This Is The “ART” That This “Art” Website Thinks You Should Know (VOMIT!)

This Is The “ART That” This “Art” Website Thinks You Should Know (VOMIT!)

These are the 10 “Artists” ‘you should know about‘ and with the exception of Norman Rockwelll and Ed Hopper, the rest are pure CRAP! This is precisely what I am ranting about when it comes to Leftists choosing talent for YOU. Its garbage. Nothing to it. Any Kindergartener could do it.

This is not so ‘brilliant’ Keith Harring’s piece entitled “American flag”. Its hideous. It should be called “Prophecy of the looters” because it looks like a bunch of piss colored Leftists getting ready to riot.

Keith Haring, American Flag, 1988

Here is Jackson Pollock’s piece of chaotic puke:

Jackson Pollock, Painting (Silver on black, white, yellow and red), 1948

This is a stupid sculpture of a dog by Jeff Koons. Koons was probably just a circus balloon dogger that got the attention of the Left by sobbing endlessly about patriarchy…

Quote: ‘Koons is against the idea that art has a critical goal, therefore he seeks to abolish judgement in order to be able to look at the world as it is and accept it as a whole  Jeff Koons aims to erase all form of segregation and abolish hierarchy. 



What a load of crap!

This dog is vomit-worthy at best!

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog, 1994-2000

You can go read this idiot rag, written by an ally of the spirit of mediocre: 10 American Artists You Should Know – Artsper Magazine

5 thoughts on “This Is The “ART” That This “Art” Website Thinks You Should Know (VOMIT!)

  1. Art & music is varied as people are varied. But if there is no rhythm that is pleasant then it is noise and not music. Art likewise can be varied to tastes but there is still a line betweem art and dog doo.

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    Many articles like this now. Thinking about it hurts. If you are going to store your money in art you definitely need a guide who can tell you who the chosen are. If you are trying for prestige with your collection yes, a guide is necessary. I have noticed who of the well connected young women have all studied art history as preparation for their elite wife life. If you are able to just buy what speaks to you that’s great. I think the art world is disgusting and probably always has been. People who have dedicated entire lifetimes to honing their skills get less for magnificent and lasting works than differently abled or monkeys and elephants.

  4. It’s pretty exaggerated to say we need someone to tell us who the Chosen Ones are.
    I want everybody to get along here.
    Don’t want none trouble.
    There’s TWO CHOSEN Witnesses here, why would anyone else be chosen seeing they’re not even going the extra mile to call out the Antichrist and he’s just laughing in their faces:
    and you can take that to the bank now, I’m not changing my tune under pressure from the Obama ops putting my freedom of speech into question here.

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