My Art Nouveau Art:

Arlette Dorgere’ from a postcard, digitized, mixed and made to look like oil.
This is a brooch that was made into a digi mix.
Cleo De’Merode, watercolor, pencil, digital mixing

Lately, I am really into the Art Nouveau & Art Deco era. Because those era’s were beautiful in art, fashion and architecture. I believe Art Nouveau is much prettier and swirling but Art Deco is great too. Hope ya like em.

Art Deco:

Here are some Art Nouveau posters in 4K:

artnouveau deviantART favourites | Animation walk cycle, Cute gif, Bohemian  girls

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  1. YW Pauli! Not been happy times here. My cousin just died in hospital. age 58. Was on ventilator! My moms husband, (stepdad) put in hospital yesterday. two blood clots in lungs. Theres no end to this SHIT. Im so down lately

  2. Oh man! How AWFUL!
    I pray that God will ease your mind and settle your spirit, give you peace in the midst of all of this in Jesus name.

  3. TY PAULI! Stepdad released from HOSP today on medication! The power of prayer. Luv ya

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