GOD Is DESTROYING The Media! #JeffZucker Resigns! Hallelujah! Our Prayers Answered!

GOD Is DESTROYING The Media! #JeffZucker Resigns! Hallelujah!

We’ve prayed against the media here on this website. We pray MORE will be exposed. MORE will resign. Please, Lord, destroy ALL of them in Jesus name!


  • CNN has fired Chris Cuomo for sexual misconduct
  • Anchor Don Lemon accused of sexual assault
  • Producer Rick Saleeby forced out for soliciting underage photos and is under criminal investigation
  • Producer John Griffin is facing federal sex crime charges involving children
  • Jeffrey “Zoomin” Toobin exposed himself during a virtual meeting with colleagues
  • Whoopi Goldberg suspended for saying “Nazi-ism wasn’t about race”.

BREAKING: Jeff Zucker Resigns From CNN – Relationship with Colleague Uncovered – *Network Stunned*

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9 thoughts on “GOD Is DESTROYING The Media! #JeffZucker Resigns! Hallelujah! Our Prayers Answered!

  1. God is good.
    Got Jeff Zuckers by the balls.
    Let’s reclaim CNN.
    Force CNN to announce Obama’s the Antichrist and this is the Apocalypse not tomorrow, NOW..

  2. *********‘The Five’: It’s open season on CNN*********
    Jeanine Pirro and ’The Five’ co-hosts expose the moral hypocrisy of the left amid CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker’s resignation over a relationship with a subordinate.

  3. however, even if facebook crashes , itll mostly affect the users and good americasn citizens who enjoy being in contact with friends and family there. The owner Mark SUCKINGBIRD it will not hurt him. He has enuff money already, he will never be bankrupt. Id like to see him in PRISON or worse…..

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