My Little Skunk! (Digitally painted)

I found this little skunk online and wanted to paint him with a flower. Reminds me of the skunk in Bambi šŸ™‚

Anyway….the smell of skunk is more tolerable than what these hateful, evil, demon-possessed politicians & their supporters are putting the world thru.

One thing for sure is: The animal kingdom is always consistent. Nature and animals stay the same. Thank God for that.

9 thoughts on “My Little Skunk! (Digitally painted)

  1. love the painting. AND I remember the cartoon. Poor skunk lol. he wanted a piece……LMAO

  2. I like too!

    Sign on marquis at mall this a.m. – “Our government is run by scum.” Must have been one of the stores that closed – usually mall owners don’t allow a sign like that. WOW!

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