Our Govt Has Been WRONG On EVERY War/Proxy War/Interference Since Vietnam & Suddenly They’re “Right” About #Russia & #Ukraine?

Our Govt Has Been WRONG On EVERY War/Proxy War Since Vietnam & Suddenly They’re “Right” About #Russia & #Ukraine?

How many GOOD men from this country signed up to protect the U.S. Constitution and ended up in a politician/banker/war for oil clusterf’ck? Ever since I was a young girl, this country has been in some type war.

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  • These political, war-mongering, lunatic animals went into Vietnam – where the Vietnamese were fighting each other for 1,000 years. We sent hundreds of thousands of men to die in a war we had NO business being in. None. My poor Uncle came back SO screwed up, he’s never been the same since. We lost almost 59,000 men – FOR WHAT!? Answer this question: Was the Vietnam war for freedom here at home? Nope. Absolutely not. Our men fought Communists only to see their nation taken over by the Communists in the Democrat party & then watch the suckup, a$$kissing GOP do nothing. Now, the men who fought in Vietnam DIE in the VA’s of America. Many Vietnam vets are homeless on the streets as illegals get thousands of dollars in free money and nice warm projects to live in.


  • Then there was Grenada… The invasion began on the morning of 25 October 1983, just two days after the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut. There’s ANOTHER story.. Just WHAT THE HELL were we doing in Beirut? Does anyone remember what happened in Beirut?

Early on a Sunday morning, October 23, 1983, two truck bombs struck buildings in Beirut, Lebanon, housing American and French service members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF), a military peacekeeping operation during the Lebanese Civil War. The attack killed 307 people: 241 U.S. and 58 French military personnel, six civilians, and two attackers.

The first suicide bomber detonated a truck bomb at the building serving as a barracks for the 1st Battalion 8th Marines (Battalion Landing Team – BLT 1/8) of the 2nd Marine Division, killing 220 Marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers, making this incident the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Marine Corps since the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II and the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Armed Forces since the first day of the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War.

  • What about the USS Liberty incident & our interference there? On 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.[2] There was a combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian NSA employee), wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.[3] At the time, the ship was in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, about 25.5 nmi (29.3 mi; 47.2 km) northwest from the Egyptian city of Arish. In May 1968, the Israeli government paid US$3.32 million (equivalent to US$24.7 million in 2020) to the U.S. government in compensation for the families of the 34 men killed in the attack. In March 1969, Israel paid a further $3.57 million ($25.2 million in 2020) to the men who had been wounded. In December 1980, it agreed to pay $6 million ($18.8 million in 2020) as the final settlement for material damage to Liberty itself plus 13 years of interest. [Israel paid for the actions of LBJ & HIS incompetence.]


We were already IN Vietnam!!!!!!!!!

  • Remember the Iran hostage ‘crisis’? On November 4, 1979, 52 United States diplomats and citizens were held hostage after a group of militarized Iranian college students belonging to the Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line, who supported the Iranian Revolution, took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and seized hostages. A diplomatic standoff ensued. The hostages were held for 444 days, being released on January 20, 1981.
Why the Islamic Republic of Iran keeps taking hostages - Atlantic Council
American hostages in Iran.
  • Then, it was the Iraq war in 1991. For what? What reason were we there? The Gulf War[ was a war waged by coalition forces from 35 nations led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq’s ‘invasion and annexation’ of Kuwait arising from oil pricing and production disputes. WHY is it OUR problem if Iraq supposedly ‘annexed’ Kuwait? These war mongers sure use the term ‘annexed’ a LOT!
  • Then, it was Serbia and the non-stop propaganda garbage about Milosevich. Who cares if Milosevich killed some Muslims? In the end, it wasn’t even 50 Muslims. Serbia was our ally in WW2, they saved 500 US Flyers not to mention giving the Jewish people refuge from Hitler. How did Clinton the evil repay the Serbs? By bombing all of their bridges on the River Danube. Some ally we are. The actions against Serbia make me want to VOMIT to this day.
  • Then, GWB demanded we go to war in Afghanistan and then Iraq. FOR WHAT?! There were NO WMD’s in Iraq and just this past year, the EVIL Democrats gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban. The SAME people add Osama Bin Laden who are on record for taking out the World trade towers.
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb urges killing of more U.S. diplomats in  North Africa - CBS News
The US Embassy in Libya during Obama’s “Arab Spring”
Gaddafi didn’t ‘die’. Obama’s Muslim bro’hood pals anally raped him and assassinated him.

  • Then, it was Obama and John McCain overthrowing one regime after the next. First: in Egypt (only to put Morsi, a radical Islamic Jihadist) in charge and then we saw the Coptic and Orthodox Christian community become refugees in the Middle East – the MIDDLE EAST who we all know is NOT too fond of Christians & murdered MANY of them. Then, Libya – where we saw the deaths of 4 Americans in the embassy and then the Libyan govt was handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood, (radical terrorists). Then it was Syria and they HAD to get Assad. But, they didn’t. Instead, they armed the Syrian Cannibal rebels and murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians in Aleppo, Damascus and other ancient cities. The Obama admin fulfilled the prophecy of the “Destruction of Damascus” from Isaiah and most – even in the Christian community – don’t even KNOW THIS HAPPENED!!!


  • Then, it was UKRAINE. John McCain fomenting a regime change in Kiev in 2014. Then, our lousy, no-good, rotten, treacherous government turns around and claims that “Russia wants to annex Ukraine!”. WE ARE THE ANNEXERS, people. OUR GOVERNMENT changes regime and annexes countries ALL THE TIME. Now, here we are again and our INSANE, war mongering government wants to ‘protect’ Ukraine… Protect them from what?! Ukraine needed to be protected from the USA!

There’s plenty more, too!

So, I ask you…

Our Government Has Been WRONG On EVERY War/Proxy War/Interference Since Vietnam

Suddenly They’re “Right” About Russia & Ukraine?

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  1. Amazing-heck of a reference. And there is so much more to add to this long list. America also toppled noriega in panama. The drug dealer wasnt him but cia. And thats why a christian brother friend of mine lives in horrid panama dictatorship today.
    I love history and the bible. The jews in america live in captivity and cant leave says scripture. Not that govt wont let them go but the culture and wealth wont let them go. Yet today i do not want most american jews to come as we dont need more lefty destroyers.
    I believe america is satans masterpiece created by the devil. God then poured into america tens of millions of christians to seize control for God. And ever since the battle rages for control. Gods side was winning for awhile but now the devil side is winning. Both sides have had some power at same time is why both good and evil both come out of america.

  2. Yep. Now, it’s straight up evil and we’re in hiding.
    I remember about Noriega.
    Thanks for pointing that one out.

  3. Yep. And where are the transcripts of these conversations Joey had with world leaders? Like his sealed records at the University?

  4. **********Fed up with the Antichrist yet everybody? When you’re fed up tell me. I’ll be here. Just tell me when.*************

  5. The title (Teen Spirit) derives from a phrase written on Cobain’s wall by his friend Kathleen Hanna, singer of the riot grrrl band Bikini Kill: “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit.”[11][12] Hanna meant that Cobain smelled like the deodorant Teen Spirit, which she and Tobi Vail, his then-girlfriend, had discovered during a trip to the grocery store.[13] Cobain said he was unaware of the deodorant until months after the single was released, and had interpreted it as a revolutionary slogan, as they had been discussing anarchism and punk rock.[14]
    Cobain was so embarrassed that his song was about a deodorant that he spaced out on drugs to forget it.

  6. They’re taking down the Canadian gov. It’s going to hit in Ottawa on Jan 29th. Get ready. It’s part of North America up in Canada.

  7. Trump’s on board the Freedom Convoy in Canada. Sending trucks up for the Ottawa Showdown… Watch this space Jan 29 (Saturday don’t miss this one. This is the BIG ONE.)

  8. Oops!

    The guy (whole family-car) on the video’s crying tears of joy in the Freedom Convoy in Canada, pulling into Thunder Bay getting closer to Ottawa now.

  9. FUREY FACTOR: OTTAWA-BOUND CONVOY Truckers are protesting vax mandates; what will happen?

  10. It says in this Tweet that “the Convoy arrives in Ottawa beginning tomorrow 28 and through to 29…”

    Translated from French:
    Flag of Canada The Canadian revolution against the police state of #Covid_19 is gaining momentum.
    The arrival of the convoy scheduled for the 28th or 29th will be extraordinary.

  11. We got to get on this bandwagon people. This is going to blow in the next few hours. they’re due in Ottawa tomorrow already and they’ll start hanging out there til Saturday the 29th. Trudeau’s going to have to maneuver 16-wheelers, followed by an ocean of hangers-on cars following them around in the convoy. that’s going to be Turdeau’s world for three days. They’re calling him a dictator. He says he doesn’t mind and really likes being called a dictator.

  12. They’ll topple Trudeau tomorrow and free all of North America. Trump’ll have to face his judgement about the COVID. But he got the dirt end of the stick from the Dems. We’ve got to put them all on the stand.

  13. MSM finally just beginning to cover the convoy. Trudeau calls them fringe minority when it is him and his ilk that are fringe minority. More than 6M$ donated to help truckers with food, gas and accomodations but Paypal froze funds so people coming in freezing cold and snow to feed them en route. Puck Fake Pal! The hatred for Trudeau is really coming out. Many calling him Fidel’s son. Wow!

  14. Just read that Paypal released funds – still just hearsay but good if they did. Shortly after they started Paypal they were playing politics with people’s funds – scrubbed from internet apparently. 1st example of under-regulated internet new infrastructure playing unfair that dented my consciousness just when we were all being encouraged to start internet businesses selling junk from warehouses like a million others. We have had plenty of warning of what is coming.

  15. GOFUNDME account was also frozen when they had about $5 million on it. Don’t know what the status is right now on that.

    ‘Freedom Rally’ convoy has withdrawn $1 million from once-frozen viral fundraiser: GoFundMe
    GoFundMe said the organizer of the fundraiser has handed over a distribution plan for covering participants’ fuel costs.
    Alex McKeen
    By Alex McKeenVancouver Bureau
    Thu., Jan. 27, 2022timer1 min. read

    A trucker convoy winding its way on Thursday through the GTA has accessed $1 million of the funds it has raised through a viral online fundraiser that was previously frozen by the platform GoFundMe.

    The fund, initially set up by Alberta woman Tamara Lich, and raised $30,000 on its first live day, Jan. 15, with the stated goal of reimbursing Canadians for gas and food expenses incurred while participating in a “Freedom Convoy” protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

    The fundraising page says any excess funds will be donated to a veterans’ organization. As of Thursday afternoon, the page had raised more than $6.3 million from more than 80,000 sources.

    GoFundMe froze the funds on Tuesday, saying it needed to see a plan for where the funds would go. On Thursday, a spokesperson for the fund said at least some of the funds — $1 million so far — have been released.

    “Our goal is to protect the generosity of donors and ensure that all donations go to those intended,” reads a portion of the statement from GoFundMe. “As part of our verification process, we require full transparency from the organizer about the flow of funds to ensure there’s a clear plan and donors are informed on how the funds will be spent.”

    GoFundMe said the organizer of the fundraiser has handed over a distribution plan for covering participants’ fuel costs, and that the platform will continue to work with the organizers after everyone has been reimbursed on which charities will receive the remaining funds.

  16. Started the eagle offering at recommended start point. I thought of the camel through eye of needle rich man getting to heaven then I realized that in the age of internet most of us are extremely wealthy – in too much information! Like one place I lazily go to for news – it has alot of salacious junk. They usually have 2 good articles but I have to be very disciplined to find them and not get sidetracked with the junk.

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