Was This Another US Supported Attempted “Color Revolution” (REGIME CHANGE) In #Kazakhstan?

Was This Another US Supported Attempted “Color Revolution” (REGIME CHANGE) In #Kazakhstan?

Based on this Tweet below, I think this just might have been ANOTHER US attempted regime change in Kazakhstan. The EVIL bastards in DC can’t leave Russia alone. (See the map below) Russia slams US statements as ‘baby babble’ , This also: The Hunter Connection? Kazakh Security Chief Arrested For Treason Was “Close Friends” With Bidens. This too: Why The Kazakhstan Crisis Is A Much Bigger Deal Than Western Media Is Letting On

Is it RUSSIA who is changing regimes in Mexico and Canada in order to encircle us? NO.

It is the US GOVT with Soros/NGO ops that are surrounding Russia. OUR GOVT is the aggressor – EVERYWHERE. See this map:

You can PLAINLY see Kazakhstan and Ukraine & how close they are to Russia – perhaps Mongolia (will be next)

Larger image:

(Click on Pic)

5 thoughts on “Was This Another US Supported Attempted “Color Revolution” (REGIME CHANGE) In #Kazakhstan?

  1. Kazakstan situation is deep. Complex beyond what i can know. What i think i know is kazakstan is almost 1/3 christian russian. Russias space program is there. Fuel for both russia & china there. The govt there does suck but so would an islamic or nato govt double suck. Fuel prices rise is a blow on any society but has anyone noticed the world economy is being destroyed and the kazak govt could be short of funds? Do i like the beautiful yet total satanic design of govt buildings? No. Not sure who meant to have them.
    Russia dont need to have to deploy troops there when needed other places.
    There is bad on all sides but i suspect the west doing this b.s. few even know the rodham brothers of hillary were active there in years past. I pray russia and kazakstan hold out and solve problems for the better.

  2. My husband likes to forage for news on youtube on bigscreen. Wonderful for him because it is big and loud. When he played Kazakhstan I saw the black uniformity with even the hoods and instantly considered the same. Like saint I know that I am too ignorant. The accompanying commentary said that Kazahk government had to shut down internet to disable communications (of protesters I presume) and that as a result bitcoin had taken a huge hit. For years I see concern that BRIC nations wish to displace dollar so I think here another undeclared war. I want to know exactly what complex math problems is bitcoin computers working on? For space travel? For predictive technology? And how does solving these problems turn into money? I freely admit that I don’t understand it at all. I also like maps and while you were making this I was looking at a map of Texas. The internet labeled everything there with Cyrillic letters ??? WTH?????

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