Humans Are Ill Or Dropping Dead From The Vaccine All Over The Planet:

Humans Are Dropping & Dying From The Vaccine All Over The Planet:

We’ve been watching and posting about this catastrophe on this blog since the beginning of the vax rollout.

All we see on our news feed is either: 1. adverse effects from the vax or 2. dead from the vax.

Every single day, we hear about another person who dropped dead after they took the vax.


“Progressives” Are Being Censored & Silenced On NYT & More Regarding Covid Vaccination DEATHS: Also Saying “Vaxxed Are SUPER-SPREADERS”

17 thoughts on “Humans Are Ill Or Dropping Dead From The Vaccine All Over The Planet:

  1. Been examining various takes on different vax batch types. What seems most correct is 3 types. First is to kill. Second is to maim and disable and slower kill. Third is not saline or benign but wont maim or kill but turn nano tech rewired to live as mind controlled bio synthetic robots. All is bad and all means a lost soul.

  2. Special Update:
    responds to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting and the Maricopa County Elections Department report regarding the audit of the 2020 election in Arizona. #ElectionIntegrity #AmericasAudit

  3. EXCEPT its not listed as a death from the VAX! Its COVID that killed em!Thats what they want us to believe!

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  5. Lol, lol indeed back to u TMJ, Michael J and Pelosi are the same person except Michael was black or “just about” black let’s say. **Black lives Matter*** (“in a way” ROFLMAO) Michael mattered (for his drug dealer.) olo!

    Crazy raging bull The Donald set to roar back to the White House, riding the cusp of his three doses. Trump’s back and he’s mad. He’s been done over so many times by so many people he’s gone crazy. He’s made so many deals he can’t handle life anymore.

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  6. Apocalypse Obama’s the Antichrist.

    Google translated from French:
    Well done Bulgarians!
    Quote Tweet
    Anonymous Citizen

    Protesters against the health pass forced a police cordon and tried to storm the Parliament of #Bulgaria in Sofia. #Bulgaria

  7. TMJ, if you say Obama’s the Antichrist (which is true) that means you’re bringing on the Apocalypse.
    That qualifies you to be a Chosen One.
    But short of being a Chosen One you can be “just about a Chosen One”.
    That’s second best to being a Chosen One.
    Congratulations, you’re a “just about a Chosen One”.
    Or “Approximately a Chosen One”.
    You’re an “Almost Chosen One” or a “Not fFar From a Chosen One.”

    It’s a far shot away from the Madding Crowd of raging fake news bearers.

  8. TMJ, we’re either in or out. See what I mean? We can’t be half Chosen. Either we’re chosen or not.

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