♥ Happy Thanksgiving ♥

I thank God that he has pulled me through so many trying times. I thank the Lord there is a roof over my head. A nice husband, warmth, food and shelter. I am truly blessed and grateful to God.

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12 thoughts on “♥ Happy Thanksgiving ♥

  1. Thank you for taking me back to my childhood. Thank you for your blog. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Thank you for fearlessly saying Obama’s the Antichrist while those words are forbidden worldwide.
    I’m not exactly an example, here at TMJ. What could be more wrong than this?
    I’m a French-American, Norwegian. An American Frog Viking. lol!
    Americans consider the French to be Arch-enemies. The French tried to take back America, operating out of the Canadian north and among the beaver trappers up there, preying on American Sovereignty. They also blockaded American trade with the UK during the war of 1812.

    I’m a misfit for an Arizona blog. I don’t want to pretend I don’t know that and don’t know that I’m not a *good person* from Arizonans’ point of view. I don’t want to champion being a Frenchie. That’s not part of my DNA. I say “let each country be themselves and that’s fine with me”.

    Pauli, I just say the same as you: i.e. Obama’s the Antichrist. That makes us family. We’re the *family* of the Messengers of the Apocalypse. We own the world. I’m in this for the truth Pauli. It’s my DNA makeup. I’m all about the truth. That’s just how I am.

  3. I love thanksgiving. As a child i saw in america once upon a time all types of people of every persusasion were united by thanksgiving. No pressure of gifts, just thanks to God and gathering of family and friends. Though its just a copy of Gods sukkot or tabernacles at least it was observed by all in disguise.
    Was sad when black friday was inc

  4. Was sad when black friday was invented as it destroyed thanksgiving a little, diverting attention away.
    Am sad that more and more having a thanksgiving ham instead which to me means they still enjoy the gathering but often leave out God.
    Turkey and oysters is the food but i do skip the oysters.
    Thus in thanks to God and love of his people and love of america that was, outside of america i still keep thanksgiving.
    A gluten free pumpkin pie with a pie shell of teff, buckwheat, potato flour just came out of the oven and best one ever made.
    So to mad jewess and hubby and all here, have a great thanksgiving.

  5. This is what someone who wants to hide that Obama’s the Antichrist and won’t look with his own eyes what’s in front of him, in clear print, looks like.

    Translation, “poor man”! This is what a Free Man looks like.

  6. So many especially in the left world cannot say thanks for anything. I can! Thanks for creatng this place!

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