Getting Vaxxed = Feeding The BEAST

Getting Vaxxed = Feeding The BEAST

It really is.

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My closest friend went and got the kill shot. This has made me sick inside. I can’t do anything about it now. I can’t offer anything to my friend. She knew what it was doing to people.

My closest friend was going to travel with me to D.C. to pray that God will destroy it. We were going to go to the White House and pray against it. Ditto the Capital. Just us 2. I cannot go with her now. Because the very same beast I am against and plan to fight the rest of the days of my life on this earth, she ‘fed’ by receiving that poison.

After the first vaxx, [my friend went to get her job back after standing up against the beast for 3 months,] they told her: “You cant come back right now because you need to get the 2nd shot and the booster shot and there will probably be another booster.” So, her effort to appease was met by more and more demands for submission.


When I told my friend: “God does not want ANY of his children receiving this shot”, she agreed.

When I told my friend: “This vaccine is the beginning of the beast system”, she agreed.

When I told my friend: “It is time to resist”, she agreed.

When I told my friend: “You can come and live here instead of getting that shot”, she said “Thank you”

I consistently told her these things.

What happened in 2 days after I talked to her, again? Why did she waver? Because THE BEAST is deceitful. THE BEAST is a liar. THE BEAST tells you: “You’ll never make it on your own”. Etc.


The beast will never have enough. Nothing you do will please this political/spiritual monster. The ONLY way to get rid of this beast is to stand up to it, do not comply, resist it. Eventually, it will be killed. The end of ‘the book’ says so.

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  1. Dang ai playing with me again.
    Experts of renown have family that wont listen and get the sauce. Jesus couldnt get the people of nazareth to heed his words. I give God the credit for resisting the sauce unto death. For what ever reason God has chosen some of us to be awake. I dont feel wise and give God credit for any wisdom given. Most of us upon this earth are losing some or even all our family and friends. We will be a new family in Christ dead ahead. Its still very sad for those that fall but onward we must go.

  2. ‘I dont feel wise and give God credit for any wisdom given’

    I know. I hear you loud n clear.

    ‘For what ever reason God has chosen some of us to be awake.’

    Maybe we had a desire to be awake????

    I dont know but BLESS THE LORD, Saints.

  3. We’re going to have to put the world in lockdown, TMJ.
    We non-vaxed have to operate this world.
    Apparently the vaxed are now passing on COVID at twice the rate of non-vaxed so they’re clear dangers to us.
    We’ll have to identify them to protect ourselves and offer them good lives under lockdown and masks etc…for example, I think we should build gated communities for them where they’ll have all the amenities of a good life, swimming-pools and buffet service like on vacation but they’ll just be isolated from us and keep them from getting in contact with anyone they could pass the virus on to.

  4. What do you want to do Pauli? If the vaxxed are infecting each other and people at high rates. We gotta lock them up. In nice surroundings, but … LOCK m UP. They’re infecting others.
    Translated: Police in the Netherlands are firing live ammunition at anti Pass protesters, and now send their attack dogs!
    “The countries of the EU are so corrupt that they become terrible dictatorships to force the injection! Courage!

  5. 22 (Feb 2) – Abomination of Desolation

    To all of those who partake in the gene editing injection:

    Matthew 23:38: “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.”

    Mark 13:14: “But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains.”

    We know that the Presence of God is perfect protection from Satan. Here is a possible interpretation of Mark 13:14:

    When we observe the people taking the gene editing injection (the abomination of desolation), then let them that are in Christ flee to the Presence of God.

  6. Tim, Im so distraught over this.
    My closest friend IN THE MINISTRY took this shot. As it says in this pot.
    I can tell you right now the feeling in my spirit is SO sickened.
    HOW can I even talk to her now?

    Basically, she told God:
    “I know this shot is making people crippled and killing people but bless me as I take it, anyway?”


  7. ‘When we observe the people taking the gene editing injection (the abomination of desolation), then let them that are in Christ flee to the Presence of God.’
    Ok. I hear you.

  8. If a Christian takes the kill shot (the gene editing injection), then they are putting their trust in man and not in the Lord. Remember when one of the prophets (Isaiah?) told Israel not to put their trust in Egypt? It is idolatry. She can’t justify what she did to the Lord. I don’t what else to say.

  9. This is precisely WHY I believe this is part of ‘the mark’.
    We cant stand before God and say:
    “Well, it was just a vaccine’

    Its not. It CHANGES the genes. It changes HOW God made us.

  10. Amen. The gene editing injection alters our DNA and we are no longer human: we are no longer God’s created property; we are Satan’s intellectual property–Satan’s slave.

    Earlier today, the Holy Ghost fell very heavy on me, so I laid down on my bed for a while. While I was burning up in the Holy Ghost, I kept meditating on Matthew 23:38: “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.” After some more reading and research I read Daniel 11:31: “And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.”

    Here is my commentary:

    In Daniel 11:31, powerful men will defile unbeliever’s bodies (the temple of the Holy Ghost) with a gene editing injection. By rejecting Christ (the daily sacrifice, the Blood of Jesus), they allow the gene editing to alter our DNA, we cease to be human (we are no longer the Lord’s created property; we are Satan’s intellectual property) and our house becomes desolate.

  11. Do some research on the black-eyed babies that have been born in the past few months. Their parents took the gene editing injection. Those babies are not human; they have coal-black eyes. If they are not demon-possessed now, they will become demon-possessed later on and will do Satan’s bidding.

  12. Give unto Caesar . . . God forgives . . .
    Perhaps it goes down to which words you hold close to your heart? Some have great clarity. Others do not.

  13. You’re right, Tim.
    The whole thing is here. The ‘mark’. I kept telling ppl, ‘It’s NOT ‘the mark’ itself. It’s what is IN the mark.

    And what is IN the mark alters your DNA and THAT is what separates a person from God, now.

    ‘But, but, the ‘mark is supposed to be in the wrist/forehead’. They say.
    In Aramaic, the arm is the whole arm, including wrist.

  14. So sorry for your loss, I have close people who took the jab AFTER I made the case clear. I shall not lament at their death, I have lost them. I have tried as hard as I could, I have had discoveries and intuition and just God handed information. and that was still not enough. I will not blame myself

  15. There are two Marks. One is 666 and the other is the theory that the Mark is the vaccine. The former doesn’t really connect logically to the latter.
    Obama’s clearly the Antichrist that’s marked by 666 and I feel that he fits with being the one who prevents you “from selling and buying” because he tripled the debt (and made The People slaves to the US government’s debt.) Obama made you all slaves to government handouts now.

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  17. I hear you loud n clear, Stock.
    WTH are they thinking?
    That God is just going to be OK with this?
    With changing ones DNA and genetic makeup?
    He will NOT be OK

  18. I’m against the vaxx, TMJ. I think it’s the Apocalypse when 2/3 of the pop are killed. Dying with/from side effects is awful. But why boost the vaxx’s importance by claiming it’s the Mark of the Beast (and isn’t that giving the Antichrist Obama a break?)

  19. Yes, Pauli but we have to fit in 666 to the explanation somehow. Remember what the Bible says: it takes a man of wisdom to calculate the Number of Man 666. I prefer to think there are some things human mind can’t grasp. So I trust heaven sent 666 in order to open our eyes for us.

  20. 666 is the number OF the beast: Obama.
    Tyrant devil Obama already has his beast system in operation with the 666 thru the vax

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