♥ Christmas, Thru The Decades: 1900’s – 1980’s ♥

Christmas, Victorian Thru To The 1980’s:

For our first photo, here is a post Victorian Christmas with children

Antique Christmas postcard Edwardian tree girl boy child | Etsy | Christmas  photograph, Christmas postcard, Antique christmas
Isn’t that adorable.. little prayers, too.

Little girls During the 1900 (teens)

Some children during the 1920’s:

350 1920's Christmas ideas in 2021 | vintage christmas, christmas, favorite  things gift

A little boy during the 1930’s:

1940’s Christmas, Hollywood Blvd:

Color photo of Hollywood Blvd at Christmas, circa 1940s |

40’s home Christmas:

Christmas songs, 1940’s:

1950’s Christmas:

Vintage Christmas Pictures Through the Years (1940s - 1990s)

Cute, little family:

Child, Interior design, Holiday, Toddler, Baby & toddler clothing, Lap, Baby, Love, Vintage clothing, Picture frame,

Another sweet family with a cub scout boy:

Pin on Christmas Photos ~ Vintage

1960’s Christmas… LOL….Look at the beehive

30 Candid Photographs of People Posing With Their Aluminum Christmas Trees  From the 1960s and 1970s | Vintage News Daily

1970’s… ALL of my pictures look like this from the 70’s:

30 Intimate Snapshots Show How Americans Enjoyed Christmas in the 1970s ~  Vintage Everyday
Why My 1970s Christmas Was Way Better | HuffPost Life

Totally late 80’s Christmas:

Sasha Says: Merry Christmas, 80s Style

It was hard to find Christmas 1980’s.…….

Christmas 1980 | Vintage christmas photos, 1980s christmas, 1980s outfits

But, this photo says it ALL for the 1980’s !

26 Pics From an 80s Christmas - Feels Gallery

A 1987 Christmas Ad:


7 thoughts on “♥ Christmas, Thru The Decades: 1900’s – 1980’s ♥

  1. Radio dial stuck on NPR and they are playing through the years music. I really liked the John Waters Christmas replay from when he put out his Christmas CD a few years ago. It was all local recordings from when most people could put some $ together and record their own creation featuring their own child(ren) as the stars. And, most if not all were black. Showing that for many times were better financially in those days. There even was a little boy named Hakim singing that Santa is a black man. That was the only political one – most of them were sweet and bringing the spirit of the holiday and even Jesus but in a nice way – not a sickening way. So I’m putting the bah humbug away and forgetting about all the people who are so mad that they missed the sixties and wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!

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  3. Chaya,
    I hear Christmas is pagan. This is probably true. I don’t believe that the people are celebrating any pagan gods, tho.
    I don’t put one up.
    I just hate the Left attacking tradition.

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