JOBAMA Backed Kiev Regime Has MORE Troops @ Ukrainian-Russian Border Than Russia Does. There Are NO Troops On Our OWN Southern Borders.

US-backed Kiev Regime Has MORE Troops @ Ukrainian-Russian Border Than Russia does. There Are NO Troops On Our OWN Southern Borders.

This is the type of government in charge of the USSA: Protect Nazi friendly Ukrainians in Donbass and screw American citizens here at home by allowing hundreds of thousands of Covid infested illegals into America.

Just 3 days ago:

* Texas Governor insists illegal SA immigrants ‘ARE crossing the US border

Hat tip Tweets: Mr. Michael Averko

Dear Lord, God…creator of Heaven and earth:

PLEASE DESTROY the war-mongering US government and ALL of their allies.

5 thoughts on “JOBAMA Backed Kiev Regime Has MORE Troops @ Ukrainian-Russian Border Than Russia Does. There Are NO Troops On Our OWN Southern Borders.

  1. Like a cat that turns its head upside down to see another perspective i see the jab and its controllers as greatest threat. Thus i prefer an iran nuke on israel if it would stop the jab. I prefer russia knock out nato if it stops the jab. Of course if a nato russia war happens then china takes all afterwards. We know from a prophesy that repeats, about the war of greece & persia, the he goat comes from the west. Nato is an evil beast from the west. The west is now nazi. Vestiges of freedom not fully crushed yet but in process of being fully stomped out. I have many complaints about russia but russia is not the bad guy here. Russia dont want enemy forces near their heartland. History proves their concerns.
    The czar was not overthrown by the bolshevik commies. Kerensky overthrew the czar and put them in prison and set up the constutional republic of russia. Nine months later the american financed bolsheviks overthrew kerensky and then killed the czar and set up the soviet union, a democrat party program. The soviet union was made in the usa. America controlled the soviet union all thru the cold war, a huge psyop loke the present covid psyop. Putin is no saint but he is not controlled by america and thus russia is independent first time since kerensky. Putin is a patriot to his country like ghadaffi was patriot to his counyry. I respect patriots even if im on the other side. That is, patriots with a valid case.
    The world is nuts. Scotland wants to leave the u.k and then join E.U. are they stupid?
    And who persecutes jews? In france the french govt. In germany the german govt. In spain the spanish govt. So in israel the israeli govt persecutes the jews. Govt is an animal in itself and nothing new under the sun.
    Now govts persecute all peoples.
    My mouth off is done. Ukranians need a new free untampered election or russian majority east goes back to russia and rest of ukraine does its thing. Or do a war to stop jab resistors. Let er rip God how you choose.

  2. The bell tolls for nazi doc Anthony Fauscy

    Fauci on Lara Logan’s “absolutely preposterous and disgusting comparison” of him to Nazi doctor:

    “What I find striking is how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the Fox network. How they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action. I’m astounded by that.”

    Countdown to jail for the Dr /Five/ Four /Three /Two /One /Zero!!!!!!!

  3. So-called “Dr” Fauxi and Biden, the Antichrist Obama’s two sidekicks are falling to pieces.

    Biden clearly not well: Hannity

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