2019: 4Chan Warning Of The Covid #Vaccine That Would Kill Millions With Screen Cap From Wayback Machine

2019 4-Chan Warning Of The Covid Vaccine That Would Kill Millions With Screen Cap From Wayback Machine

Say No To The Prick No To Bill Mr Gates Anti Vaccine Vax T ...

NO vaccine is concocted in a few months. I never believed this vaccine hoax from the get-go. It’s only because I understand that governments – ALL governments – are evil personified — and the only thing more evil than government is Pharmacia. In the hands of the wrong people, they could kill en masse…..Well….they did.

Video and Screencap tip from SueG:

Sept 2019:

See it before it’s scrubbed.

7 thoughts on “2019: 4Chan Warning Of The Covid #Vaccine That Would Kill Millions With Screen Cap From Wayback Machine

  1. Looks like the covidian game is winding down. But still hundreds of millions will still perish physically and spiritually from it. And something new will start, 5g6g destruction of life, world war and starvation etc. In england bojo ending the game except one part,, oh please still get a jab, pretty please.

  2. 5g not only can kill but do mind control of any jabbed they choose. And a fleet of 6g satellites in orbit now but not turned on yet. Its for programmable matter or internet of things that are alive. It will kill birds galore.

  3. More war on our own soil – late yesterday 5g postponed – turned on overnight. 2 major infrastructures fighting – but that is what government is for. 40+ other countries have already? We are so far behind! And in this case I am OK with that.

    I saw a couple birds – they look sick. Feathers all ruffled up in middle of day when its warm. Sitting on saguaro but not in it. Wondering if all the water in saguaro magnifies bad effect? I will try to look at sunset when all the birds say goodbye to the day from their nests.

    I know 5g is all the way up because that google bitch keeps interrupting me to tell me that she can’t do what I asked on this device – like they think this is going to make me run out and buy new? I didn’t “ask” her to do anything.
    I think it was up before today in my region but possibly more and fuller signal now. Bet the phone company is getting a bunch of calls on how to ditch the google bitch! I’m wondering how it is in west virginia? None of this in that no signal zone?

    Omg – the mind control – the mental health “professionals” are going to be bizzzzzzeeeee. Wonder if some of these street killers were actually experiments? My crystal ball sees a massive increase in schizophrenia diagnosises.

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