My ‘Liberals ♥ HIGH GAS Prices’ Art

They DO love high gas prices and think that we have plenty of $$ to spend on their high gas.

Warhol style

Thats all suckers.

4 thoughts on “My ‘Liberals ♥ HIGH GAS Prices’ Art

  1. Yes TMJ! They think that. but they dont realize that not just GASOLINE,…We need more money for food and everything else we buy! GAS isnt the only thing we need and buy! Theres not enuff money to buy what we need!

  2. Its for our good. Higher gas taxes help fund flights with conferences and good food to create alert minds on how to reduce gas consumption. Big big task. If they get gas usage down then they will need to meet to work out tracking and charging horse droppings tax. Also maybe a walking tax as walk more is more carbon foot prints. Then of course a breathing tax and dwinding air as not enough co2 for plants to make us some air so the more masks the lower your air tax. These guys are so soft and cuddily and devote year after year in office to help us poor plebs.

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