I LOVE Christmas Carols! Here Are Some For Your Listening Pleasure

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In the past few years, all I hear is how “Christmas is pagan” from some folk. Leftists crying and ranting about how we shouldn’t say “Merry Christmas”. I am really tired of hearing this junk! I grew up in a SANE America and Christmas was a time to celebrate. It was such a happy time. I never noticed anyone being ‘pagan’. In fact, it seemed to be that Christmastime yielded so many nice things…people giving to others, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, beautiful choruses singing about Christ.. NOPE! Im not into the “Christmas is pagan’ garbage.

You can’t listen to these songs and think Christmas is evil. Nope. Not buying it.

For those who love this time of the year…Let’s celebrate it!

This is a really Vintage (like 1800’s) video:

This is traditional 20th Century Christmas:

All the movie stars and old time singers:

My all-time favorite Christmas song:

Beautiful Christmas Scene 🎄 - Christmas Fan Art (41617609) - Fanpop

25 thoughts on “I LOVE Christmas Carols! Here Are Some For Your Listening Pleasure

  1. Tank you tank you says the wabbit. Yeh, Jesus was born on tabernacles and dec 25 is pagan.:but the carols are real and beautiful of intent and words and melody. The good ones so hard to find so great joy has come here.

  2. People celebrate Jesus on Dec 25th. Why? I donno, dont care.
    I think God is happy that we even take a day to celebrate him at all!!! Especially in the west!

  3. I love the carols too. I could listen off and on all year long not just in December. And I also know that JESUS wasnt born in DEC. And theres NO SANTA CLAUSE! LOL

  4. they play christmas songs in store now where I work . I love it. Seems so do the shoppers

  5. TMJ, you have any close disciples? i’d like to talk to them. About the Messiah. We’ve already got the Antichrist with Obama so that’s half the job already achieved and the goal attained.

  6. We just gotta “KEE ALIVE” long enough to reveal the Apocalypse and be CHOSEN for doing the job HEAVEN GAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Obama gotta go. He can’t hold on. It’s too hard for him to deal with his sin now (he’s gotten 4 billion jabbed for Christ’s sake already on top of him being SATAN-IN-PERSON!). Too hard to handle, Barry…. call it a day huh!

  8. “TMJ on December 2, 2021 at 10:35 AM said:
    Nope. Most people dont like me”

    That’s good TMJ, for “In the Apocalypse, many will be called and few will be chosen” (Bible)

    You just want/need those who say Obama’s the Antichrist because they have the karma to be saved in Nirvana. Leave the rest behind says the Bible. “Don’t look back” says the Bible. “Drop what’s in your hand” (“and run out to spread the good news”) when you hear the news of the Second Coming (Bible.)

  9. You’re the best TMJ, you’re alone on this board saying Obama’s the Antichrist. Kudos. We all owe you. Bowing to The Chosen One: Pauli, who’s got the wisdom to know the Devil on sight.

  10. We’re overwhelming the Devil.
    Let’s reveal him.
    This is good.
    This is as good as it gets i.e. the Apocalypse.

  11. The bell has tolled for fake Doc Fauci/i.e. “Josef” the Auschwitz Death Angel.

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