Australia Offers To Pay Up To $600,000 Compensation (To Victims) For Severe Vaccine Side Effects:

Australia Offers To Pay $600,000 (To Some Victims) For Severe Vaccine Side Effects:

But, but, the vaccines are PERFECT and hurt nobody... (even though over 300 athletes have perished after getting the vax.)

More here: Australia offers to pay $600,000 for severe Vaccine side effects…

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  1. Meanwhile the anti-health pass protesters taunt French Health Minister by dancing under his windows every week now and have been meeting there for over a year now EACH DAMM WEEK.
    Health minister’s starting to go weird and threatening people. Said yesterday that “Anti-vaxxers are a magma of people crystallized in a kind of delirium.” WHAAAAAAAAAAT! He’s gone man, GONE!
    Resign man!

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  3. Booster shot of the Antichrist Barack Obama (not his real name – he’s the Man from Nowhere everything’s fake with him. Real name Barry Parks, Rosa Park’s nephew,/real father’s Jim T. Parks, killed by Obamas own white family: the Phelps family Westboro Baptist Church. They’re KKKs from Kansas, Obama’s hometown of birth.)

  4. Ann, Obama’s mother said she did not know who the attackers were that were to have lynched her also as they were hooded and Obama unborn in 3/61 in Topeka Ks where he was born at Forbes Airforce base Hospital. She said they wore hoods, And Jim fought back so she could get free and she ran for help and e members of Rosa Parks extended family died that day and a COVER UP by FBI since then. It was on land under federal jurisdiction at the point where Soldier creek was being diverted into the KAW now Kansas River. Truth was known of all of this back in 2008, and the birth of Fake News began in earnest and has never stopped. Attack on my life in 5/61 when it became known my parents had gdnshp of my dad’s 15 yr old pregnant great-niece . Daughter of Daniel Wayne Pope from Colorado, grandson of Czar Nicholas II and Alexandria of Russia and more online in blog RUSSIAN PRINCE USA PRESIDENT as of 11/08. Dan took the Id of the older Stanley Dunham to go to WWII when the older was called back for D Day and another took his named and many, even in our family were not aware. I went public with details as eye witness an even Kris Kobach Sec of State of Ks went to court in 9/12 and did not tell the whole truth after I had filed an affidavit as eye witness to events, and his staff searched for records and that stopped on the separate data base for military hospitals, under Barry Soetoro, his second adoptive father. My dad, married the Obama’s in Topeka with member of the Apha Phi Sorority at Washburn putting on wedding for them They never lived together I am aware of. No side has wanted to know the truth, and I am in this for justice for the three dead, that never had any, Jim and Ann had known each other as teenagers for about a year, when they found themselves pregnant . The Hawaii forgery of his grandmother was never certified. and a state law passed to make no more hospitals putting bank state forms on a clip board in public hallways -lock them up The notice of birth and news did get it. But being one parent listed was a foreign national no state dept number for the Hawaii one, as that would be with Ks, and the birth was in the Topeka papers and all the media had it and suppressed it. I voted for an in law and another relative of ours on the other ticket in 2008. And in 2012, never publicly said, as my efforts for justice for three dead. was the issue,. But did have an in-law of ours on the other ticket. Linda Joy details later 1/2 of 2012 and family pics on Flkr Linda Joy Adams and a car that may still be running as an antique with DNA in the back seat cover as Ann’s water broke on way to hospital and stain that went down into the cotton padding never did quite come out.

  5. TMJ, the truth about Obama is just not on anyone’s agenda.
    Linda Joy Adams above operates her own blog and is volunteering rafts of information like above.
    But people are willing to get stiffed by the Democrats and won’t even lift a finger in protest.
    I’m familiar with Linda’s writings and she says she’s got 107 old photographs on her Flickr page and nobody’s moving to investigate the trove of info she’s putting out. (Linda says they’re – both she and her cousin Obama – related to several branches of her family throughout the South including Bill Clinton’s kin, the Hunts, Sarah Palin, Ross Perot, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Ayers, so I’m surprised that people seem top be covering up for Obama so actively and not investigating all the avenues Linda Adams is opening to research.If you ask here any questions, she’ll publish them on her blog for the record and will answer them here first too..)

  6. How many places WAS Obumma born Linda! I heard KS, The fake birth certticate he presented said HAWAII, And in one instance he admitted born in Indonesia! MMMM Is there more than one! Born in 3 diff places each?

  7. Linda, can you explain a bit about the link to the Westboro Baptist Church? ….you say Ann Dunham (Obama’s mother) was living at the Westboro Church when Obama’s father Jim T. Parks was lynched by a KKK hood-wearing gang. You were told the Westboro were distant relatives of you and Ann’s but you wonder by whom and how. You wonder if it’s not a case of stolen identities too, right? There should be a topic here about stolen identities. (You say Westboro founder Fred Phelps was Ann Dunham’s legal guardian and your father Rev Tracy Hardy got the guardianship papers signed over to his name after Jim Parks’ lynching.) From what you say, we’re looking at quite a few fake ID’s: 1 Obama’s stolen identity, (real name Barry Parks) 2. his grandfather Stanley Dunham’s stolen identity, (real name Daniel Wayne Pope) 2 the Westboro Church’s founder Fred Phelps’ stolen identity (?)….I think you told me the traces of Fred Phelps’s past start in Colorado but his genealogy isn’t clear before that and nor from where his kin come from nor if that was the real name he used. I hope this comment can clear up for readers a bit of what Linda is offering us in terms of a window into the life of the Mid West in the beginning of the 20th century. (And also I hope this can boost Linda’s impact here at TMJ by my ideas giving her chances to clear up and go further in expanding upon the topics she’s bringing us here.)

    The Wild West was a land of opportunity and second chance but also a lawless frontier and hidden motivations/goals. You’re also saying that southern family of big names in US politics like Bush, Clinton, Ross Perot, Palin, Hunt are direct relatives of Obama’s but have links to the European royals and particularly the Russian royals/Court.

    I heard the media talk once about Elizabeth having relatives in Massachussetts and obviously there are branches everywhere. (Families spread out like pancakes in every direction when you look at genealogies.)

    I’ve got Russian family too myself, being a close relative – 2d cousin – to Royal Count Tolstoy’s great grandaughter (Pontine Paus)

  8. TMJ, Linda feels wary of calling her cousin Obama the Antichrist. But she and I have talked a lot about it during the last ten years and she says that what the Bible prophecy means is that Obama will have to become head of the UN before he’s the Antichrist. She may be right. A lot of things have to filter out first, like defeating the dictators that have stolen our liberty during the COVID Terror.

    Linda worked as a health care official in SS during her whole career. She’s specialized in Health.

    I feel her hair-raising revelations about Obama’s hidden identity are ground-breaking and they changed my world for one,… when I first met Linda in 2008. She thought a Buddhist like me was out of bounds (lol!) but we got to know each other since then.

    Linda’s got the world in the palm of her hand, because what she’s telling us is earth-shattering. And TMJ can be the channel to rock the world (by bringing Linda’s voice to the world).

  9. CIA Director Mark Felt pulled the strings behind the Watergate Scandal, telling the Washington Post reporters where to search, what buttons to push, what doors to open. Because he saw the “big picture”, he could direct them. Linda Adams who’s written here, is just like that: she sees the bigger picture of things at large, because indeed, she sees things from the insider’s point of view, just like CIA boss Felt also did.

    What Linda Adams is exposing is totally breathtaking. TMJ can spread this information because TMJ is composed of very controversial and highly informed posters, that skirt “fake news”. TMJ can give it’s voice to this information concerning Obama, because there are several people at TMJ that are convinced that Obama’s the Antichrist. (And also TMJ is mostly opposed to the vaccination terror sweeping in these times of trouble, betrayal and political intrigue which has destabilized the world in general.)

    Linda Joy Adams’s information is breath-taking, because it says that Obama’s a Russian plant that ruled the world for 8 years, in his position as US president.
    So among scandals, it’s rates equal with Watergate. But it’s far, far larger than Watergate. Donald Trump should be given this information. Steve Bannon too, (seeing the new Bannon-created social media GETTR is being launched to millions of users worldwide just these last days). Gen. Michael Flynn should also be given to share this information quickly. Sheriff Joe Arpaio should likewise be given all of this information.

    As for the Messiah that’s predicted will oppose the Antichrist and defeat him, I’m convinced that he, the Messiah, (based upon my long and deep 45-year research upon the Tibetan Apocalypse “Kalachakra”) has been reincarnating in the Middle East during past generations and that he’s easily identifiable by all.

  10. Sarah Palin wrote about Obama:

    Palin: ‘Kind of Pleasurable to Know I’ve Been Living Rent-Free’ in Barack Obama’s Head for 12 Years

    13 Nov 2020
    During an appearance on “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax TV on Friday, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), the 2008 vice-presidential nominee, reacted to a mention in former President Barack Obama’s forthcoming book, “A Promised Land.”

    “Through Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party — xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward brown and Black folks — were finding their way to center stage,” Obama wrote.

    After taking a jab at Obama for his book title, Palin pointed out that Obama seemed not to have left the 2008 campaign behind.

    “Well, first — I think that’s the first time I’ve heard the title of the book,” she said. “That’s pretty offensive. Who does he think he is, *Moses*? *God*? (my comment: “No Sarah, Obama IS THE ANTICHRIST”) Yeah, he sure tries to make this all sound so scary and spooky. And he’s so still 2008. It’s funny because with the price of rent today, it’s kind of pleasurable to know I’ve been living rent-free in his head for 12 years. The movement that he still cannot accept nor understand evidently that began in our campaign that he now blames me for — so many Republicans being so active and elected lately — that movement was all about giving the voiceless a voice, empowering people who fed up, want accountability in their government, want a smaller, smarter government — things he just hasn’t been able to grasp. And all these years later, it is like — jeez, get over it.”

    Comment by Linda Joy Adams ********talking directly to Sarah Palin*********, (her distant cousin):

    Linda Joy Adams
    a year ago
    Obama born in Topeka Ks son of Jim T Parks calls his fourth cousin the dark spirit? Dark spirits caused the lynching of his dad, 3/61 and shows how the dysfunction of the FBI even back then… no justice since for the 3 who died that day of the extended family of Rosa Parks.. I voted for Sarah back in 2008 for her views, and am sorry I did not scream over your grandmother back in 1/71 and let you know of the truth of your origins…and those covering up all these years who did know and had more contact than I did after you and your mother left Topeka soon after birth…has been the roots of a lot of darkness…Obama Sr was an arranged marriage to give you a name and never lived together I ever knew of, and then Soetoro that sec of State Kris Kobach ‘s staff in Topeka…stopped the search for you at that name on data base for military hospitals…which Forbes was back in 3/61 where Ron Paul, MD had just arrived to be in charge…and why Sec Kobach did not tell the whole truth in court in 9/12…and had to know the notice of birth from Hawaii…from your grandmother’s attempted forgery…was never certified there ….as birth was in KS and US State Dept file number should be on back of the certified record….for both foreign nationals as parents of types of adoptions and rebuttable assumption Obama was father….as married to your mother 6/61 by my dad, your great great uncle…at Washburn University chapel with members of the Alpha Phi sorority who put together a wedding for them… DRK FORCES did not wish you to know the truth…even in the family…and not unusual for victim’s of lynching families…and a memorial needs to take place at Topeka at location where Soldier Creek flows into Kaw now Kansas River…for the three who died…Linda Joy (Hardy) Adams 3rd cousin and eyewitness to events back then “all knew” few talk even today whem Fake Media covered up the truth for who? not for you…? You were kept in the dark,,,and the whole world fell into a darkness we now have to get out . Find your history and we can all climb out when TRUTH is revealed all of it… pics at FLKR LINDA JOY ADAMS…using names of my dad’s family used since came to USA a 100 years+ ago
    Linda Joy Adams

  11. Would any thinking person think that the totally controlled Australian gov is going to payout to your next of kin after they kill you?

  12. Linda,
    You’re saying you were adopted by your parents Florence Ethyl Hunt and Rev. Tracy Hardy (who’s real name is Alexi Romanov, Nicolas II’s son.)
    But you’re really Queen Elizabeth’s daughter with the 8th Earl Spencer.

    But that’s your genealogy. How does that relate to Obama? What kinship do you have with Ann Dunham? (Obama’s mother) And what link do you have (either as Linda Adams or “Romanov” or “Windsor”.) with the Cheneys, Bushes, Clintons, Palins, Bill Ayers, Perots etc… Ann Dunham’s real name isn’t Dunham but should instead be Pope, right?

    These are all things that should be cleared up. I think you should indeed, really make a big blog with things clearly explained and the genealogical tree drawn up for genealogists to work on.

    Obama doesn’t have Russian or English royal blood, does he? That’s the big million dollar question.

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