Gay-USA Wants To Put Non-Aggressive, Orthodox, CHRISTIAN Russia On A “Terrorist” List.

Gay-USA Wants To Put Non-Aggressive, Orthodox, CHRISTIAN Russia On A “Terrorist” List.

I don’t know how many damned times I have to tell people this and I am fed up with it:



Americans can’t get out of the cold war mentality. They just cannot seem to let their PRIDE go. And, just WTH do you have to be proud of, America? Our fag military? Our feminists who smash men to the ground? Our 70 million dead babies by abortion? Our homo-sexual, militant sodomite marriages? Our Social justice warriors? Our C.R.T.? WAKE THE FRICK UP!


The fact that we have trampled all over the whole earth under the military, industrial complex? Using our young men as cannon fodder for endless wars for oil and money to make politicians richer?

Let me tell you this much: This time, you will be humbled, America. GOD will do it through foreign armies. Our government is supporting NAZI’s in Ukraine and that is NOT “Russian disinfo”. It’s just what we do now: We Support EVIL. Now, these monster Dem and the idiot GOP, pedo, homo-satanists want Russia. They want to MURDER Orthodox, Russian Christians. I will NOT stand with this faggy, Nazi, Stasi, 3rd world, militant, sodomite-loving, Leftist pigs in a war against the Christians of Russia.


11 thoughts on “Gay-USA Wants To Put Non-Aggressive, Orthodox, CHRISTIAN Russia On A “Terrorist” List.

  1. Here is a harsh statement. Since the civil war america has not been a free country.
    Just the fact that in america you pay 30 years to own a home and when you cant pay the tax the govt steals it from you. And that is very america as most nations dont do that. Usuary rates higher in america.
    Americans had felt free only due to large open spaces and ability to move about. You feel free speeding down a hoghway as far as you want to go when you want to go. Its nice but thats still an illusion. Add opportunity to be prosperous is the other feel free feeling.
    That elections been rigged far longer than realized and america is a multi party system with rules in constution for when no party has a win is there as a 2 party system is a lie. Separation of church & state does not mean stomp on religion. America was a constutional republic, not a satan democracy.
    In america you given 2 candidates and you have to get one of them. In old soviet union was only 1 candidate but you voted yes or no. At least you could get another dude if majority voted no. So no i dont like the old soviet union but its elections gave a no option america dont have.
    America is in the bible at present- a cage for every foul bird.
    Ptesent russia is no paradise but if i knew russian id be there now in the ural mountains farming.
    When the cup of iniquity gets full, God does his judgements. Its judgement time unfolding day by day.
    I do not pray for america. I do not pray for israel. I cant pray against Gods judgement. I do fervently pray for Gods people in america , israel and other lands.

  2. Cant stand bill o’Really ! This pretend catholic sodomite lover recently with trumpy dumpty, where trumpy said he wouldnt prosecute hunter biden as he dont want to hurt a family and get your jab.

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