I Remember When #LebronJames Was Crying Like a Baby

I Remember When #LebronJames Was Crying Like a Baby


This is a MAN crying over stubbing his toe. LOL

Lakers news: LeBron James admits literally crying over viral video
Cavaliers NBA Finals win turns into The Crying Game | CNN

3 thoughts on “I Remember When #LebronJames Was Crying Like a Baby

  1. High Alert!
    I got insider info, chatter from the Resistance in France has it they’re/we’re preparing locking down the country by using vehicles to block the roads.
    This is what made President Charles de Gaulle resign (in 1969) just in the same way as Nixon did in the USA: by a Revolution by “The People”.
    Last report (two weeks ago) was, there were 5000 cars ready to block the roads, and waiting (and it’s said that figure of that number has exploded now).

  2. The French President Macron announced the booster shot is recommended for everybody.
    1. people are fed up with being used as guinea pigs.
    2. also fed up with being jabbed like pinata-bags.
    3. fed up with being lied to that “the vaccine is the only way to be assured against the Corona-virus”, and then being told that it doesn’t really work in fact against the Corona-virus and needs extra booster shots.
    4. people are saying “What’s it going to be now? 2 shots a year until death? 120 shots in all? Come’on man!”
    Blocking the roads is the next step and rallying in front of the Health Ministry EVERY EVENING if lockdown and/or a curfew are ordered.
    The chemistry’s working between the unvaxxed and the twice-vaxxed old people that are fed up.
    The unvaxxed as 12% of French pop.
    While the twice-vaxxed are 80% of French pop.
    Those two armies merging is a tsunami.

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