#PRAISEGOD! #KyleRittenhouse NOT Guilty! THANK YOU LORD!

#PRAISEGOD! #KyleRittenhouse NOT Guilty!


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I honestly could not watch this trial at all. When this kid broke up weeping, I could have absolutely put every, single Leftist 6 ft under. THAT is how livid this whole debacle made me. He is a KID that had to make a horrible choice in seconds time. This is a total 2nd Amendment case if EVER I saw one. If they charged this young man, then we ALL would have been S.O.O.L. trying to ever defend ourselves in a same instance case scenario.

PRAISE GOD. Thank you, Yeshua-Jesus.

I see how the psychopathic, lunatic, spoiled, brat Leftists are already screaming and crying because TRUE justice has been served. NOT the “Social-justice-charge-everyone-before-a -trial”, Leftist, shaming, mob-rule, court-of-leftist-opinion insanity we’ve been seeing for years.

Distressed Woman Yells “F*ck America!” Before Having a ‘Seizure’ on Kenosha Courthouse Steps After Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty (VIDEO) LM-TUCHAS-OFF!

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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Democrats, Pundits Declare Verdict ...

32 thoughts on “#PRAISEGOD! #KyleRittenhouse NOT Guilty! THANK YOU LORD!

  1. Of course it is his choice but my heart hopes kyle moves to nice quiet place to enjoy life unbothered. But if God or kyle has other plans may they be success. Thank God justice still rings sonetimes.

  2. GOOD KARMA!!!!!!!!

    Full Moon November 19, 2021 – Algol Lunar Eclipse
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  3. Bank Accounts Due To Be Drained by Rittenhouse Lawsuits


    Did you hear that? If you did then it could be the sound of bank accounts about to be drained by the inevitable Kyle Rittenhouse lawsuits. First up to have his bank account drained should definitely be John Heilemann as you can see but there others right in line behind him who will also have to pay up.


  4. Let’s stand up and reveal the Antichrist Obama NOW!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T LOSE A SECOND FOLKS!!!!!!
    If you take your eyes off the ball now you’re gone.

  5. All the people who made this result possible need to be held in prayer because each and every one is at risk of death. The news announced that Kyle will be coming to ASU and I assume that other family members will also probably relocate here but this is not a safe place and all of our major cities are now Democrat run. I welcome them anyway.

    I have neither the skills nor the time but a compilation video of all the media talking heads that speak Obama’s name in error when speaking of Biden is overdue. Perhaps one already exists?

    This verdict has restored hope for many and I am in that group.

  6. I suspect that Kyle is not the type to want endless litigation but the ways of this world demands a deep financial hit in order to drive change. The current occupant of the oval must have quite an amount amassed.

  7. The litigation was mostly against CNN, MSNBC and Fox.
    They’re the ones that force-feed people on fake news 24 7.
    We’re heading into the Apocalypse, folks.
    Did anyone notice Hiytler had taken over the world?

  8. Yes I am angry at FOX too. All must pay their dues with falsehoods to stay on the air. The prince of the power of the air quite literally.

  9. Watching big demonstration in Austria right now.

    GETTING NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!
    WWII qot started in Austria.

  10. Did you know that Kyle Rittenhouse’s Dad, Grandma and Friends all lived in Kenosha, less than 25 minutes from where he resided with his Mom part time in Illinois? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that Kyle put out a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station to blow it up, with people all around it? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that the Police were told to stand down as businesses were destroyed.
    Did you know that the president had offered the national guard to help in Kenosha, but the governor refused? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that Joseph Rosenbaum knocked him down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head and also chased him with a chain?
    Did you know that Huber had hit him in the head 2x with a skateboard? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know Gaige Grosskreutz, a felon in possession of firearm, pointed his gun at Kyle’s head first, as he admitted on the stand?If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that in the State of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a gun, even at 17 (which was why the gun charge was dismissed)? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that Kyle did not cross state lines with the gun? The rightful gun owner did, as he was legally permitted to do? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that Rosenbaum dated women with sons so he could sodomize them and was convicted 5 times for this? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that Anthony Huber kidnapped and suffocated women and was a convicted twice for that? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.
    Did you know that Grosskreutz was a convicted Burglar with an assault on his record and was not allowed to posses a fire arm yet he had one to point at Kyle’s head? If you didn’t you are listening to the wrong media outlet.

  11. Nobody’s going to let Kyle move on and proceed with his life. He will have to litigate just to have income because IDT anyone will hire him as a nurse or anything dealing with the public or clients directly – too much risk.

  12. Check the Neck of the Pfizer CEO at time code: 1:50

    It looks freaky, like it blows up like a balloon.

  13. Definetely a blessing Pauli! Its SICKENING how they tried, and STILL TRY…to paint a totally wrong picture and scenario! AMERICANS HAVE WOKEN UP THOUGH!

  14. What separates and distinguishes Tefilla from prayer?

    Bryan Wagner asks a most excellent question concerning how to pray? His question: “It’s interesting if you are a person who is focused on documents explaining wisdom. I subscribe to Gautama’s reflection that we must be a lamp unto ourselves in seeking what’s truthful. I have a question: Why not sit in silence and ask God directly? Why rely on others knowledge to complete the circle?”

    Response made to his direct question:
    When all Israel accepted the Torah revelation at Sinai, by which HaShem directly revealed the first 2 Commandments, Israel – the entire nation – feared if they received any more of this revelation of HaShem that they would all die. The entire nation demanded from Moshe the prophet to ascend Sinai and receive the rest of the commandments. Prophets serve as the primary medium by which HaShem speaks to bnai brit Israel.

    At the time of the golden calf, Israel received and accepted only the first 2 commandments at Sinai. The 2 tablets represent the 2 commandments accepted and received by Israel. Because all Israel assumed that they would soon die, by extension Moshe who ascended Sinai – after 40 days and nights – he too must have died. An inaccurate assumption which the men of Israel made. Therefore the people presented Aaron with a problem: “Moshe is dead, who will teach us the rest of the Torah”?

    Moshe returned, broke the 2 tablets, and once again neither eat or drank for another 40 days. On Yom Kippur\the Day of Atonement/HaShem revealed the Oral Torah logic format which permitted Moshe to interpret 611 commandments as precedents by which to understand the k’vanna of the opening first two commandments revealed at Sinai.

    The sages in the Talmud, they employ the same exact Oral Torah logic format wherein the Sanhedrin Courts ruled thousands upon thousands of judicial legal rulings/halachot. To what does this Sanhedrin judicial process compare? The British Parliament. England unlike the United States and the 1st Commonwealth Republic of Israel in the days of the prophet Yehoshua, England has no Written Constitution. The Written Torah functions as the written Constitution of the Israelite Republic of Tribes.

    The legalism of British Courts differs from that of American Courts. Britain has no Written Constitution. Every law passed by Parliament – these laws define the Constitution of Great Britain. As a consequence … no British Court has the authority to declare a law passed by Parliament as “Un-Constitutional”. The US by contrast has a written Constitution. Therefore American courts can declare laws passed by Congress and the Executive Branch of the Federal Government as “Un-Constitutional”.

    The 5th Book of the Torah – D’varim, goes by a 2nd name. Mishna Torah, the 2nd name of the Book of D’varim. Mishna Torah means ”repeat the din/law”. What does the concept of repetition of the law mean? In a word, the legal term: “legislative review”. The Sanhedrin Federal Courts (6 small Sanhedrin Federal Courts in the 6 cities of refuge), possess the Constitutional power\authority to not only declare a law passed by the government authorities within each and every tribe\State within the larger Republic as “Un-Constitutional” – like as can the American courts. But this legal concept of “legislative review”, learned from the Book of D’varim, means that the Federal Sanhedrin courts possess the Constitutional mandate to rewrite Un-Constitutional laws, such that these rewritten laws comply with the intent of the Framers of the Written Constitution and impose these Sanhedrin Court re-written laws as the laws of the land.

    Private individuals can contemplate upon the Torah … but Governments have the obligation to rule the land and people.

    Bryan Wagner1d ago I understand, but that leaves my question unanswered. Why not speak to God directly?

    mosckerr Who speaks directly unto HaShem, (as opposed to God{s})? Monotheism violates the 2nd Torah commandment at Sinai. Answer: Prophets da’aven directly to HaShem. How do prophets da’aven directly to HaShem? This question definitively proves the Jesus son of Zeus as a counterfeit fraud.

    According to the Yerushalmi Talmud, over 247 “prophets”, occupied their resources, wisdom, and knowledge of speaking directly to HaShem as opposed to the “Father of the Gods”, as Jesus addressed and spoke directly unto Zeus. The prayers of Jesus – they too violated the 2nd Commandment of Sinai. This most basic fundamental distinction the opening Mishna of Gittin, teaches that Jews of g’lut lost the knowledge of how to do mitzvot לשמה\in the Name.

    The primary mussar which all prophets command – how to da’aven directly to HaShem… da’avening takes precedent priority over offering sacrifices. The T’NaCH refers to this House as the house of tefilla and not as the house of sacrifices. None the less, korbanot dedications, they teach a central משל\נמשל definition of blessings. (Oral Torah logic stands upon the יסוד\foundation of making דיוקים\logical inferences). The prophet Ya’acov swore an eternal oath to his father Yitzak, that he would command the eternal chosen Cohen seed of Avraham to bless HaShem directly. Herein defines the definition of da’avening. According to the oath sworn by Avram, HaShem judges the contending Yatzirot within bnai brit Hearts. The Name of HaShem lives within our hearts, and not in Heaven, by the terms of the oaths mutually sworn at the brit between the pieces.

    How to da’aven, a kabbala tradition that predated Avraham da’avening directly to HaShem to open the closed wombs of all the women of the kingdom of Avi-melech. (The king to took Sara for a wife, based upon the assumption that her relationship with Avraham, a brother\sister family connection). Rabbi Yochanon, in the Gemara of ברכות, teaches that to bless HaShem, meaning to “swear” a blessing – as opposed to “say” a praise, like for example saying Tehilem\Psalms – – – a blessing most essentially requires שם ומלכות. Jesus son of Zeus, when asked to teach his disciples how to pray, totally ignorant of this ancient kabbala – known as מעשה בראשית .

    שבאו בניו מבית המשתה ואמרו לו לא קרינו את שמע” (משנה, מסכת ברכות – פרק א, משנה א)

    It happened that came his children/students to a wedding. (When occupied in a mitzva, a person enjoys exemption from doing other mitzvot.) They said to him, we did not (yet) da’aven kre’a shma. (First Mishna of Blessings/ברכות).

    The mitzva of kre’a shma – defines how the Torah understands – love of HaShem. The mitzva of kre’a shma: acceptance of responsibility for the blessings and curses of the Torah revelation of Sinai and Horev. Moshe the prophet commanded a strong mussar, his last Will and Testament, on the last day of his life on this earth. D’varim 30:19 [https://biblehub.com/deuteronomy/30-19.htm].

    Jesus son of Zeus (1) totally ignorant of the kabbala which separates and distinguishes itself from repeating Tehillem\Psalms. Tehillem do not qualify as swearing a Torah blessing because Tehillem lack שם ומלכות. The term “kingship\מלכות” refers to the dedication of tohor middot, such that the “king” fights the wars in the heart between the opposing Yitzirot. The prayer which Jesus son of Zeus taught to his disciples, upon their specific request, had no knowledge of the kabbala commanded and taught by the prophets of Israel, even before Yehoshua caused the nation of Israel to invade and conquer the kingdoms of Canaan. (2) That imaginary man/mythical person, who according to the Gospels amazed Torah scholars touching his Torah knowledge – even as a youth, never learned the two most basic and fundamental kabbalot/traditions (The T’NaCH has the name kabbala) of [1] מעשה בראשית and [2] פרדס.

    The organization of the Jewish Siddur\book of da’avening (tefilla different from non Jewish prayer), spins around the central axis of the kabbala of מעשה בראשית. Jesus son of Zeus had absolutely know knowledge of this ancient kabbala, learned from hundreds of prophets. So much for “fulfilling the words of the prophets”, an empty and totally vain and repeated New Testament boast! A person lives mussar in his life walk before HaShem. A person never “fulfills” mussar in his life walk before HaShem. Neither the sermon on the mount nor the violent attack in the Temple where merchants offered animals for sacrifice for sale, stand upon Torah commandments.

    The Torah commands 3 re’gal’im, comparable to making the Hajj to Mecca. If a person travels to Jerusalem on a regal, (Pesach, Shevuoth, & Sukkot), if his first fruits offerings will become damaged, due to the length of the journey to Jerusalem, the Torah commands an alternative 2nd tithe. That person can convert his first fruits tithes into money and when he makes aliya to Jerusalem, he then uses that money to buy offerings, to dedicate upon the alter on Zion. The Talmud asks a pertinent question: “Whom does the Torah exempt from the obligation to make the re’gel?” Answer: a person who lives outside of the “Old City” walls of Jerusalem.

    Jesus violently condemned merchants in Jerusalem selling animals for sacrifice. His unexpected force, in context compares to what happened to Moshe, when he expressed his anger and frustration against Israel at the stone which he later struck with anger. Moshe’s actions – the Torah – HaShem directly condemned. HaShem directly spoke to Moshe a simple command. That he, (Aaron and Miriam would die, together with the entire cursed generation who believed the slander made by the spies sent to search out the land), in g’lut\exile. The Talmud compares intense expressions of anger, directly to the worship of other Gods – a direct violation of the 2nd Commandment of Sinai.

    The Jesus prayer has no knowledge what distinguishes between “swearing a blessing” from “saying a praise”. As mentioned above, rabbi Yochanon taught the accepted halachic tradition, as taught by the prophets. Swearing a blessing requires שם ומלכות. The New Testament bible never once includes שם\the 1st Commandment Name revealed at Sinai; likewise that forgery has absolutely no knowledge of מלכות\kingship — the dedication as holy to HaShem of middot דאורייתא ודרבנן\tohor attributes from the Torah and rabbis.

    This total and complete ignorance of the revelation of middot revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev – 40 days after the sin of the golden calf – definitively proves that the ancient kabbala known as מעשה בראשית – Jesus son of Zeus had never learned. That imaginary mythical man had absolutely zero knowledge of how the sages organized the Siddur, the Jewish book of da’avening. He lacked basic Torah education which teaches the exact prophetic traditions which define the k’vanna of tefilla — the t’shuva dedication of remembering social interactions made by both the Yatzir HaTov and the Yatzir HaRah.

    This foreign alien non Jewish, wolf dressed in sheep clothing, had no knowledge that tefilla dedicates directly to HaShem “tohor middot”, as derived from prophetic mussar instruction, as learned from T’NaCH primary sources. (In the days of Ezra, the sages sealed the masoret\traditions of the T’NaCH). The dedication of “tohor middot”, a direct kabbala commanded by over 247 prophets! This T’NaCH based kabbala – known as מעשה בראשית – Jesus son of Zeus never learned, and did not know.

    It goes without saying that the Gospels has no education in the kabbala tradition known as פרדס. All the hundreds of rabbis in the Talmud obeyed this kabbala of the Oral Torah revelation of Horev. The chag of Hanukkah dedicates the lights of that 8 branch menorah. Specifically the sacred dedication to only interpreting the Written Torah by means of relying only upon the Oral Torah logic system format, as the eternal t’shuva of Israel for the sin of the golden calf, which HaShem revealed to Moshe on Horev as the most essential and defining character of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. The sealing of T’NaCH literature and Hanukkah predates the imaginary birth & life of Jesus. That imaginary mythical false messiah had no knowledge of the foundations upon which stands all Yiddishkeit!

  15. Apocalypse!
    Europe descended into a second night of violent carnage on Saturday amid the return of strict lockdown rules aimed at curbing rising rates of Covid infection. Thousands of people took to Amsterdam’s central Dam Square and the Hague on Saturday, a day after the ‘orgy of violence’ during the Rotterdam riots that saw seven people injured. Police said seven arrests were made on Sunday after youths set streets ablaze and shot fireworks at officers. Video footage from the Hague showed motorists sounding their horns in support as a trio of small explosions could be clearly seen on the main road…

  16. If you’re a Chosen One then stand up now. Those of you who are Chosen will know who you are and will count yourselves now. Stand up and reveal the Antichrist Obama. You have no time left before the Apocalypse.

  17. If you’re a Chosen One then stand up now. Those of you who are Chosen will know who you are and will count yourselves now. Stand up and reveal the Antichrist Obama. You have no time left before the Apocalypse.

  18. COVID-19 and the Smoke of Satan

    What hope of salvation would the leper, whom Jesus touched with his bare hands in violation of Jewish law, have had in the hands of these frightened hirelings?

    Blindness — well-intentioned, perhaps, but blindness nonetheless — best explains their otherwise inexplicable ignorance of these people. And here again Christ gives us the explanation.

    Christ spoke of those at the last judgment who would experience genuine surprise that they were found among the goats. That among these will be many luminaries of the Church, we need have no doubt, as we are told they will protest in vain, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?” Matthew 7:22.

    It is in the juxtaposition with Truth that Satan is most clearly revealed. He does not merely tell Eve she will get away with it if she eats of the forbidden tree. He tells her, “ye shall be as Gods.” Satan deals in whoppers. Lately, we have seen his calling card in the COVID crisis. For a disease that 99.5 percent of the world survives without treatment or severe symptoms, we have rent the world asunder and with it very nearly the Church. The sheer irrationality of it all staggers the imagination.

    But nothing approaches the whopper told by the archbishop of Canterbury and his corollaries in the Catholic Church that by starving Christ’s flock of the bread of heaven and the comfort of their shepherds, we are “loving our neighbor.” If we cannot detect the smoke of Satan in that statement, we have lost something far more important than our sense of smell, and we are in danger of something far greater than COVID-19.

    Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/11/covid19_and_the_smoke_of_satan.html#ixzz7Crh3X8CX

  19. P.S. I wouldnt exactly call kyle’s choice a horrible one. He made the only one he could! It was live or die! Yea its horrible he was in that position and had to make that decision, but the one he made was the same one id have made

  20. This is so Biblical. In the name of good people are deifying a group of men who are chronic criminals and in this case they were intent on committing murder – verbalizing this intent many times! They absolutely intend to destroy this kids life. They obviously condone the multiple attempts to murder Rittenhouse. These people truly are zombies in their brains. It really is terrifying. and, they are already dead.

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