Yahoo News: “Leaders Not Following #COVID19 “Rules”. Yahoo Helped Build This Monster, Now They Want The Monster To OBEY.

Yahoo Laments: “Leaders Not Following #COVID19 “Rules”. Yahoo Helped Build This Monster, Now They Want The Monster To OBEY.

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I learned as a young girl that if you feed a monster, the monster gets bigger. Evidently, the Leftists do not learn this and it is quite obvious as they lament in this below article. We’ve been telling the stupid Liberal Democrats for decades that they are only being used by something bigger than they are….But, they are egotists and narcissists and think they are right about everything. So, suck it up you dumbbells. Now you know what it’s like to be a fake “Nazi”. Dorks.

There’s often outcry when a public figure eschews covid rules – but even more so when those breaking the rules are the same ones who set them.

How can the government expect the public to follow its restrictions when its top officials fail to do so, is the often-repeated question. In 2020, guideline-flouting officials faced backlash across the world – from New Zealand to Ireland to Canada to the United States.

This monster aint going away, stupid Libs–not until the return of Jesus Christ – who you don’t even believe in. Must SUCK to be you. These ‘leaders’ (beasts) do not obey their own rules because THEY know all of this is 100% BS propaganda to murder off the world.

Deal with it.

We’ve been dealing with you idiots for DECADES.

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  1. Covid-19 vaccine: Health Ministry investigates claims man got 10 doses in one day
    11:15 am today

    The Ministry of Health is investigating claims a man received 10 Covid-19 vaccine doses in one day.

    Stuff has reported that the man was getting vaccinated on behalf of other people and is understood to have visited several vaccination centres and was paid for the jabs.

    Covid-19 vaccine and immunisation programme group manager operations Astrid Koornneef said the ministry is taking this matter very seriously, and is working with the appropriate agencies.

    She said people who have had more doses than recommended should seek clinical advice as soon as practicable.

    “Having an inaccurate vaccination status not only puts you at risk, it puts your friends, whānau and community at risk, and the healthcare teams that treat you now in the future.

    “Medical practitioners operate in a high-trust environment and rely on people to act in good faith to share information accurately to assist with their treatment.”

    She said assuming another person’s identity and receiving medical treatment was dangerous.

    “This puts at risk the person who receives a vaccination under an assumed identify and the person whose health record will show they have been vaccinated when they have not.

    “If a person was to receive a vaccination under an assumed identify their own personal health record would not reflect that they were vaccinated. This could affect how their health is managed in the future.”

    The ministry did not respond to RNZ’s query about when and where this happened.

  2. Chris Cuomo allegedly blasted Janice Dean as ‘that Fox weather bitch’ in smear plot

    Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo allegedly called Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean “that Fox weather bitch.”

    Chris Cuomo schemed to discredit Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, allegedly calling her “that Fox weather bitch” in texts after she criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo for transferring COVID-19 patients to nursing homes.

  3. The truth is getting out. Pauli, the Dems are crumbling. Adam Schiff’s in the searchlights. The KKK was created by the Democrats says Wikipedia.
    The Mafia Mobsters got Kennedy elected (prolly assassinated too…).
    The Devil always self-destructs (malignant narcissists like Barry ALWAYS self-destruct say psychiatrists.).
    Obama the Antichrist’ll self-destruct – (says the Bible. Bump!)

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