#COVID19 NUMBERS GAME: Japan, Korea & Vietnam All Have More People Than California, But WAY Fewer Dead. Shanghai Still Doesn’t Have 10 Dead From Corona Virus:

#COVID19 NUMBERS GAME: Japan, Korea & Vietnam All Have More People Than California, But WAY Fewer Dead. Shanghai Still Doesn’t Have 10 Dead From Corona Virus:

John Cullen observes and examines graph charts of Covid19 and influenza. The charts are not lying, our GOVERNMENT lies. Daily. All the time. Why are they lying? So they can control you, make you sick and kill you from the vaccine.

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Here is a Youtube on the graphs and other issues:



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  1. Amir Tsarfati: Breaking News
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  2. Im sick of all the BS lies. And NOW they come out with a new VARIANT! How do they know its a variant! They CANT ISOLATE THEM! Its a NEW SCARE for GULLIBLE PPL TO GET JABS

  3. Ken, can you direct me to information so I can understand better what you are saying? They can’t isolate them in patient? So 37 mutations means standard swab test might miss entirely? TIA.

  4. Swab tests can only tell positive or negative for covid! AND many of thos tests show FALSE POSITIVES! A COVID test CANT tell what variant. NOR can a FLU TEST tell you what strain of flu you have! Theres MANY false positive tests INTENTIONALLY because they want numbers to RISE . To keep the PANDEMIC HOAX ALIVE! Thats why NOT surprisingly they decided to yell NEW VARIANT after thanksgiving holiday cuz people ignored their BULL SHIT RECOMENDATIONS! They dont want to lose control so they yell NEW VARIANT! YOU STUPID ASS PPL should have listened to us! Theres NO new variant! Theres a NEW ATTEMPT at scare tactics to regain CONTROL and instill FEAR AND JAB MORE STUPID PPL! Thats all it is! NO test can tell you this variant from that. Its either positive or negative. Same with cold or flu or strep or anything else! Suppose you piss in a jar and they test it. They can tell you if you have a urinary tract infection….presence of harmful bacteria or not. Thats all it can tell you. They need to test further to ISOLATE the bacteria causing the infection in order to choose the right antibiotic to kill the infection! a URINALAYSIS only tells if theres an infection or not. SAME with anything else! COVID TESTS do NOT tell you what variant you have and this is ALL just a scare. They will ALWAYS declare new VARIANTS to CONTINUE the pandemic scare and use THAT to control people! ITS POLITICS NOT PANDEMIC! Wake up KOOK…

  5. Our GOVERNMENT is the most dangerous PANDEMIC we have now! 5 of my family members just had covid! IT doesnt kill ya! The hospitals KILL YOU cuz the DRS give patients Remdeziver! THAT shit kills ppl. then they say its a covid death. ITS A MEDICATION DEATH! If they gave any covid patient IVERMECTIN there would be NO deaths! But they WANT DEATHS! THEY WANT A PANDEMIC and control ppl ……oh i quit if ya dont get it by now………

  6. Sorry, didn’t mean to upset. I am awake but just parroting due to lack of medical knowledge – trying to understand better. So new variant supposedly theoretically brewed in body of AIDS patient according to official unnamed sources but we now understand that vaxxed all have or are in process of becoming immune deficient due to their system being overtaken and retrained to recognise only one enemy – the original Covid-19 spike. Soon there will be huge surge in plausible deniability deaths because bodies can no longer fight other invaders (in addition to all clot deaths.) But I, not being trained medically, have so many questions – how common is it for a body to brew variants so rapidly or is it true that lab specialists do know to look for a ” signature” of lab designed variant? Also, from what I read, plus the “Don’t shed on me” graphic, I thought it was dangerous to hang out with vaxxed friends but I know people who do and haven’t gotten sick. So I hate to lose a good friend over this but I have been avoiding vaxxed friends.

  7. I think that there are already variants because people’s descriptions of their Covid-19 experience can be so different. So I can believe new variant possible. Nobody that I know had excessive vomiting but I have read people saying that they lost pills due to the vomiting they had with it. They recommend getting liquid vitamins etc and for most of the recommendations I never saw a liquid form. (Trying to make a Covid Kit for when/if we catch it cause we have alot of the illnesses that puts us at risk for bad outcome.)

  8. It was obvious by oct 2019 something was up. Year after year like clockwork israel media announces each flu death. They tell age and sex. All them pregnant mom flu deaths seemed to follow plain flu shots and horribly were some every week. So the void of no flu deaths noticed by oct 2019 was so odd. Thats how i know covid is just flu renamed and not a bio weapon. The jab is the bio weapon covid is certificate if vacination i.d. many understood and forgot misled by new sound bite news. Yes im anti vax with a few exceptions as a few depending on circumstances are a lesser evil like transmittable dog and cat diseases but only certain ones.
    Since unjabbed are awake and even some jabbed woke up the elites push ahead harder as they are stuck; more awake so they must crush us fast.
    Only answer is dont obey and defend and even topple them but it aint gonna happen as scripture shows.
    The enslavement advances at different paces in all lands, but at the finish no one anywhere will buy or sell or own a home or travel or work or legally drive a car or anything unless jabbed over and over again. The devil does overcome the saints is written. We perish in the Lord or survive with breath if so chosen for that. Its obvious the center of the killing fields is the lands that christian and jewish belief went out of historically. These evil leaders sold out their people so they could reign with the beast.

  9. I live in galilee like amir. Once listened to him only for news. But he is a mouth piece for govt news!
    He also serves satan. I hate him. He jabbed early to keep jetting around the world for his money.
    He went to brazil to help the stupid brazilians to stop waisting time preparing for the great trib spiritually & physically as they gonna rapture out. Hes encouraging the mark of the beast. He will help damn many souls. I have nothing against john hessan as he seems good but will fall. Hessian once replied to my email as i had woken him up a little but that was almost 2 yrs ago. Kicked off the tube so dont view anymore. Thinking also of jonathan con man (cahn)who had a divine revelation and merchandised it and now makes up more stuff for profit. Knew him back when he and another had a sw radio broadcast out of lodi n.j. decades ago and got to preach at the u.n a few times. Wolvs

  10. People keep saying they had covid. No they didnt. They had the flu, a new flu strain but the flu. They also got sick off spike proteins from the jabbed. Natural immunity does help after recovery. The illness from the jabs is the variants. Its not that complicated. Other terms to confuse is twice jabbed are called the unjabbed when they get sick as thrice jabbed becomes new norm. So all the hospital death is the unjabbed meaning 0-2 jabs only. What a delusion. Wolves in sheep clothes.

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  12. Im not vaxed. I never will. Just Know this! I DONT trust or believe anything the MEDIA, Government, Government run agencies etc tell us. THEY LIE LIKE SATAN

  13. I don’t know Amir Tsarfati. But Jewish boy Natan said he saw in dream that the Messiah will stop the missiles raining on Israel in the sky. I don’t know when what Tsarfati says will happen or not. But the Bible talks about a massive attack in Israel. (which I’m not hoping for just to set the record straight;)

  14. Now I read that the graphene is even in saline? So if you go to hospital they will get it in you with saline? MNK? Do you know? How can I verify?

  15. I just watched a video by a Austrian DR that talked about the graphene oxide in vaccine. Very interesting. BUT 4 days later some reason he was dead! Speak the truth at risk of your life!

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