VAX THE JEWS! Israeli Commie Govt Shoving 4th Booster On Jews. How Is This NOT Anti-Semitic?!

VAX THE JEWS! Israeli Commie Govt Shoving 4th Booster On Jews. How Is This NOT Anti-Semitic?!

Prof. Arnon Afek – MEDinISRAEL 2019

I’m linking up this Jew-hating website below. Why not? Us Jewish people don’t seem to mind being experimented on with these vaccines – which can and does lead to illness and death. Seems that we Jews just have NOT learned: ISRAELI HEALTH OFFICIAL TELLS PUBLIC TO PREPARE FOR ENDLESS BOOSTERS: ‘WE WILL NEED TO TAKE THE 4TH SHOT, THE 5TH SHOT, THE 6TH SHOT AND THE 7TH’

“Those who think we won’t need to take more boosters are wrong. We will need to take the 4th shot, the 5th shot, the 6th shot, and the 7th shot.”


How is this not anti-semitic? Ya know… I’ve seen just as much Jew-hatred in the Jewish people as I have in the 1488’ers. The anti-Israel, BDS/Anti-Zionist crowd HATES Jews & wants them dead so the palestinians can be happy–which they NEVER will be.

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  1. A very sane thought; (a thought crime to elites maybe), the scriptures warn to beware of WOLVES in SHEEP CLOTHES. No we dont see wild dogs with wool on them. Its an idiom but not for idiots. Can mean a plumber in mailman clothes. Can be a man in womans clothes. Can be a satanist in preacher clothes. Can be a killer in doctor clothes. It means evil hidden as good. Thus israel is ruled by not sees in jewish clothes. Sharp but its reality. No different than a jesuit priest in clothes of a protestant preacher, jewish rabbi or moslem mullah. The wolves are ruling pretending to be what they arent. We in deep deep doo doo as long as sheep are sleeping.

  2. Saintsnotaints: You always have some really good insights. You are describing Spiritual Babylon.

    “BABYLON is the spiritual fabric of iniquity; the mystical great city of the great king of darkness; built in imitation of Zion, painted just like Zion, that it might be taken for Zion, and be worshipped there, instead of the true, eternal, ever living God, and King of Zion.”

    “And here, in this there is a great difference between the vessels of Zion, and the vessels of Babylon. The vessels of Zion, they are weak, earthen, foolish, contemptible to the eye of man’s wisdom, (which cannot look for any great matter of excellency there); but the treasure, the liquor of life in them, is precious. The vessels of Babylon make a great show, appear very holy, very heavenly, very zealous for God and Christ, and for the setting up of his church and ordinances all over the world. Thus they appear outside; but they are sepulchers; there is rottenness within. Under all this there lodges an unclean, an unsanctified heart; a heart unsubdued to the spirit and power of the gospel, while it makes such a great show of subjection and obedience to the letter.”

    “But their souls never knew the fire in Zion, and the furnace in Jerusalem; by which the very inwards of their spirits must be cleansed, before the pure eye of life is opened which can see Zion.”

    “And it is a spiritual city, a mystical city, a city built by the working of the mystery of iniquity, 2 Thes 2:7. whereupon she is called mystery. Rev 17:5. It is not a city of plain wickedness, but a city of sin that is hidden; of sin keeping its life under a covering, under a form of godliness; of sin reigning in the heart under zeal, under devotion, under praying, believing, worshipping, hoping, waiting, etc. Where sin lies hidden within under these, there is Babylon; there is the mystery of witchcraft; there is the painted throne of Satan; there is spiritual Egypt and Sodom, where the Lord of life is daily crucified. This is the city, the mystical city, the spiritual city. Rev. 11:8.”

    –Isaac Penington

    The Babylonish Church

  3. They’re really after the Jews in Israel—bigtime.
    What is the PM and the rest of the schmucks going to do when a million of them just disappear?

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