Democrat Voter & Campaign Ad Actor Has A Strong Message For Biden. VERY Disenchanted With JoBama:

Democrat Voter & Campaign Ad Actor Has A Strong Message For Biden. VERY Disenchanted With JoBama:

I really do not know what these people expected. Didn’t they see Biden in his basement during his campaign? Biden is a weak, sick, old, Alzheimer’s patient. It’s OBAMA running the show.


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  1. LOVE IT! And theres many DEMS that feel same way. Sad part is, IDK if voting can replace them anymore. They change the rules! CIVIL WAR MIGHT BE ONLY OPTION if that will be the case. So going back to the other post, the house burned, Id say burn baby burn! The DEMS looked the other way when many businesses in cities across the country burned and DIDNT condemn it. THEY CALLED EM PEACEFUL! So if the WHITE house burns, its cuz of DEMOCRATS and it will be peacful to ME

  2. Employers track employees rigorously and keep records. They don’t act on it until they need it. So a black worker who has been taught CRT and views everything negative that happens to them as racism will eventually play that card fully believing it – and promptly get fired – and it will stick. I think this guy gets it. CRT harms those it is intended to lift. It harms everyone. He probably gets the divide that cannot be overcome as exemplified by Whoopsie the other day.

  3. Will the Freedom Convoy’s Surprise Move Force Justin Trudeau to Respond? | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report
    Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the freedom convoy causing more headaches for Justin Trudeau. The truckers of the freedom convoy have now formed a trucker blockade at the Alberta border crossing to protest vaccine mandates. Will Justin Trudeau give in to their demands?

  4. Trudeau Demands Truckers Get Vaccinated Like He Did So They Don’t Catch COVID Like He Did

    OTTAWA—As truckers continue to march on Canada’s capital to very politely ask for their human rights back, Trudeau is doubling down on his position. In a fiery speech this week, Trudeau demanded truckers follow his example and get vaccinated like he did, so they don’t catch COVID like he did.

    “Listen, I have COVID right now, and trust me—you don’t want this,” said Trudeau in his classic Trudeau girly voice. “I know you all are all deplorable evil disgusting racists, and there’s no avoiding that. But if you would just get the jab like me, you could at least avoid COVID—something I was unable to do.”

    With the COVID infection ravaging his thrice-vaccinated body, Trudeau will remain in quarantine, deep in a hole in the ground in an undisclosed location until he has fully recovered, or until the truckers all go home—whichever comes last.

    “Be smart, trust the science, and get jabbed, you disgusting racists, it’s the right thing to do,” said Trudeau before coughing uncontrollably into his sleeve and crying.

  5. I’d like the Antichrist Obama to come out and voice some love and compassion for Humanity.
    But Obama’s black.
    He’s not in this for others.
    He’s in this madness just to get his own rocks off and thinks about his own little self only: he’s a shame for the black people at large because he made the BLACK RACE produce the ANTICHRIST: black, drug-addicted, undocumented, and a Chicago criminal psychopath is what Obama is alright – that’s not doubtful at all.

  6. Obama Nungara – An Invasive Flatworm From Argentina – Invades France and Europe

    Citizen science reveals the presence of the flatworms in gardens in three quarters of metropolitan France.
    One of the consequences of globalization is the inadvertent human-mediated spread of invasive species. The presence of a new invader, named Obama nungara, is reported in France by an international team led by Jean-Lou Justine of ISYEB (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France). This is the first study of this invasion, reported in an article published in the open-access journal PeerJ.

    As is the case for other land planarians including the New Guinea flatworm, Platydemus manokwari, and giant hammerhead flatworms from Asia, already reported in France, the origin of the invasion by O. nungara is likely to be via the international trade of plants, since adult planarians and cocoons can easily travel in potted plants. However, in contrast to the previously recorded species of land planarians that have been found only in a limited part of the country, the flatworm Obama nungara is reported from an area representing three quarters of metropolitan France.

    Land flatworms are predators of soil animals, including earthworms and molluscs, and thus are a possible threat to the biodiversity of native animals and to soil ecology, although the ecological impact has yet to be studied.


    Tough Canadian Trucker Sheds Tear
    Post on Twitter ^

    Not a fan of giving Twitter hits, but this hits hard.
    But video at link brings to mind “out of the mouths of babes”.

    You aren’t getting this in the media mouthpieces, which why this stuff needs to get out. Unbelievable that one has to resort to an electronic samizdat to get information out of a supposed free country.

  8. Pauli we’ve been thru this a few months to a year ago but we’re now in the last throes of the Apocalypse: we’re now in the belly of the Beast
    If people can’t stand up and speak the truth about Obama being the Antichrist then that’s a dead weight to us and we can’t carry those people with us because it doesn’t serve us in the end.
    When you present yourself at heaven’s gates, you have to travel light and not carry people on your back. Remember what the Bible says Pauli, “Don’t Turn Back.@Bible” and that goes for all of us here.

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