VERY Perplexed And Concerned For My Closest Friend

VERY Perplexed And Concerned For My Closest Friend

My friend right now is being demanded by her employer that she get the kill shot. She has said that she is ‘not afraid of dying’. WHAT?! Our lives are in GOD’S hands, not pharma, people or man. I told her this. I told her that we are ‘in the time of the mark of the beast system and it is time to RESIST.‘ She was brought to her senses to some degree. This is a very strong Christian woman – but the voices and demands out there are very deceiving and conniving.

So, I am asking my few blog friends to please pray for the life of my closest friend. That she will absolutely refuse this shot with every fiber of her being. Please pray for my friend. NON compliance is the only way for us & God willing, HE will give us strength to get thru this chaos, confusion and massacre.

Thank you.

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  1. Prayer that her no fear to die is good but that her soul be preserved and she realize this and find new work.

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