Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocket 258% As Post-vaccine Deaths Rapidly Accelerate: From Reuters via Yahoo Finance:

Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocket 258% As Post-vaccine Deaths Rapidly Accelerate: From Reuters via Yahoo Finance:

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I have a really bad feeling about these shots: I believe hundreds of millions will die or at least 1 billion or 1.5 bil will possibly perish from the vaccines (which are supposed to be a remedy). What amazes me is that people took this poison without even questioning it.

Revelation 9:15: And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

MORE on the Communist/Globalist genocide of the planet: Israel is overrun with COVID-19 despite being first to mass-vaccinate its population: “The experiment must stop”

8 thoughts on “Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocket 258% As Post-vaccine Deaths Rapidly Accelerate: From Reuters via Yahoo Finance:

  1. Then it will be 385%, 585% and up and up geometrically. Insurance companys will go bust. Then no car or home etc insurance. Or the govt will take over the insurance. Companys like any good marxist dicttatorship.. those alive will own nothing.

  2. I heard a talk show host on RADIO today commenting too. DEATHS of ppl age 22 to 65 have increased 40% Since covid/vaccines. Vaccines KILL! And all these young ppl dying, the insurance companies CANT PAY OUT BENEFITS cuz the ones DYING are ones paying in to the program! Life INS companies are LOSING OUT!

  3. The Apocalypse will leave the world divided between close people, neighbors and brothers will be divided.

  4. In recent weeks, for the first time since this all started, doctors are canceling, rescheduling, changing to telemed their appointments. I’ve been wondering why now? They are openly admitting that they have Covid or that some close staff members have it. How did they manage to avoid for 2 years and now suddenly get? I wonder if the sick doctors are coming to the realization of the truth as spoken in above linked article?

    The gal that comes to take the blood is upset because she says all over this huge metropolis she sees people getting evicted – everything they own on the curb. As phlegbotomist she is in residential areas and the numbers are staggering and terrifying to her. We had a family down the block who tried to sell all their stuff before the inevitable – yes it ended on the curb. But none wer sick from the Covid at least. Their replacements are stupid young parents who think that on a wide street with significant traffic they can put plastic signs and even teach their barely walklings to play in the street! At condos down the block someone must have died of the covid because they had a special crew to clean it – complete with white spacesuits, helmets with breathing apparatus and disposable footwear! This world is now quite disturbing to all!

    Trying to cancel Joe Rogan is just stupid. They need to look at the “practice” of medicine for decades where “science” was NOT followed but profit was! Even with computers diagnoses were missed (or denied) and treatment plans denied or totally inaccurate. There is very little actual science in the doctors office and the resulting physical misery has caused the mistrust. The mistrust is legitimate and not caused by Joe Rogan!

  5. Theyre really after Rogan!
    It really is something else that those Doctors are canceling, etc.
    I think its bcz of what we’ve been saying

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