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“The Anointing”

The last couple of years…I have had to rethink my life a LOT. I felt as if I was just wandering…Like…WHERE is this mess all going, Lord? When the CV19 attack happened, I could SEE that here we are…. in the END. The end of time, the end of the world, the end of the satanic system, the destruction of the wicked people. The time that writers of the Bible/Torah/Tanakh wrote about. The era of the book of Revelation ‘in real time’. Enoch’s vision realized and coming to pass. All Biblical prophecies fulfilling themselves..

I came to this realization: That we are IN it and I drew closer to the Lord. I didn’t really share my faith on this website. Just a little here and there. I wanted to be ‘a defender’ for believers: Jews AND Christians. So, I remained a neutral force for many years. Well over a decade.

Marrying a man who is 100% Jewish (FROM a religious Jewish home, Kosher, etc) changed my life. I am only ethnic (Sephardic, Portuguese Jewish) mixed with a couple other ethnicities; Scot, Austrian and Native American. I didn’t grow up in a family of religious people at all. But, marrying David forced me to see what us Jewish people as a whole go through, (having a Jewish moniker really opened my eyes). I can say this much: I will fight for the Jews (as a people) for the rest of my life even though I am very “Christianized” LOL. (Jews go through horrible persecution online, very terrible) BUT – I, of course am a picky person…. I will not fight for reprobate, apostate Jews OR Christians. Sorry. I have to draw a line.

At any rate.. I love my JEWISH savior, Jesus of Nazareth. I love God. I love the Holy Spirit. My God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Blessed be He. I don’t ‘push’ people to believe as I do. Free will is important. If people choose to not see the truth (Jesus), that’s their business.

Here is my Jesus art for your viewing pleasure. I tried to make this as familiar as I could to touch any person from any walk of life with familiar images.

I really don’t use Hebrew words in writing, ie Jesus, Adonai, etc. NOT because I don’t respect! It’s because most people I know are not familiar with Hebrew. I like to ‘keep it real’.

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