Dear DEMOCRAT Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf & Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan: Your City Looks Like SH’T!!! A DISASTER.

Dear DEMOCRAT Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff & Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan: Your City Looks Like SH’T!!! A DISASTER.

My God…Will ya look at this DEMOCRAT run city and see why people are leaving in droves. Leftists need to stay put and enjoy their Utopia.

Stop voting in these Communist pieces of garbage.

By the way:

Oakland City Council's Rebecca Kaplan preaches Torah, progressive politics  – J.

Rebecca Is A Person Of ‘Faith’

Rebecca Kaplan is a ‘bible scholar’ who attended Orthodox Hebrew school from a young age. She’s well-studied in scripture, fluent in Old Testament Hebrew and has taught bible classes for a variety of congregations. In 2010, the New York Times wrote a profile about her sermons in Oakland churches.

Isnt THAT something else… Our Blogger acquaintance, Rabbi Mosckerr probably thinks this Commie Lesbian is more ‘righteous’ than Stive and I because she doesnt believe in Jesus but we do. Terrible. We seek to live a holy life. Kaplan is a straight up Lesbian. She is in direct violation of Leviticus 18:22. Shame on her!!


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  1. Hard to realize the gaza strip is better condition than oakland but its obvious. And both have bad govt. Need to go check out how finland is doing under its 30s lesbian controlled govt. At least finland lesbians arent ugly.

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    A spokesperson from mybaggage said: “Some of us believe, some of us are just interested, but one thing’s for sure – we all love a good conspiracy theory.

    “There are actually evolutionary origins that are hardwired into humankind, as we try to understand, decipher and find meaning around events that occur around us.”

    Here The Sun breaks down the top 15 conspiracy theory locations to visit in America.


    There have been countless sightings of the fabled beast around the world, with more than 10,000 people laying claim to have seen Sasquatch in over 50 years.

    A federal task force working in remote areas of northern California set up cameras to catch drugs gangs growing marijuana in 2016, capturing the fabled creature rummaging in front of the lens.

    One of the first discoveries of Bigfoot was back in 1811 when British explorer David Thompson found large footprints that have been attributed to the creature.

    It is thought to stand seven to 10 ft tall and weigh more than 35 stone, with footprints 17 inches long.

    Some think Bigfoot is a descendant of an extinct giant ape, but some claim it could even be an extra-terrestrial being.

    Over the years there have been numerous sightings of beasts people claim to be Bigfoot.

    There is scant physical proof that that monster exists, but Bigfoot believers are convinced that they do, and that science will soon prove it.

    While most sightings of Bigfoot occur in the north west, the creatures have been reported all over the United States and Canada.

    And one of those spots is Redwood National and State Parks in Sacramento.


    The Cecil Hotel in LA has become synonymous with the disappearance and subsequent death of 21-year-old Elisa Lam in January 2013.

    Elisa disappeared while staying at the hotel, which is situated in downtown LA in an area rife with drugs, crime, poverty and homelessness.

    Two weeks later, her body was found in a water tank on the top of the hotel and the docuseries looks at whether it was murder, suicide, an accident or even something supernatural.

    Richard Ramirez, aka The Night Stalker, also stayed here and the hotel has seen a “disproportionately high number of suicides, deaths and murders”, according to


    In 2021 it was reported Sedona has had 1,608 UFO sightings per 100,000 residents making it the city with most UFO sightings in the US.

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that there have been about 90,000 UFO sightings in total since 1974.

    The number of UFO sightings has increased in recent years, according to MSN.

    In 2020 alone there were 7,267 sightings. That’s up from the 6,281 sightings in 2019.

    UFO sightings tend to happen at night, most of them happening somewhere between 4 p.m. and midnight.

    Though, nearly 95% of those sightings have said to be “easily explained” as weather balloons, military tests, or other terrestrial activity.


    The Georgia guidestones were put up more than 40 years ago.

    They feature controversial inscriptions of 10 guidelines in multiple modern languages, as well as four ancient ones.

    Anonymous authors “seem to advocate eugenics and population control amongst other controversial beliefs”, myluggae reports.

    The site adds: “The debate of who wrote these guidelines and why is still popularly discussed today.

    “With astronomical features and alignments, the Georgia Guidestones is a must-visit for any conspiracy lover as the secrets they hold are still yet to be uncovered.”


    The iconic structure dedicated to America’s presidents features Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington.

    It is a federally protected monument and is located in Keystone, South Dakota.

    But behind the popular tourist site is a small, concealed chamber behind the head of Lincoln.

    “Left unfinished, this chamber hosts a no-entry room that has become the source of a number of conspiracy theories,” mybaggage writes.


    Denver Airport has been at the center of wild conspiracy theories for more than 20 years, The Denver Post reports.

    Speculation focuses on the existence of secret tunnels and secret societies.

    There are even rumors it is the Illuminati headquarters with artwork @that depicts the end of the world”, myluggae adds.

    Some believe the underground tunnels which exist underneath the airport were built as bunkers for the world’s elite in preparation for an apocalypse.

    Others have reportedly linked them to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)”


    The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was commissioned by the US Air Force and Navy in 1990.

    It is used to study “the properties and behavior of the ionosphere”, according to its makers.

    Nasa says he ionosphere “stretches roughly 50 to 400 miles above Earth’s surface, right at the edge of space.”

    But its high powered technology has led to some questioning whether it can be used to change the weather.

    Venezuelan leader Huge Chavez wrongly suggested in 2010 it had caused the Haiti earthquake.

    NBC noted in 2014 that it had also been incorrectly blamed for “global warming to natural disasters to mysterious humming noises in the sky.”


    Area 51 might be the United States’ most famous military base.

    The covert Air Force base, located in Lincoln County, Nevada, was opened during the Cold War in 1955 but its existence was only officially acknowledged by the CIA in August 2013.

    Despite this, Area 51 has long been notorious, largely on account of its frequent association with alien mythology and UFO conspiracy theories.

    What precisely goes on inside the base is kept extremely secret, but it’s thought the US military uses the site to develop cutting-edge aircraft.

    Members of the public are kept away from the compound by warning signs, electronic surveillance, and patrols of armed guards.

    It is also illegal to fly over Area 51, although the site is now visible on satellite images.

    The secrecy surrounding the base has fanned the flames of the aforementioned conspiracies about aliens and UFOs.

    One of the most famous is the claim that the site hosts an alien spacecraft and the bodies of its pilots after they crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

    Others claim to have seen UFOs above or near the site, while some say they have been abducted by aliens, and even experimented on, before being returned to Earth.


    Skinwalker Ranch is home to some of America’s most spine-chilling mysteries including horrific cases of cattle mutilation, sightings of shape-shifting creatures and talk of a Native American curse.

    Real estate entrepreneur Brandon Fugal purchased the isolated spread from aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow in 2016, who had spent decades investigating mysteries there alongside the US government.

    He has since set up his own full-scale scientific probe into the 500-acre property in Northern Utah – which has been dubbed the “eeriest place on Earth.”

    Dr Travis Taylor – who has worked for the US Dept. of Defense and NASA – has launched a full scale investigation into the mystery.

    Previously the Sun Online was given access to clips of the show which reveals the probe into the ranch – which has attracted interest from top stars fascinated with the paranormal including Robbie Williams and rapper Post Malone

    Mr Fugal said: “I bought the ranch as a sceptic. I had never seen a UFO, a ghost, an orb, or anything of the sort in my life.

    “Those first six months of owning it I really saw nothing myself that would lead me to believe that there was anything unusual.”

    That all changed when he and others witnessed what he believes was a flying saucer hovering above the hills surrounding the ranch.

    “We saw what can only be described as an unidentified flying object, a craft a forty, fifty-foot-long silver disc hovering right above the mesa,” he said.

    “This wasn’t just a blinking light in the sky or something that was a little bit ambiguous.

    “This was a solid object that appeared out of nowhere could move in the blink of an eye and over a twenty second period perform manoeuvres that I believe defy any propulsion physics we’re acquainted with.”

    For centuries the “cursed” region surrounding the area has been awash with stories of supernatural and unexplained goings on.

    The ranch – which is guarded 24/7 by an armed security team – itself takes its name from shape-shifting demons which the Navajo tribes believed once prowled the plains.


    The first reported sighting of the Flathead Lake Monster came more than a century ago.

    Nicknamed “Flessie” it as has been described as a large eel-shaped creature.

    Believed to be 20 to 40 feet long, those who claim to have seen it say it has dark blue-black skin and black eyes.

    But it is not all bad.

    In fact, one youngster who fell into the lake claimed it had saved him.

    He told his mom: “The Flathead monster lifted me up.”


    The Winchester mystery house is name after the family who occupied it in the 19th century.

    They were direct descendants of those who created the Winchester rifle and the home is said to be haunted by those killed by the gun.

    Original owner Sarah L. Winchester was told by a medium that spirits had cursed her after the death of baby and husband.

    A medium told her that the victims killed by the Winchester rifles “were seeking revenge by taking the lives of her family”, according to the national park service.


    The Sixth Floor Musuem in Texas is located at the spot President John F Kennedy was assassinated.

    Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was fatally shot during a presidential motorcade in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

    The alleged lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the crime but killed by Jack Ruby two days later.

    Kennedy’s murder has sparked a number of conspiracy theories, with many believing more than one person fired at the president and there was a cover up.

    Tourists can attempt to uncover the truth here.


    The Safeguard Complex was built to launch missiles.

    It is a military facility in North Dakota that was only operational for a day despite costing billions.

    That came as a a result of a “fears of a nuclear arms race”, according to myluggae.

    They add: “The huge pyramid structure that still stands is believed by many to be an indication that the structure is for the Illuminati, and is either still used by them today or serves as a Doomsday bunker.”


    New Mexico is home to the infamous Roswell Incident, which involved the crash of a large weather balloon near a ranch that some claim was actually a flying saucer.

    The conspiracy was born out of a press release sent out by the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) on July 8, 1947, which stated they had recovered a “flying disk” from the crash site.

    The army quickly retracted the statement and instead said the crashed object was in fact a weather balloon.

    The incident didn’t make headlines again until the late 1970s, when a retired lieutenant colonel claimed the balloon account was part of a government cover-up.

    Legions of conspiracy theories have followed in the decades since. \ The sinkhole appeared in 2012 as a result of a collapsed salt dome cavern.

    It now stretches more than 35 acres and is still growing to this day, baffling geologists and becoming the focus of a number conspiracy theories.

    Witnesses are said to have claimed to have seen ‘hell’ in the hole.

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