My Thoughts On #MinnieMouse Lunacy

My Thoughts On #MinnieMouse Lunacy

I made this video in 2018. But, nothing’s changed, really. Now, they want to dress Minnie in some type of a manly outfit pantsuit. The country has gone full blown stupid. What was wrong with Minnie’s little dress?

11 thoughts on “My Thoughts On #MinnieMouse Lunacy

  1. The Freedom Convoy is in Toronto waiting to leave for Ottawa tomorrow, a 4 hour-trip.
    This is the dress rehearsal and breathing down Trudeau’s neck. This is when he’s meeting his judges. They’re eating him alive right now. CANADA’S SCARED TO HIGH HELL.

    82,656 views • Jan 27, 2022 • Sorry if YT ads appear in this vid. The last minute has a lady talking about her husband being injured by the vax, and she used some background music that the YT system claimed as belonging to someone else, so they have the right to run ads on this vid because of that. I could not edit out the music from her voice track, but what she says is so powerful so I left it in.

  3. Look back at the Convoy’s long trip so far from British Columbia to Ontario (4000 km).

  4. ****Day five and a huge turn of events!********
    170,502 views • Jan 28, 2022 • After making unbelievable remarks towards millions of Canadians, our “leader” is going to run away and hide for five days. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the huge sudden influx of tourists about to arrive in Ottawa.

    It’s going to be an interesting weekend in this country.

  5. ****Antichrist Obama in his Works.****


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