The US Govt INVADED Ukraine & Changed Regimes In Kiev In 2014, NOT Russia

The US GOVERNMENT (NOT Russia) INVADED Ukraine & Changed Regimes In Kiev In 2014:

 The EU/US led Ukrainian Coup D’etat in 2014 was ALWAYS about energy.

  • In December 2013, John McCain, who was supposed to represent the state of Arizona in Washington DC was in Kiev, Ukraine fomenting a soon coming ‘revolution’ which would eventually remove (by force) an elected President, namely Viktor Yanukovych:

  • The removal of the elected President Yanukovych was a violent, bloody, forceful regime change. Orthodox Priests faced the bitter cold in an attempt to stop it:

In Kiev, Protests Bring Orthodox Priests To Pray On The Frontline Despite Government Warnings | A Russian Orthodox Church Website

The Priests stood in FRONT of the military to protect the military from the “Maidan” protesters (who were paid for by George Soros)

Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images
The Church in the Bloodlands | Principium
  • Unfortunately, nothing could stop the US led regime change and eventually, Nazi’s and fascists would soon be in power. Here is Mccain with Oleh Tyanybok of the Svoboda party which claimed 30 seats in the Kiev parliament during the spring of 2014.
  • Here is Victoria Nuland (who was involved with the regime change in Kiev) with Rep. Dana Rohrbacher as he questions her about supporting Nazis in Ukraine:
  • We covered the US GOVT led Ukraine regime change at length: CLICK to see

It is the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WHO “INVADED” Ukraine and overthrew the parliament in Kiev. Anything else you hear from the lame stream media news and our Pentagon about Russia “invading Ukraine” is a LIE.


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  1. I believe John McCain was executed for treason by the U.S. Military in 2018.

    OPUS 72 Sociopath – Steve Pieczenik

    When John McCain was put to death

  2. Eastern ukraine is majority russian because it was russia until kruschev gave it to ukraine as a soviet oblast or state. Its very industrial as why ukraine doesnt want to lose it.
    Im not happy with all the dozens of nations russia still sits upon that the czar conquered but if russia has to give that up then americans must also leave and return the land to the indians.
    History is wave after wave of conquest. Another reason israel is hated is the jews are like indians actually getting their land back. Americans are the palestinians pushing on the natives.
    East ukraine should go back to russia. Had america not toppled ukraine govt all might have worked out well. Ukraine borders russian civilizatiom like canada and mexico border america. Easy to understand russias concern. America should be more concerned about justin castro in ottawa or biden in d.c.

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  4. Paulette: Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re joking, right? And if you are not joking, my apologies. I thought it was well-known that McCain was executed for treason just like George H.W. Bush.

  5. Saintsnotaints: I would have to disagree with you about the Jews and American Indians. The land of Israel was given to the Jews by the Lord. The American Indians were devil worshippers and were removed from the land because they defiled the land with devil worship, witchcraft and blood sacrifice. After so many years of devil worship, the land is defiled and then the land vomits (Leviticus Chapter 18). Some Indians got saved, but being saved does not break the curses off the land. Someone has to fast and pray to break the curses off the land.

    Because of the sin of abortion (legal in the United States since 1973) and other sins, many areas of the United States are defiled. If you look at all of the leftist cities in the United States where property was destroyed in 2020, these cities are defiled by sin. These leftist cities will continue to be destroyed or else the Hand of God will remove the wicked from power and hopefully people will repent of their sin.

  6. Im not joking!
    I do not think they were executed for treason at all.
    GHWB was a very old man. His wife died shortly after.
    I live in Ariz. They had a HUGE bunch of rigamarrow for Mccain’s death.

    I do not believe that America holds ANYONE responsible for their crimes.
    God will have to do it

  7. Did you see the video above where John Kasich said that John McCain was put to death? That is a good clue.

    The thing about military tribunals is that they don’t have to be public and the press does not have to be allowed in the proceedings. Military law is different from civilian law. Remember at George H.W. Bush’s funeral where some of the people received envelopes? I believe it was a photo of George H.W. Bush being executed by lethal injection.

    I do agree that there is not a whole lot of justice done by our justice system. The three branches of our federal government are corrupt and maybe the only way to straighten this nation out is through the state and local governments and the military and, of course, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I really believe that Washington, DC is a cursed city.

  8. I am so glad that I didn’t vote for John McCain in 2008. I was planning on voting for McCain, but the Lord told me not to vote for him. So I didn’t vote for anyone in 2008.

    Several years later I found out that McCain was probably just as bad as Obama.

  9. I have been told in the last 24 hours that one major area of spend the HBP’s sponsors are less willing to talk about is advanced robotics. What are being increasingly referred to in such circles as soft body robots. Or put another way, alternative humans.

    The BHP is, I’m told, going to build on initial research into graphene gel done by UC Berkeley in the States. The gel can be moulded, and then respond to light – just like a real life-form. In doing so, the gel can be made to flex and move almost instantaneously. Part of the gel is made from synthetic elastin – one of the important building blocks for human blood vessels and skin.

    Add that to a robot using graphene to make brain function a hundred times faster, and graphene skin a hundred times stronger than steel, and you have something very special indeed. Or truly horrifying: a weapon. A weapon, what’s more, that could be rendered invisible: because graphene gel is light sensitive…’

    AGIN recently announced (May 2013) its intention to partner with three Ukrainian research institutions — National Academy of Science of Ukraine, National Science Centre, and Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (KIP)….to explore the potential of 3D printing with graphene. Later in the summer, the company announced it had “reached an agreement in principle with its collaboration partner, Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology in Ukraine on its project named “P600″ which will be to research the properties of graphene contained matter as working material for 3D printing.”

    All of the above is from a wonderful mind ehose blog is called therealslog. The timeline fits with McCains involvement. Combined with CIA Directors recent flight to Moscow I’m thinking both sides are planning a test run on their new weaponry.

    Will a better mind please come along and tell me I’m wrong?

  10. I do not believe he was ‘put to death’.
    Our government is not known at all for punishing the evil people.
    Im sorry, I cannot believe that.
    WHO put them to death?
    NOT our govt.

  11. I didnt either.
    People told me to ‘vote Palin’.
    Nope to her too.
    Presidency is a MAN’s job

  12. I know a lot of Christians liked Sarah Palin. I had a dream from the Lord warning me about Sarah Palin and, within a few months, she resigned as Governor of Alaska. To me, Sarah Palin was out there doing her own thing while her kids had to raise themselves. Two or three of her children are now married and divorced and now she is divorced. I am not impressed by worldly, selfish Christians.

  13. I dont believe it.
    Kasich said that but was it a blooper?
    The military gets its orders from the President.
    Trump put McCain to death?
    I dont believe it.

  14. One of her kids was preggy at 16 years old?
    She is supposed to be a MOTHER.
    A Mother is supposed to raise children (IF) she has them.
    Not out running a state.
    I agree with you on that, 1000%

  15. Anyhow, I dont want to debate it. I hope he was executed. He’s dead and thats a good thing for the WHOLE WORLD.

    Now, on to better things…. I just ate about 6 Cashew Nougat cookies, Lol

  16. It’s good to stay positive. John McCain is dead. Jesus Christ is Lord. I just had a nice chat with a young lady; we are going for a walk tomorrow. I gave her a copy of my second book (The First Time I Rode a Freight Train & other hitchhiking stories); she is looking forward to reading it. See you later.

  17. Sarah Palin was the best part of McCains campaign. SHE should have been on PRES ticked and not VP

  18. Tim shey there is part truth to what you say on indians but remember there were many tribes and you describe some accurately but others not. And there was even people in america that the indians migrations from asia conquered. And latin american indians have a different origin than north american indians.
    There is growing evidence that the demon rule upon the earth before flood of noah was centered in the western hemisphere. Latin american indians some how had vestiges of satans kingdom left. America and canada had asian indians even still related to nagaland in north burma that are christian even before england was.
    A whole other story. The iriquois confederation was some indian tribes trying to have peace and civilization. The cherokee are mixed with jews that fled rome after 72 ad on ships together with phonecians. There was a jewish kingdom in arkansas for 1000 years. Sam houston wrote about this. The kwakiutal indians of b.c and washington spoke biblical hebrew but had no other customs in common. No, i do not agree with the mormon garbage that indians are jews. They are wrong but a small ammount are. Just saying not to lump all of them into one basket. I do think indian culture was leftovers from a huge civilization that was steadily in decline year after year. Kind of like were now heading if Jesus would tarry, but he wont !

  19. And am totally unfond of sara palin. Her voice is worse than hillary. That she ran with devil mccain shows character flaw. That as first woman gov of akaska elected to serve alaska and quit after 2 years betrays her peoples vote. That in her 2 yr gov stint she created freemason week for alaska speaks volumes. Think she is a shill with skull and bones rand paul that ruined their own tea party by design.

  20. Im forever stuck on kerensky russian constutional republic that was toppled by the democrat financed commies after only 9 months in power. The soviet gulags due to american interference. Even churchill said wwii only happened cause america entered wwi and upset how europe wars fuzzle out from tiredness but america tipped the balance making wwii happen. George washingtion said america should stay out of wars. Good for america and the world if america would just tend to itelf. Well its too late now.

  21. Sarah Palin would made a MUCH better pres than JM. And Obumma! As for her voice? Is that how we judge people now? What do you think of Karmela H? HER CACKLE LAUGH? And she does SHIT for the country! Saints??????

  22. How many remember Hitlary clintons voice? LOL, Sounded like a pissed off ROOSTER! SO were into judging now by sounds of their voice?

  23. I didnt care for Palin either. (for president)
    She quit her position in Alaska.
    She is good as a speaker but I wont ever vote for a female. EVER.

  24. you know none of us here like hillary.
    No comparison to the whore of babylon (hillary) and palin

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