Israeli McDonald’s Won’t Serve Jews:

Israeli McDonald’s Won’t Serve Jews:

We’re pro-Israel on this blog and we find this disgusting. Nobody is hurting the Jews BUT the Jews in Israel:

HAT TIP: Unvaccinated are banned from buying food at McDonald’s Israel…

And, lookie here: Pfizer CEO — Omicron Vaccine will be ready in 45 days…

45 days to a vaccine now. FORTY FIVE DAYS. No research. NO testing, NO nothing. Just take that shot you stupid sheep. Vaccines used to take 25 years. Now: Just mix together something that will kill off the populations.

6 thoughts on “Israeli McDonald’s Won’t Serve Jews:

  1. Omicron is sniffles, maybe a runny nose or even a cough cough, or otherwords a winter cold. Sorry but no potion stops colds.
    I gave up my last stop at one of israels about 450 mcdonalds just before they changed to order by a machine and insert a credit card. Actually israeli fast food is far better but for novelty id eat there on rare occasion. Plus id only go to the ones that put cheeze on your burger. Bye bye mc donalds. Open a branch in hell as no oven needed.

  2. Its all disgusting TMJ! I AGREE! And I cant believe even in ISRAEL that would happen! The whole world is down the drain! NO nation has ever been blessed and punished by GOD than Israel! Thats the BIBLE! MOST OF IT!

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