Saturday Night Live Promoted JEW HATRED Last Night

Saturday Night Live Promoted JEW HATRED Last Night

SNL this weekend ran a “hip-hop nativity” skit with a twerking “baby Jesus” – Mary as a stripper – and “baby daddy” Joseph learning how to “pimp walk.”

This is straight up Jew-hatred. Mary was a Jewish woman. Joseph was a descendant of King David. Jesus, a future Rabbi.

People everywhere are saying this is “Christian hatred”. Of course it is. But, all of the people that SNL was mocking last night on SNL were JEWS. FACT.

Bunch of Jew haters.

Mary: JEW.

Joseph: JEW.

Jesus: JEW.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live Promoted JEW HATRED Last Night

  1. You bet. Anti semitism against best jews in history.
    And hot off the press-cmdr of us warship the winston churchill fired for disobey a ‘lawful’ order- he refused jabs & tests. -a son of perdition bennett wants to lock unjabbed in their homes soon-and jab #4 starts in jan-feb.

  2. This could be the death knell for SNL and/or New York City. Really bad idea to mock Jesus, Mary and Joseph. REALLY BAD IDEA.

    Back in 1902, the city of St. Pierre, Martinique was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. On Easter Sunday preceding the volcanic eruption, the heathen of St. Pierre paraded a pig through the city and then crucified it and named it King of the Christians. Only two people survived the wrath of God out of roughly thirty thousand people killed.

    It’s Time for Justice

  3. Theyre repulsive pigs. At this point, NYC can drop into the sea.
    I am a native NYer but Im so repulsed by how NYC is. Its GROSS

  4. Speaking of Jew haters, I saw a very good film a couple of days ago. The title is THE MAN WITH THE IRON HEART (2017). The film is about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague back in 1942. Heydrich was killed by Czech resistance fighters during World War II. Warning: there are some really bad anti-Semitic remarks in the comment section.

    The Man with the Iron Heart

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