Walmart Is Locking Up Their Steaks! NO KIDDING! Video

Walmart Is Locking Up Their Steaks! NO KIDDING! Video

They’re locking steaks up at Commie-Mart. Not very Commie of them. Why aren’t they just giving steaks away for free? Hypocrites. See? Communism does NOT work:

Hat tip: Steve Cooper

9 thoughts on “Walmart Is Locking Up Their Steaks! NO KIDDING! Video

  1. This is the same Walmart that trains its employees that white people are evil. I doubt that it’s mainly white people stealing their steaks.

  2. Tucker’s taking the final victory lap now on Obama/Brandon/Kamala.

    He wants to know what Kamala did on Jan 6. What is the FBI doing? No results of the investigation. Why? What does the set-up say about the plot? What are they hiding? There’s a lot to find there, Tucker says it.

  3. Obama lottery 666 you have got to see this

    Obama lived just over the border to Ottawa in Chicago. Those people all know Obama’s the God-dammed Antichrist. Pull the plug folks. Say it! Stand up like real men. Now!

  4. Have somehow survived 30+ years not being in a walmart. A relative just bought 10 lbs of fresh hamburger for $19 plus a few steaks direct from the rancher.

  5. Half goes into our stomach and half goes into some landfill or the ocean. Alternately in France, they incinerate the Walmart packaging and boxes and make polluting dust that goes into plants and pollutes the produce. They want to turn us into zombies (and send the fake docs to jab us!!!!). We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. What future for Earth except for the Second Coming of Jesus as Buddha, honestly, folks!

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