agenda’ for reporting that people are DYING from your poison!! Damned Nazi piece of DREK!

Idiot. Lunatic. Psychopathic Leftist.

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Did this man know that the LORD required his soul?

15 thoughts on “52 YR OLD Canadian Cardiologist Tells Non-Vaxxed: “I Won’t Cry At Your Funeral,” Is Dead 2 Wks After 3rd (booster) mRNA Injection

  1. Hip hip hooray, i love fair justice!
    Heard more of Gods justice; govts are sucking Co2 into big sucking machines to be pumped into the earth to be released after we all dead. Less Co2 kills the plants and kills O2 for us. But God using the sun to create volcanic eruptions that give back all the Co2 the govt sucked out. Even the sulfur dioxide of volcanos which is bad gets separated into O2 and plain sulfur by lightning strikes which is good. I could go on but God is fighting the evil right now. We are tasked to stand and survive serving God.

  2. Thanks for putting that together for me saints. I just finished reading about the machine and still in shock.

  3. Yeh, kookoo, i stumbled upon this as confused of why a pipeline is under construction when bid

  4. When biden shut down two fuel pipelines. Made no sense until find new pipe is for Co2 sucked out of th

  5. Hey partnering with eagles! Talking about the like tab….I can like an entire blog yet. The tab is there but i USED to be able to like an individual comment/post, and that tab is gone. I suppose wordpress removed that option from me

  6. Getting back to the vaxed and unvaxed! And COVID! The GOVT and CDC push their dumb ass masks and SHOTS! saying they want to stop the spread of covid! I would imagine if someone with covid kissed someone who didnt have covid it would be transmissible. Perhaps with ANY body fluid! Now the VAXED people had the poisen injected into their body! The poisen is IN THEIR BODY! Blood, Cells, etc. SO if a vaccinated person would kiss an UNVAXED person, OR SEX! Will the unvaxed person get the poisen? From the vaxed person? Bodily fluids can transfer the VACCINE? Just like COVID? Or AIDS? Im wondering about that. NO im not in any danger of it LOL

  7. People get what they deserve. What goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch. It’s a round world. If you eat rat poison (watching the Marxist mainstream media) every day, eventually you are going to die from rat poison.

  8. I agree with you, Tim — 100%.
    I was talking with a fellow believer on the phone. He said: “Im praying to ‘bless’ Biden’.
    I was livid.
    He told me:
    ‘Youre harsh’
    I really AM tired of this wishy washy stupidity.
    The evil doers GET WHAT THEY deserve. Absolutely.

  9. YEA Tim and TMJ! They get what they deserve! However when its family that you love, it hurts more than when you hear about a canadian Cardiologist! And not everyone who gets the shots is evil! They are just of mindset they believe and TRUST our government! Thats their mistake! Not becasuse they are evil! ITS THE GOVT and CDC and FDA and…..They are evil for decieving people who trusted them! And someone did send me the link about the canadian. It was one my sisters actually! And I laughed! I hope before he DIED he understood why he was DYING!

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