Russian Restaurant In D.C. Vandalized By Americans Who Support Ukraine & Their Azov Battalion Neo Nazis

Russian Restaurant Vandalized In Washington DC By Americans Who Support Azov Battalion Neo Nazis #Ukraine

Submitted by David Ben Moshe, hat tip: Ted Noiz

American supporters of Azov Battalion Nazis (Ukraine national guard soldiers who are fighting Russia) now seem to be acting like Hitlers brown shirts.

“Putins 400 Mercenaries’, Propaganda? No Valid Source

“Putins 400 Mercenaries’, Propaganda? No Valid Source

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

I have read one of the stories entitled: ‘Volodymyr Zelensky: Russian mercenaries ordered to kill Ukraine’s president’ Putin sends 400 mercenaries to assassinate Zelensky

This is rather hard for me to believe. Question this link since it has no valid source.

Soros: “I Stand With Ukraine”, He did A Few Days After The Fall Of Kiev in 2014, Also:

Soros: “I Stand With Ukraine”, He did A Few Days After The Fall Of Kiev in 2014, Also:

Submitted by David Ben Moshe:

Soros stands with anything evil. He stands with the Palestinians against Israeli Jews, too. This is the same idiot who claimed ‘1944 was the best year of his life’.

Here he is in 2014: King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine


George Soros — I stand with Ukraine…

More Western And USA Media & #Zelensky Pushing Fake “War” Photos & Videos All Over The Internet; Including “Ghost Of Kyiv” Hoax Just Like Palestinians

Submitted by David Ben Moshe:

The media-government complex cannot be trusted in anything. When you take images from a movie and present it as real as to what’s going on now and when you take images from somewhere else around the planet and present as what’s happening now, just 2 reasons why you can’t trust anything that comes out of the government and media.

We may as well be watching Pallywood;

FAKE: Ukrainian commando group crossed the Russian border …

A running list of the fake photos & videos of Ukraine …

Video purportedly showing ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ MiG-29 pilot is fake

Fact Check: Fake Images And Videos From Ukraine: Mashable.

Right from “Blue check mark” Twitter’s Ukrainian government account;

Zelensky’s “Defence of Ukraine” unit.

After these were posted, BBC corrected their propaganda:

No, this photo is not from the current Russian bombardment of Ukraine: it has been circulating since at least 2021 related to Gaza (Palestine)

Here’s the best one yet;

I may take over the website & blog. The Mad Jewess is burnt out. – David Ben Moshe

Is It Time To Just Stop Blogging For Me?

I have a couple of things on my heart and mind since Barack Hussein Obama became America’s first foreign dictator: 1. To draw people closer to the Lord. 2. To try to help others stop wars overseas and present the truth of what our government is doing. 3. To stop the “Beast system” (US Government and it’s ungodly reach, worldwide.) 4. To show the absolute genocide that is taking place all over the world because of the vaccine. 5. Just as important as 2-4: TO TELL THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT COMING IN BECAUSE OUR MEDIA LIES, 24/7.

When I hear of some readers who have been with me many years undermine me in email and even on my own blog, I think its time to just can this blog. My work has been in vain if 2 of my most smartest readers think I’m a f’cking idiot.

I feel as if I have totally wasted my time now. Today, I got my face slapped twice and I just don’t know if I can keep going now.

The fact that I blog and friggin blog and get undermined and ‘told off’ by people who I have known for years, (who say I am telling the truth) but then may as well call me a liar…I just dont know if I can continue.

TIME Mag Video: ‘Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine Called AZOV BATTALION’ (Which The US GOVERNMENT Is Supporting)

TIME Mag Video: Inside A White Supremacist Militia in #Ukraine Called AZOV BATTALION (Which The US GOVERNMENT Is Supporting)

You all better take a good look at what you are supporting. Its not “Russian” propaganda either. Its the truth. Ive blogged about this for many years: See here.

CLICK How a Far-Right Militia Uses Facebook to Train New neo nazis … – Time

CLICK Israel national news: Tea With Neo-Nazis: The Violent Nationalism in Ukraine

UKRAINE TODAY: Western Silence as 20,000 Neo-Nazis March in Kiev: