Black Nationalist Male Tried To Assassinate A Jewish Democrat Candidate In KY

Black Nationalist Male Tried To Assassinate A Jewish Democrat Candidate In KY

By David Ben Moshe:

Many Jewish Democrats support the Black Power groups —- they’re insane. I bet this Leftist Jew forgives the black power nationalist. All’s fair in love and and dumb.

3 thoughts on “Black Nationalist Male Tried To Assassinate A Jewish Democrat Candidate In KY

  1. WWII generation US Jews thought that they had vanquished anti-semitism. They would viciously attack young US Jews who complained that they were suffering anti-semitism and find fault with the victim rather than accept that the hatred and associated actions continued. Throughout this period there were many synagogue burnings and vandalism but the Jewish community remained in denial and refused to support the young. I learned that you don’t even have to be a Jew to be a target. Simple rumor will suffice.

    So my husband is a brown Mexican descent US born with a euro surname. People trying to be polite attempt to mispronounce our name in order to be culturally sensitive and respectful.. It’s actually quite insulting. He went through a lot of hell being a Mexican with an Anglo name, starting in kindergarten, through his military service and in his career. Changing his name to suit your misguided and ignorant sensibilities is to deny him his identity which was hugely formed by the racist hate of even other Mexican descent people.

    My husband should be a natural ally of African-Americans as their experience in this country has been the same. They may choose to deny it but the truth is that many Mexicans have suffered slavery here in the US ( as have many other immigrant groups including whites.) Just because it wasn’t named does not mean that it didn’t happen or that there isn’t a lasting legacy of that experience. (For those that survived.)

    Sadly African-Americans sabotage themselves because as Whoopi Goldberg illustrated, most African-Americans can’t or won’t recognize your pain. If you aren’t black you are white in their vernacular. What this means for those of us who aren’t wealthy is that we get attacked. Any black above us in the military, in the workplace, or anyone with a bit of power like a black bank teller or cashier can and does attack. Age and infirmity or small size doesn’t matter. They have no shame on picking vulnerable targets. It’s a war and we are all in it even if you are unable to see it you are still in it.

    Anti-semitism haa not re-emerged. It never went away. I fail to understand Jewish denial and refusal to be community for victims of anti-semitism.


    This young thought leader has supposedly had mental health problems long time. From what I have seen of his “work” so far is merely copying the phrases and concepts of others and then regurgitating them to his peers and younger. When reality and “Wakanda forever” collide that cognitive dissonance, unresolved is mental illness.

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