FLASHBACK 2014-2015: “Ukraine Gets Hold Of Russian Invasion Plan”. (Same Garbage Propaganda Being Pushed AGAIN By The West)

FLASHBACK 2014-2015: “Ukraine Gets Hold Of Russian Invasion Plan”. (Same Ol Garbage Propaganda Being Pushed AGAIN By the West)

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According to western idiots, Putin is going to invade Ukraine… EXCEPT….Putin has supposedly been ‘invading’ Ukraine since 2014. Only one thing is missing: An actual invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

The war-mongers have been repeating the same drivel about Russia for YEARS now. So, you have your choice: Either believe that the US Govt is F.O.S. or choose to believe they’re right. They’re never right but somehow THIS time, they’ll be right….??Sure. Bridges in Brooklyn are for sale..

2014: NATO says Russia could be poised to invade Ukraine Yahoo news

2015: Ukraine gets hold of Russian plan for large-scale invasion … Euromaidan Press

Although Russia has not ‘invaded’ Ukraine as accused by the wicked witch west.. It’s the west who actually DID invade Kiev, Ukraine in 2014.

For the hundredth time, here is dead Sen McCain fomenting a ‘revolution’ to thwart out the regime in Kiev and overthrow their President – the SAME thing he did in Libya, Egypt and attempted in Syria. (He was supposed to be legislating for ARIZONA not fomenting revolution in a foreign country. WAKE UP, PEOPLE.)



18 thoughts on “FLASHBACK 2014-2015: “Ukraine Gets Hold Of Russian Invasion Plan”. (Same Garbage Propaganda Being Pushed AGAIN By The West)

  1. I really appreciated this article that you can read here:


    But alot of people found the article problematic and cancelled the author as you can see here:


    and here:

    I have yet to find the refutation that caused her article to be cancelled but will seek it when I have time. I am sure that I will like the refutation also and then I will have to study both and decide.

  2. Instead of “foreign agent” maybe the US could do one for “corporate agent,” especially for our friends in low places (DC.) That would cut through all the BS right quick!

  3. According to Sister Lucia (1917 Fatima visionary) in an interview with Fr Fuentes (1957) “Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by heaven to punish the whole world.”

  4. I AGREE PAULI! its a distraction from REAL NEWS! The POLLS for one. Mandates being stoped! IF theres a war itll be USA that starts it. POLITICAL REASONS! NOT FOR DEFENSE OF UKRAINE!

  5. The US govt doesnt give a damn about humans and humans are in Ukraine.
    They just want RESOURCES.

  6. And, Russia has been ‘invading’ Ukraine forever but they never manage to invade Ukraine.
    Its all a bunch of GARBAGE from the Democrat Communist-Globalist military industrial complex.

  7. Yep. Plenty others saying same. I don’t have the knowledge or smarts but just gut sense to sneer when they try to restart Cold War. Not that I don’t think that Russia is a threat, no I don’t downplay Russia, it’s just that I am overwhelmed with what is next to me which seems irretrievably corrupt, broken, reliable only in bad ways – and it is right here blocking my vision to any far away horizon that some might try to divert my gaze to.

  8. Heard on news today that Ukraine was informed they will be invaded on WEDNESDAY! How damn stupid is that! How STUPID are those reporting it! What country would do that? {even RUSSIA isnt that damn dumb ) isnt an invasion a SURPRISE ATTACK? You dont tell em! It be like me calling someone and saying HEY Im going to break into your house tomorrow night and rob you. WHO THE FK would do that? It shows how STUPID this all is! Distraction Distraction from reality! IF any mistles are launched, itll be because of this dumb ass biden admin!

  9. Don’t know if I have mentioned this here before but everytime I search a map of a location I see Cyrillic (?) letters denoting locations. This has been going on for months. Here is a map of Castine Maine. Major points are in English, the rest Cyrillic (?).


    So just because the letters are foreign is not proof to me that Russia is the source. Is anybody beside me noticing? It has been months.

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