I Posted A Peter Frampton Post. I Had To Take It Down: Frampton Allies With Freedom Hating, Dirtbag, Old Grump, Neil Young.

I Posted A Peter Frampton Post. I have to Take It Down. Frampton Allies With Freedom Hating, Old Grump, Neil Young

What a disgusting, lousy shame–Frampton is ‘in’ on this lunacy also. It’s hard to even post that many entertainers to begin with because most of them are filthy, disgusting, no-good, rotten Communist scum.

So, now my Frampton post is on private. I can’t ‘promote’ some loser who hates freedom and calls true information regarding the shot that is murdering people, ‘misinformation’: Time For A PETER FRAMPTON Break

Hey Peter Frampton:



27 thoughts on “I Posted A Peter Frampton Post. I Had To Take It Down: Frampton Allies With Freedom Hating, Dirtbag, Old Grump, Neil Young.

  1. The elites’ morally obscene response to the Canadian trucker convoy
    By Andrea Widburg
    Something big is happening in Canada, and it’s happening in a typically Canadian way. After two years of draconian lockdowns and mandates, truckers are pushing back with a 45-mile-long convoy that pulled into Ottawa yesterday. It’s exciting and inspiring. It’s also drawing the elites out from cover, as they abandon any pretense of supporting the people they applauded so vigorously almost two years ago when they hid in their offices while “the little people” kept the world working.

    The Canadians have been renowned for being an obedient, peaceable people. But perhaps we’ve forgotten that there’s a warrior strain in them. During WWI and WWII, some of the British Empire’s most ferocious fighters came from Canada. That blend of warrior and peaceful soul seems to have come together with the massive Freedom Convoy that Canadian (and some American) truckers have driven from Vancouver to Ottawa, Canada’s capital.


  2. Idjits don’t realize voice to skull was invented in the ’50’s – they think those songs that poppes into their heads complete and ready to record were their own creation? Phhhhhhtt. . . They were just a vehicle.
    We were in car 2day listening to a station we can’t get in the house and Rolling Stones Can’t Get No Satisfaction n I turned it off. We don’t need that refrain circulating our subconscious fuelling anger.

  3. A-what happened to music in the public domain? I believe in patents but there is a limit. Mac davids hamburgers was sued by mc donalds for having a big mac named after uncle called big mac. Can i sue anyone using my name? And big mac was real jewish irish while mc donalds founded by polish ray croc. Big croc?
    Sad frampton petered out to the hellish side. Reminds me of fonda janes brother, fonda peter. Oh well , tchicovsky music time.

  4. I may not be welcome by some grumpies on this board but what can I do? Give up on revealing the Antichrist? If some Obama bots see some light (at TMJ) here and show up, should I give in because they defend the Antichrist? I say Obama’s the Antichrist and my voice (which is the truth) counts just as much as an Obot’s psyops’ voice (which is lies…)

  5. Trudeau took his kids and wife and ran for the hills.

  6. The big question is: if those are demolition explosions, why are they doing it at night? I think it is that few people will see or hear it (very few people walking around at that time of night) and the only people who see it are the patriots who see it on the video. You can see the explosions much better at night than during the daytime (also for our benefit).

    If they are merely weakening the walls to renovate the White House, then there is no reason to explode the charges at night.

    I really do hope they demolish the White House: so much human trafficking and pedophilia went on at the White House over the years. Many powerful people all over the world are pedophiles.

    “Pedophiles run the world.” –Stanley Kubrick

  7. Here’s a LIVE stream from Parliament Square in Ottawa. Confirmed: the Occupation is still on. Better and strogner than ever. Trudeau still in hiding and on the run. For Day 3.

    Canada government is down

    And the locals are feeding food to the truckers to stay indefinitely surrounding Parliament and cut down the government. (also paying gas for them to keep warm in their trucks…)

  8. If they are weakening the walls of the White House for a controlled demolition, when will it happen? President’s Day (21 February) is coming up. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if they demolished the White House on President’s Day? It would be perfect timing.

  9. I dont even care what happens to that house anymore.
    As far as Im concerned….it could burn to the ground and I would smile.

  10. IM with you on that one TMJ! And if it burns, I wouldnt CRY if Biden, Pelosi, ….the list is long, were in it! I know that sounds evil but THEY ARE EVIL!

  11. Actually, the best time to demolish the White House would be during the fake president’s press conference at the fake White House. The real White House is leveled and the fake White House is still standing for everyone to see. It would be absolutely beautiful.

  12. Put Obama’s Black House instead. hahahaha!
    Obama offered to have the White House christened as “Al Capone’s House.”
    They said “Shut up Barry! You’re not Capone, you’re the God-dammed Antichrist aka Satan”.

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