SUSPENDED From Facebook After Sharing Gruesome Photo Of Post-AstraZeneca, Baseball-sized blood Clot In His Arm: “Misinformation” — BS!

SUSPENDED From Facebook After Sharing Gruesome Photo Of Post-AstraZeneca, Baseball-sized blood Clot In His Arm

The man below was banned for ‘misinformation’. Facebook and the rest are genocidal murdering maniacs. Imagine banning people for saying that the kill shot made he/she sick! WHAT THE HELL TYPE OF WORLD IS THIS?!


18 thoughts on “SUSPENDED From Facebook After Sharing Gruesome Photo Of Post-AstraZeneca, Baseball-sized blood Clot In His Arm: “Misinformation” — BS!

  1. ****TMJ, saying Obama’s the Antichrist like you do, means you’re also saying Jesus is Coming. The Antichrist and Christ are the two sides of the same coin and one comes with the other like twins.*********

    So, stand up and proclaim the Second Coming NOW. Do it now. That’s what you’ve been doing in so many words by repeating along with me that Obama’s indeed the Antichrist – which announces the Coming of the Messiah right here and now.

  2. USA Truckers rolling to Canada as well!
    107,570 views • Jan 26, 2022 • As of today, hundreds confirmed and possibly thousands of US truckers are coming together to roll to the CAN-US border in solidarity with the Canadian truckers. Some will cross into Canada and head to Ottawa, others will park at the border and camp out. FREEDOM KNOWS NO BORDERS! 🇨🇦🇺🇲


    Freedom Truck Convoy Arrives In Ottawa First Wave.
    5,441 views • Jan 28, 2022 • Freedom Truck Convoy 2022 arrives in Ottawa Canada. There was no racism or misogyny. This unacceptable fringe minority looked like a bunch of proud Canadians of all backgrounds to me. This is the first wave of people arriving at Parliament Hill to protest these tyrants. We want peace, unity, and freedom against these puppets who take orders from the WEF, WHO, etc.

  4. Rep. Tenney calls for Biden’s impeachment after covert migrant flights revealed
    821,676 views • Jan 27, 2022 • New York Republican Reps. Nicole Malliotakis and Claudia Tenney on migrants being flown to suburban NY.

  5. We Have Arrived In Ottawa!!!
    32,746 views • Jan 28, 2022 • Well here we are in Ottawa.

  6. Street shut down by Freedom Convoy bottleneck in front of Ottawa Parliament Building.

  7. BREAKING: Protestors at Rideau Gate in close proximity to Canadian Prime Minister’s official residence busting some dance moves and having fun in anticipation of the arrival of the trucker’s convoy. #cdnpoli

  8. And balance that with the filth facebook promotes on children.
    Just got the first video from nathan leal that i cant watch. Been kicked off utube for eternity but can view via chrome. But if need to prove age, cant do as cant log in. So video is blocked to children. Its obvious what the video sin is; in title is the the word trans humanism. That term only ok if schwabs and friends use it.
    Few more months and we all gone from the internet they going to end and rear up new internet that only works with jabbed people.
    Just keep trying to reach as best as can till its all gone. Cheerio as english once said.

  9. Fully support and back these truckers and supporters. That said, they going to do same thing like in richmond va, because they are good people, they not going to topple the govt by force, which they should do. Unarmed masses toppled horrid romanian junta decades ago.

  10. Am enjoying video so far Saints. Don’t know how make available to you. So far it aligns with my gut, unlearned instinct I suppose. Have to listen in bits and pieces.

  11. Video is good compilation/explanation including many topics close to my heart, showing proofs and where to find – good to send to busy people – if you can only get them to take time to watch! Some is redundant for people here and for youth who have grown up with media acclimating them to this future. Learned new old word “fimbulwinter.”

  12. Interesting enough the video shows someone else’s image when speaking of the Antichrist.

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