5 Black Male Youth Beat One 67 Yr Old White Man

5 Black Male Youth Beat One 67 Yr Old White Man

By David Ben Moshe:

Here we have America’s best beating on an old white man who is 67 yrs old:

A group of (edit; BLACK) teens, including one wielding a hammer, beat up a 67-year-old man after a confrontation that started on a Brooklyn bus, according to video and the NYPD.

Don’t say the N word… It’s ok to beat an old white man up—just don’t say the “N” word.

8 thoughts on “5 Black Male Youth Beat One 67 Yr Old White Man

  1. If the wider black community cared about the rest of us viewing them as savages, they’d be up in arms about this sort of thing. For the most part, all we get is silence.

  2. Exactly. All it takes is a mass of decent black people to speak out and this could eventually end. To think if one said they visited montenegro they would be attacked. Were divided and conquered when good folk are silent.

  3. The problem with the two comments I just read above is that once again us white people keep expecting the so-called descent law abiding members of the black community to speak out for us against black on white violence, but they don’t and they never will. Even at the risk of being called names us white Americans need to unite do something to end it ourselves!

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