Dream Of A Snow #Tsunami

2 More Dreams Of #TSUNAMI & A Snow Tsunami

Cold, ice cold Snow Tsunami

See this video after of a young boy who had a vision of the same exact thing:


First part of this dream: Prophetic Dream I Had: MASSIVE #Tsunami In Calif. #Repent NOW

This is my other dream of the meteor hitting the earth:

8 thoughts on “Dream Of A Snow #Tsunami

  1. Title of sci fi book once read fits this called Hellconia winter. Maybe caused by collective energy of democrat snow flakes. Whatever, prophesy moves forward rapidly.

  2. HI. Its been terrible cold here since before christmas and lot of snow. Blizzard yesterday. BUT for North Dakota that is a normal winter. Anyway Ill be watching close myself!

  3. I sent you an email Pauli! Wanted to share it here. But its about Obumma and HIM actually being in control now and using BIDEN! Biden is the PUPPET for Obumma! Well email me back what you think.

  4. ALSO, The BIBLE talks about Meteors hitting earth too! And THEY will cause many earthquakes worldwide. And the meteor will also cause coastal tidal waves that destroy coastal cities!

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