Psalm PRAYERS Against HaShem God’s Enemies. David’s Prayers Against the Wicked (Imprecatory Psalms)

Psalm PRAYERS Against HaShem God’s Enemies. David’s Prayers Against the Wicked (Imprecatory Psalms)

It is past-time for the Lord to destroy HIS enemies. While we are called to bless, pray and forgive OUR enemies, we are NOT called to do the same for the enemies of a righteous God:

About half of the Book of Psalms involve prayers of faith in times of adversity. These “imprecatory” psalms invoke God’s curse or judgement on the wicked. These were not written out of a petty vindictiveness, but out of zeal for God’s name, His justice and His righteousness.

They call on God to lift up the righteous and bring down the wicked. Although believers are instructed to forgive their enemies and to pray for their salvation, a time comes when we must pray for evil to cease and for justice to be done for the innocent. Believers have a right to pray for God’s protection from evil people.

As you read & listen to these prayers, note that the psalmist does not take vengeance into his own hands but commits it to God. These prayers are inspired words of the Holy Spirit, and not just as the expression of the human desire of the psalmist.

The imprecatory psalms point to the truth that when the iniquity of the wicked reaches its full measure, the Lord in His righteousness does judge and destroy. The ultimate goal of an imprecatory prayer is to see injustice and cruelty come to an end, evil destroyed, Satan defeated, godliness exalted and the kingdom of God realized.

Bless the Lord oh my soul – Psalm 103:1 – Seeds of Faith

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  1. Timely reminder of what the Lord has given us in word and answerrd prayers. These are like tools given us. When the Lord gives tools, use them. All prayer has 3 answers,yes, no or yes but at his timing. Yeh, gonna dig into the psalms more.l

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    Austria to send unvaxxed to prison for one year

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    A British boy aged four developed hypothermia following the events that led up to his school isolating him outside in a “shed” because of a mild fever which was suspected to be COVID.

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    Nearly two years into a pandemic that has already killed more than 5 million people, only about 7% of people in low-income countries have received a dose. Vaccine deliveries worldwide have been delayed by production problems, hoarding by rich countries, export restrictions and red tape. Many programmes have also been hampered by hesitancy among the public read more .

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    Israel National News/Arutz Sheva ^ | 12/18/2021 |
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  13. Pauli: It looks like the video above is not able to play. If you go to the YouTube channel “Buddy Fisher” and look for the video “Better to Obey God than Man”, you will find it. The video is under ten minutes in length.

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