My 70’s Inspired Watercolor

PAR/TMJ 2022

This piece has several different layers and programs I used. Give ya a little something to look at. Orange is my favorite color. Im busy all wknd. So, I wont be here all that much. Our praise to the Lord is watching FB get HIT hard! I thank God again for this. I also ask the LORD to please destroy “Go fund me” in Jesus name. We ask God that he may tank their stocks and bankrupt them.

Anyway… ya all have a nice wknd. Shabbat Shalom, Happy Church, etc 🙂


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  1. Censorship at its finest: Facebook removes page organizing DC freedom convoy

    Feb 3, 2022


    American truckers are following Canada’s lead and organizing a protest against vaccine mandates. The U.S. group’s Facebook page, however, was removed early Wednesday in a move that the organizer called “censorship at its finest.”

    The group, titled “Convoy to D.C. 2022,” acted as a place for truckers to plan and coordinate their trek from California to Washington, D.C.

    Jeremy Johnson, who set up the Facebook group, said his personal account was also removed, prompting him to contact a civil rights attorney to discuss the next steps.

    “They like to silence people that speak the truth,” Johnson said of his Facebook ban.

    A spokesperson for Facebook’s parent company, Meta, provided this statement to Fox News: “We have removed this group for repeatedly violating our policies around QAnon.” In October 2020, Facebook labeled QAnon a “violence-inducing conspiracy network” and announced group pages and admins tied to QAnon will be removed.

    Brian Brase, co-organizer of the event, disputed the way Facebook characterized the group.

    “I have to laugh about that. Can they contact me or something? Can we talk? That’s not true,” he asked on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “They actually had offered the administrators to remove content and then request to review again. They didn’t even give that option.

    “They literally wiped Mike Landis and Jeremy completely out of Facebook,” he said. “They don’t even have a profile anymore, so how are you supposed to request a review or remove anything?”

    Landis, a trucker involved in the freedom convoy, told host Carley Shimkus that this movement is “a long time coming.” He said Americans are tired of the “government overreach” and criticized politicians for, as he believes, not following the Constitution.

    “The presence of that amount of people that show that they are unhappy with what’s going on is a good way to hopefully get their attention,” he said.

    Johnson and Brase anticipate a wide range of Americans, not only truckers, will come out to support their cause.

    “This crosses all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, all occupations,” Brase said. “Truckers might be standing up, but it’s not about the truckers. It’s about America.”

    The group’s goal is to end vaccine mandates through peaceful protests.

    “The government needs to really take a look at what the American people want,” Johnson said. “And they don’t want mandates.” [Fox]

    Maybe is this one of the reason why Facebook took a dive yesterday:

    Subscribe to Galileyo

    There’s a link to Fox interview & graph on article.

    Love the watercolor! 70’s was all orange & avocado in the kitchen.

  2. Tee hee 😂
    I believe we prayed and God did it, Koo.
    He likes you, me, saints, Tim and Ken bcz we agreed and prayed.

    Think of something else and we’ll pray God wrecks that too!

  3. Pauli: That is a really beautiful painting.


    “Facebook parent Meta lost more than $237 billion in value Thursday. That’s the biggest one-day drop in value in the history of the U.S. stock market.” [Investment Watch]

    The fall of Meta/Facebook reminds me of when the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant and then placed it in the Temple of Dagon (I Samuel 5). The next day the statue of Dagon was laying on the floor. They put the statue back up and then the next day, the statue was laying on the floor with the head and the hands cuts off.

    When wicked people aggressively work against God’s people (the will of God, the Presence of God), they eventually destroy themselves. The Presence of God is absolutely powerful and relentless.

    I Samuel 5:6-9: “But the hand of the LORD was heavy upon them of Ashdod, and he destroyed them, and smote them with emerods, even Ashdod and the coasts thereof. And when the men of Ashdod saw that it was so, they said, The ark of the God of Israel shall not abide with us: for his hand is sore upon us, and upon Dagon our god. They sent therefore and gathered all the lords of the Philistines unto them, and said, What shall we do with the ark of the God of Israel? And they answered, Let the ark of the God of Israel be carried about unto Gath. And they carried the ark of the God of Israel about thither. And it was so, that, after they had carried it about, the hand of the LORD was against the city with a very great destruction: and he smote the men of the city, both small and great, and they had emerods in their secret parts.”

  4. Legitimate substitutes committed to real people with limited means are a priority for me plus justice – like forcing return of monies to donors thus giving them the opportunity to use another vehicle to give to the truckers (in this case) instead of taking those hardearned monies and giving to “charities.” I am so sick of charities even being needed. In most cases if corporations and government did the right thing up front most people wouldn’t even need charity.

  5. Never noticed that word ” emerod” before. Means tumor or hemorhoid! Wow! I’ll let God decide. Just pray for jubilee – relief from injustice of which there seems to be so many forms!

  6. yes i heard today on news how suckerberg losing millions of dollars. AND supporters! FB is destroying themselves! I pray to GOD it goes farther, forcing them to shut down

  7. It’s over in Canada the Cavalry’s come to save the Alamo there.
    Now they ride the world over to you next.
    They’re coming to save the world, and reveal Obama’s the Antichrist.

  8. Look at the sign: “SAY NO TO CASTRUDEAU” it’s Cuban-Canadians holding the sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

    FIDELITO!!!!!!!!!! is Justin’s real name hahahaha! aka “The Little Fidel” hahaha!

    Canada’s in a state of emergency with total breakdown of the country and new candidate for PM is Pierre Poilièvre.

  9. The police are out-numbered by the sheer masses of people.

    This the Apocalypse Pauli, are you ready? Do you know what that means? It means Jesus is Coming Back Second Time if you’re ready for him.

  10. There’s a tsunami effect Pauli. Worldwide, folks are waking up and standing up. Let’s go! This is the Apocalypse and we’ll not forget Satan Obama, it’s proven he’s Lucifer-in-Person.

  11. If we can’t know what people around us think, so then we have to take into account that it’s “every man for himself”. The wheels are coming off everywhere, worldwide and we’re entering WORLD ANARCHY. Now is the time for the Apocalypse. But we’re on our own and we have run to reveal the truth and must “not look back” says the Bible.

  12. The Antichrist Obamas mother was born in Kansas. Obamas cousin says Obama the Antichrist is also born in Kansas. Kansans rock.

    We gotta throw off the Antichrist SPELL ON US!!!!!!!!!

    He can’t steal our lives any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Very interesting is Ottawa government video conference. Shows desperation bubbling up from around 12:00 til especially around the 20 to 25 mark

  14. They’re trying to starve the truckers. But it’ll probably make the movement get more passionate. But the police is desperate. Their work force is spread out thin in the city and getting exhausted nervously by the public sentiment.

  15. Yeah Pauli it’s the Book of Revelation in real time. Now the counter protests and cops and TRUDEAU can have their say. We’ll see what they have to say for themselves. Defend the undefendable steal of our liberties….

  16. Pauli we’ll need a whole gotta love and praying. Can your group of prayers pray for us? Thanks.
    Put the Apocalypse as the goal and the achievement and the Judgement of Satan Obama the Devil and Beelzebub in sending him to hellfire’s ETERNAL LAKE OF SULFUR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!!!! Yeah, say it. Man! Go!

  17. TMJ, check out the spam folder. Fish them out. I just sent two posts to the new page you made about ACBO. Enjoy!

  18. Justin Trudeau’s half-brother says Canadian truckers are protesting against ‘house of cards of lies’

    Says the COVID jab is poisoning us. Says he’s drifted away from Justin Trudeau philosophically. Says Justin’s following a world global agenda that’s a page taken from Bill Gates.

  19. Pauli,

    CNN is falling apart because the new head of CNN is a Trump fan and a big donor to Trump.

    CNN fell because it was helping out Andrew Cuomo and using Chris Cuomo to do it.

    When Chris got caught, he said to Zucker, “But you’ve been doing the same support to Andrew Cuomo as me.”

    So Zuck says: “Tough for you”.

    So Cuomo says: I’ll get to you because of your sex tryst with your work colleague.

    That’s how the whole CNN story went down.

  20. Turdeau shows his sorry face before running off again like a coward. But this time they’re waiting for him and saw him coming. Enjoy video. They’re laughing at his face.

  21. American actress Heather McDonald collapses on stage after a jab against the “conspirators”: “I am triple vaccinated, everything is fine, never had covid, Jesus loves me more than anything”. She comes out with a fractured skull and “doesn’t know what happened” ⤵️

  22. We warned them but they don’t want to understand, what’s the best way to wake them up? Thinking face (I didn’t understand what she said but the body language is priceless)

  23. geirsmith1: I greatly appreciate all of the videos that you give us. I just finished the video with Tim Pool on the CNN scandal. Excellent video.

  24. That’s great Tim, I’m also totally blown away by what’s going on and we’re seeing the Bible in live streaming now!!! lol! As Pauli said….

    The French Freedom Convoy is in Lyon in this video and closing in on Paris… will be reaching tomorrow night.

  25. Hi Tim, I’m an outsider to most of you because I’m driven by the wish to defeat the Antichrist Obama and I see my mission as being a Messenger of the Apocalypse. That’s why (and only why) I’m here. Pauli says like me that Obama’s the Antichrist. I’d not be here otherwise if I didn’t know the mission can be achieved here and it will be very soon!

  26. Marjorie Taylor Greene says a Capitol door that closes automatically was left open by blocking it. Who was opening it from inside the Capitol? Good question. In the second video below that I’m struck that she says two things: “we’ve got the DC Gulag and now the Pelosi Gaspacho Police.”

    Don’t you notice something, folks? She did a very complicated construct of word games.

    First, she talked about Gulag which sounds a bit like “Goulash”. Then she purposely mixed up “Gaspacho” and Gestapo because they also sound alike.

    (I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade and feel free to go on a lynching spree)…. But I think you’ve been played by someone way above your league. Marjorie Greene is like Trump said about himself: a very high IQ.

    I think all the deplorable Democrats harping on Greene’s ignorance, didn’t get her play on words which is way above their league. What think you TMJ folks here? Think like me? Greene rules!!!!!!!!!!! Go Marjorie. Go get’m.

  27. Marjorie Greene is definitely tongue-in-cheek and is playing the idiot-media for all they’re worth. They don’t know she’s playing around with their minds.

    She’s baiting them masterfully. eeerrrr! lol! nudge nudge!

  28. Confirmed from Marjorie Greene’s mouth herself (tweet below): she baited the media with making word games not only on Gestapo but also on the word Gulag. The dim-witted Leftist media didn’t get or didn’t WANT TO GET the first use (in the same sentence) of the word Gulag to mean the same as Goulash. But M T Greene makes that crystal clear in this tweet below which explains the meanings of her using “goulash” and “gaspacho” as *plays* on words. But if the media wants to paint things as different from reality then good on them. It’ll all just show they’re disqualified and brainless skunks. That’s all. But that’s fine. But let the media idiots continue, they’re making bigger and bigger fools of themselves! hahaha! This is good news!

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